Saturday, December 29, 2012

A rifle behind every blade of grass

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled A Rifle Behind Every Blade of Grass.


  1. Absolutely outstanding. You have taken a subject that everyone is writing about and given it a unique perspective. I sent it to Brock at Free North Carolina quoting the fifth paragraph and giving the link. He posted the excerpt and the link. I have also seen it on other blogs now.

    Again, your points in that paragraph are outstanding. This may go viral, and I may help.


  2. You know, I grew up believing that if I worked hard and respected the rules and others' rights, everything would be ok and I'd stay out of trouble. Clearly that's not true now. Did it used to be true, and it's changed, or did I grow up in a rosy bubble? I really hate the thought that it's become the goofballs in Washington vs. the people, but, boy, they make me MAD with how little they care about the consequences of their decisions.

  3. Once again you have hit the nail diectly on the head. Good job!. The Bill of Rights and in particular the Second Amendment stand in the way of the totalitarianism the Liberal/Progressives/Nazis in Washington want to impose on the honest citizens of what used to be the United Sates. Our Constitution is being asualted at many levels so that they can control.JMHO

  4. You did a very good post. I had originally learned about Senator F on facebook and have already written my Senators. I should probably write the others too.

    This is really getting scary.

  5. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)December 29, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    Yes, Patrice, it IS making the rounds! Congrats!
    These idiots are getting worried, very worried. And they should be. I think decent people are finally waking up to what is going on. A small paper in New York published a map showing where all registered gun owners lived in a couple of counties. Guess what? Bloggers printed the names, addresses, phone numbers and photos of the owners, their homes, and cars of the publishers, editors and reporters from that paper. Too bad they don't like it now that the tables have turned on them. Politicians should take note.

  6. If you are going to use the constitution to reflect on the 2nd amendment…….you must keep in mind that guns and rifles back then were of the flint lock variety and took an unbearable amount of time to reload per shot.

    Our forefathers never dreamed of the damaged that an assault weapon with a hundred round drum clip could do in a matter of a few minutes back in those days.

    Sure….you could say that if there had been armed teachers, the loss at Sandy Hook would have been less devastating……maybe….But having armed security on-site didn’t prevent one of the first deadliest mass shootings in 1999…..Columbine High School.

    Yes….it is not the gun but the person….but obviously we have a few loonies in this country that should never have easy access to such weapons. There is no need for high powered assault weapons to be in the hands of ANYONE….especially those that are mentally disturbed.

    We need some common sense here. Banning these weapons of war does NOT take anything away from the 2nd amendment and it never will. That is a tired, old, weak argument. We need to start showing our children that fear and violence will never be the solution……only the problem.

    It isn’t the whole answer, but it is a beginning in the right direction….because what we are dong now IS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING!! BJ

    1. The new guns allowed under the second ammendement is just after the clause that states " muskets only"

    2. BJ,
      You have missed the whole point here. The Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that the common citizen had the same means as any militia or standing army - which they feared - to defend itself. So, let's take your logic one step further and apply it to the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech and the press. We can also make the assumption that, along with modern sporting arms like the AR series, the Founders didn't envision an instantaneous and pervasive electronic media either. Should we apply your test here - loonies - to some of the pop culture media icons and restrict free speech? The argument can be made that someone who professes to get a "tingle" up their leg when they hear someone speak is a bit loony...
      Some people are uncomfortable with the responsibility for insuring their own safety, regardless of the reason, and attempt to rationalize their own fears by denigrating or marginalizing those of us who realize that in the end, it all comes down to the individual, not the state.
      Like it or not, banning "these weapons of war" is exactly what the 2nd Amendment is about.
      There are about 20,000 gun laws on the books already, some of which work well and some of which don't. One of the laws that most certainly DOES NOT work are the gun free zones that turn our schools and other public places into free fire zones. Let’s start with the obvious first, and then talk to us about more gun control.

    3. It is a matter of personal opinion.

      I don't care to have an arsonal that can match the military.....I only want what I need to protect my own, hunt and target practice.

      I don't need a "weapon of mass destruction" in my closet to accomplish any of the above and neither should any other American....whether they are good OR mentally twisted.

      If it came down to that, I would rather be dead than live in a fear based, paranoid society that can only find peace behind the most powerful high powered weapon they can purchase to settle disputes.

      I still say this is the wrong message to send to our children. BJ

    4. BJ, do you remember hearing about the the American colonies revolting? They needed to make WAR to do it. The founding fathers stated our rights in WRITING to guarantee that the citizens will have the MEANS to control their own "of..., by..., and for..." government, in case they forget the "of..., by..., and for..." part of the job. It's a check/balance issue that they 'attempted' to hard code into the Constitution.

      The bottom line is that the RIGHT message to send to our youth is that there is no 1 rule to govern ourselves! Among the plethora of teachings that NEED to be taught:

      * Honesty - This aligns with EVERY religion I have ever heard of. Honesty LEARNED by our children will solve literally most of the social problems of the world!
      * Virtue - "A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person". This also aligns with nearly every religion.
      * Basic Human Rights - Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Equality/fairness. All human beings should be guaranteed equal chance to survive and thrive.
      * Defend to the Death ALL who live by these qualities/values!

      AFTER your children LEARN this, make sure to tell them some important facts:
      "Defend these things with every means possible to you, because other people have had ignorant and/or uneducated parents that had no comprehension of the importance of these things. I'm here to teach you that when your freedoms are in jeopardy(life, limb, oppressive government, excessive taxation, burglary, ...whatever), the aggressors will NOT play fair and will NOT go away quietly."

      Do not limit yourself to a knife in a gun fight. If the time ever comes when the citizens need to rebel against the government, as our founding fathers have done in the past, hopefully you will have done everything in your power to attain the same or better armament as your opponents to ensure freedom for you and your fellow citizens."

      The only thing I see on this page "That is a tired, old, weak argument" is the fact that people sharing your views of ignorance still just don't get how important it is for the citizens to not only be armed, but armed with state of the art weaponry. To defend your life and way of life has NOTHING TO DO with hunting animals!!! It is about killing other men that are trying to kill you!!

      We US Citizens should have the right to keep(own, maintain) arms(not just a little pistol or a .22, but any bona-fide, SWAT-worthy, hand-held killing machine) to ensure that we can defend ourselves(vs. invasion, burglary, and even our own Uncle Sam, if he gets out of hand!), just like the Founding Fathers of our nation intended!

  7. This is America.

    By God.

    Thank you Patrice for being 'our voice!'


  8. Weapons allowed today is just after the clause " muskets only".