Saturday, November 3, 2012

Enslaving a nation

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Enslaving a Nation.


  1. Great post, Patrice. Even though I feel some empathy for those who do not prepare, I do not feel sorry for them. They all have been warned and really, how difficult is it to put away at least a weeks worth of food, water and other necessities, yet they refuse to do so. As with others, I will share with my family, but the those that expect me to share with them will have to fight for it.

  2. I agree Patrice---good arcticle. thanks, Shadowfaxhound

  3. Great article. Funny, I have a mother just like yours... :P

    What's really funny is my dad was a 'Prepper' before the term was even in the modern vernacular. Growing up he had at least a year of food in the cupboard at all times. Drove my mother nuts that he would buy cases of things on sale. Thank God, I take after my father. :)

    1. That describes my grandparents-they went through the Depression and World War 2,and *always* has stuff stored back-everything from jars of pickles to toilet paper,and everythin in between...this back when "Prepper" meant someone who went to prep school..

  4. This comment, like all of mine, is not necessarily for publication. I won't take it personally if you edit or decide to not use at all a comment of mine.

    Great article and 3 sort of related comments follow :

    Some seem to think like this :
    Times have been good for some time now,
    therefore they can never be bad.

    I look at it like this -
    Better to own an actual truck than to put your
    faith in trucking company stock.

    You must have seen this around somewhere :
    U.S. Tax Revenue Understood
    U.S. Tax Revenue: $2.17 Trillion
    Federal Budget: $3.82 Trillion
    New Debt: $1.65 Trillion
    National Debt: $14.27 Trillion
    Recent budget cut: $38.50 Billion
    Now let's remove eight zeros and pretend it's a household budget.
    Annual family income: $21,700
    Money the family spent: $38,200
    New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    Total budget cuts: $385

    Thank you very much, Mister Professional Politicians

    - Charlie

  5. We all deep down know how we got into this mess during what I call the "Dark Ages" that lasted eight years. It started in 2000 at which point we actually already had a surplus.....(everyone knows about the WMD lies...(watch "Blind Faith" the valerie Plame story).

    But regardless of who caused this mess...THERE IS NO RECOVERY FROM IT!! It took trillions just to keep us from going into the deepest depression since the 30's.

    Since this is now a global problem, I predict that we are now headed for a world monetary banking system that will be backed by gold. The Fed will be dismantled and taken over by the US Treasury.

    There will be a massive debt forgivness and essentially a "do over". There just is no other way. But don't hold me to it. BJ

    1. Really, we had a "surplus" you the benefit of the doubt that you mean that although we had a budget surplus, we still had a national debt.

      What many do not know is that the Bosnian conflict/war cost us over a trillion dollars which was not put on the balance sheet until after the 2000 election. I can easily have a surplus in my own budget if I don't count the big items like my federal income tax burden.

      As per other christians in action, Plame was never a covert operative; sorry you think a made for money story that blame the innocent is truth. But better yet, perhaps this isn't the right venue to discuss it. We all have an opinion; mine is that the mess began with the Great Society programs and any and all diversions from The Constitution. All parties are to blame.

      I don't have a google or facebook account, so don't usually respond. Thus, like you I'll be anonymous.

    2. No president has ever paid the National Debt down completely. Bill Clinton brought it down by 600 billion while he was in office.

      The FEDERAL BUDGET under Clinton gave us a SURPLUS when he left in 2000. Refer to charts from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office at this web site:

      Valerie Plame was CIA and married to Joe Wilson. Wilson was sent to Africa directly by Bush, Rove and Cheney to check out tubes and Yellow Cake.

      Wilson reported back that the tubes were not the right kind and that there had absolutely been no yellow cake sent to Iraq. They ignored this information and sold the story to us that we were under threat by WMD’s in Iraq.

      Wilson gave them a lot of flack because they weren’t telling the truth, so they exposed his wife Valerie Plame-Wilson and fired her immediately.

      This resulted in death threats to her and disrupted 8 of her ongoing cases that she had pending……killing at least one Iraq family that she had been working with. (they prosecuted Scooter Libby. He was pardoned from prison by Bush 2 years later.)

      There is no doubt that they wanted to go to war for reasons I won't go into. The rest is history. This is public record. You have been bamboozled by somebody. BJ

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    1. Yes, we changed ISPs so one of my old email addresses no longer works. You can use my regular email address of

      - Patrice