Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sensing danger

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Sensing Danger.


  1. Hi Patrice!
    Your article was dead on the money. I'm one of the ones that is "sensing danger". My fear lies in the economic situation our country finds itself in. I've been preparing for a couple of years now and think that I'm in fairly good shape. Funny thing is that I now feel a sense of urgency to complete what preps I have left.

    My company has a good sense of the economic situation around the world. We trade globally. As the world's economy goes, so goes our business. They have been warning us for months of impending slowdown. Last month hours got cut back and a hiring freeze was instituted. Now there is talk of a layoff after the first of the year. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before now.

    I think people are sensing danger for good reason these days.


  2. It's always a pleasure to read one of your pieces. They're well-written, organized and researched.

    You always "put all the words in the right order." (Some famous person said that - I can't remember who.)

    Just Me

  3. Hi. I like the article. Can you please tell me the source of the following statement "A recent survey found that 61% of Americans believe a catastrophe is looming – yet only 15% feel prepared for such a deeply troubling event.” I did a search on the Internet and found over 2,500 hits on this phrase, but I cannot find the original survey. Any help would be appreciated.

    Alex Bard of the American Redoubt

    1. It came from this article:

      It was hyperlinked in the column, but the hyperlink colors are hard to discern in the article, so folks don't always realize a reference is hyperlinked.

      - Patrice

  4. Patrice - Help Me!

    My husband was laid off from work on Friday! I have been actively looking for employment since January with NO success. So we are literally at the end of our rope.

    Thankfully I have some meager preparations (wheat,rice,beans,some meat in the freezer, etc). But it won't go far with a family of 6.

    I am just scared and can't think straight right now.

    Can you help me figure out some ways to get through this?