Saturday, September 22, 2012

This nation is proudly gun-free

Here's this weekend's WND column entitled This Nation is Proudly Gun-Free.


  1. One of your liberal readers here, Patrice. I agree with you 100% about firearms. When we moved to the country, it took us just a couple of weeks to realize that if something were to happen the cavalry would not show up. The Sheriff is an hour and a half away, he has few deputies and they are seldom anywhere in our area. So Hubby and I took a week long defensive handgun course in Nevada and each have a handgun. I still see the need to learn how to shoot a long gun, that is next on the agenda. When I lived in the suburbs, I had the comfortable fantasy that help was a minute away, but now realize what a fantasy that was. I grew up in a house with guns, Dad hunted, and never really got why the people I "voted with" didn't see gun ownership as a freedom we are due. The root of the word "liberal" means "free," after all. Why doesn't that extend to the right to bear arms?

    Anyway, out here in the country, almost all the liberals I know own guns and know how to use them.

    When I got my CCW, the Sheriff personally called to congratulate me. I know people think of California as a place that hates guns, but here in the northern counties, law enforcement WANTS people to have the means to protect themselves!

    1. Whoo-hoo, good for you! Congratulations!

      - Patrice

  2. Need to remind people that immerse themselves in Rush Limbough, Bill O’reilly and Laura Ingram….Fox “so called” news is ONLY a commentary and certainly not a source for facts…..even though they would have you believe otherwise.

    First point:
    It is an absolute fallacy that the majority of Progressives do not want to own guns under the cover of safety and that Obama is trying to take our guns away. I am a progressive and neither myself nor any other progressives I know would be without guns because we hunt and use them for protection.

    Obama gun stand..Check non bias “Fact”

    Sen. Malcolm Wallop is only quoting what all progressives already believe in about their guns. Most Americans support common sense- restrictions. Recent polls:
    · 86% of Americans want background checks.
    · 63% want a ban on high-capacity clips and magazines.
    · 69% want to limit the number of guns you can buy at a time.
    · 66% want a national gun registry.
    · 88% percent think people on the terror watch list should not be able to buy a gun.

    No where in these polls does it say that progressives want to ban the second amendment. BJ

  3. 87% of people want to live on the moon.
    67% of people have seen a unicorn.
    58% of people lie on surveys.
    90% of people don't care what numbers an percentages say because not only are they not accurate if taken from a small enough or localized group, they are also exceedingly easy to manipulate.

  4. What's your point Sherlock? You have a better idea on how to tap the temperature gage of the country.

    The point you obviously have missed is that the majority of progressives have no desire or intention of getting rid of our 2nd amendment rights as is often propagandized by the right.....but I guess that went right over your head. BJ

    1. All I see in your post is one infringement after another, it may be democratic but it is not "shall not be infringed"