Saturday, September 1, 2012

Give us this day our daily bread...

Figuring I at least deserved to get a column out of this week's wheat harvest, here's my WND piece entitled Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.

Clearly it wasn't a barn burner, but oh well...


  1. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)September 2, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    Your don't need a barn burning event to open people's eyes. I'm sure many went back and read the post about harvesting your wheat. Ninety five percent of the population does not know a thing about wheat or where it comes from. To them, it is just there. Your girls are fortunate that you and your husband are teaching the important skills that one day may help them and others to survive.
    It was a very good and important story to share.

  2. Ditto here, Phyllis from New Jersey. It's an important story. It teaches awareness of our food chain.

    Recently, on a drive through another county, hubby and I observed an Amish farmer cutting his large wheat field with a team of 4 gigantic workhorses. It was such an unexpected sight we almost stopped to take a picture, and then thought better of it. We slowed down so we could watch for a few moments.

    We'd driven past that farm several times before and always admired the beautiful, well-kept, mammoth horses in the paddock. Now we know what they're for.

    When the Lewis Family sits down to a batch of waffles with your own wheat, your own eggs, and your own strawberries, it'll be be some good eatin', man!

    Just Me

  3. Okay, Patrice, so maybe your latest WND article "Give us this day our daily bread" didn't win a Pulitzer Prize, but it was still a good one! It made some very good points and I'm sure got many people thinking. One thing, though: Yesterday, Saturday, I went to the WND website to read your column and it wasn't on the first page under "WND Exclusive Commentary" where it usually is. No big deal, it's ALWAYS under "More Commentary," but it wasn't there, either! I had to go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on "Commentator Lineup," then click on your name. What's up with that? Are you losing favor with WND? Just wundrin'. They'd better treat you better at WND or I'll just wait and read your articles on your blog! --Fred in AZ

    1. LOL -- no worries, they treat me just fine at WND! My understanding is columnists are rotated in the "Exclusive Commentary" box.

      - Patrice

  4. Loved this! I enjoyed reading your wheat post too. Interestingly, I actually went out and bought a few fall vegetable plants to put in pots in the back yard. It was only eight of them (two of each), but it was a start, enough to make a few really good salads! I'm also being cautious because we had a few critters chew down my dad's old plants to the nubs the last time we tried. Now we put them in a different spot and are watching to see how they do. Can't wait until I can get to the point where I can have a nice sized garden like my grandparents had for a while before illness made it impossible. I always enjoyed visiting them around that time. Had some of the best tasting food I could remember!