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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Backlog of columns

I'm so sorry, in the chaos of last week's trip to Portland, I forgot to post my WND column. Here it is, called Celebrating Government Dependency.

This week's column is entitled Why I'll Never Live in New York City.

Enjoy! Or curse! (Your choice.)


  1. You have written quite the discussion piece there Patrice (Why I'll Never Live in NYC). Keep it up, I love reading it!

  2. A fairly widespread view of the US government held in the UK is that it is largely in the control of big business and is more interested in protecting the obscene wealth of the few than in ensuring the general well-being of the rest of the population. It is refreshing to glean from these two articles that this is not necessariiy the case.

  3. We escaped from NYC in 1984 well before Mayor Bloomburg, but not before the many ills of (probably) any big city. It took a change in career, but we did it. Our kids hated leaving all their friends, but we decided we needed to get them out of the NYC public schools and away from many other bad things about NYC.

    Of course this does not mean as you said that there are not many wonderful things to see and do in NYC, just that on balance we would gladly give those things up for being out of the city.

    The events of 9/11 brought home once again how fortunate we were to no longer living in a target area.

    Recently our oldest visited NYC and afterwards thanked us for getting the family out of the city.

  4. At least Bloomberg wants everyone healthier....but it really isn't his call.

    But I would take Bloomberg's concerns into my life long before seeing women forced into doing a TRANSEVAGINAL......or to not have access to BIRTHCONTROL because of someone elses religious beliefs.......or for women to not get EQUAL PAY AS MEN.....or for that TIRED OLD DOGMA that dictates who you CAN AND CANNOT MARRY......or for women in Texas to have to turn over all their MEDICAL RECORDS to their employer before being hired.

    This kind of control goes beyond the pale by the GOP and is extremely disturbing. Why arn't you writing about these offensive breaches of our privacy, Patrice? I would think they would take a priority over Bloombergs attemts to get people healthier....(as out of the box as THAT is).

  5. Bloomberg may not have functioning mammaries, but he is beyond a doubt a huge BOOB!

  6. I agree with most everything you have to say about Mayor Bloomberg's food policies, but I do want to point out the flip side of this particular policy move. I have heard many horror stories of moms who intended to breastfeed their babies, even who were adamant about avoiding formula -and the nurses ignored instructions and gave the babies formula anyway because it made THEIR lives easier. I was strictly warned by my labor coach that if I intended to protect my baby from this practice, I should never send her to the nursery. But not every hospital allows or encourages rooming-in. If this had been marketed as a way to protect Mom's choice against bad staff decisions, instead of a way to influence Moms' choices, would you have reacted differently to the specific policy actions (lock up formula, require Moms' consent and reason, require that a lactation consultant verify Mom wants formula)? From that perspective, I think the policy has some merit.

  7. MICHAEL DEAN MILLERAugust 6, 2012 at 3:46 PM


    If ya gotta bail out of town, two words: Rocket pack