Sunday, July 22, 2012

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Here's my latest WND column entitled Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated.


  1. Another great column.

    I had no idea you were a Trekkie.


  2. Amen.
    I hope he upset enough people that he can't possibly be re-elected.

  3. The Borg analogy is absolutely perfect!!

  4. i hope that our government gets turned on its head and bounced from office...i heard his speech telling me and everyone else this. then i read about HR 4872 of the obamacare act....aint no friggin way am i gonna submit myself to being innoculated with an rfid.

  5. I recognized the headline right away!

    And I got all those familiar chills: The same ones I used to get when I watched any episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation, with the Borg in it.

    It used to give me nightmares. If not even Captain Jean Luc Picard could resist the Borg...who could?

    Man, I am SUCH a nerd.

    (Next, we consider the movie "Polar Express." Am I the only one who was put off by the totalitarian society in that film??

    All the elves dressed and looking exactly the same...and all running out of their dark caverns at the same time, at the ring of a bell in order to honor their dear leader: a cold, authoritarian Santa Claus????

    Not to mention terrified children essentially being kidnapped in the middle of a winter night on a huge, black, noisy ghost-train??? Big EWW! All that was missing was the scream of the Banshee!)

    But, I digress...I really liked your latest WND piece.

    Just Me

  6. Want the about TRUTH about this twisted cherry picked line from the right about Obama saying you didn't do it by yourselves?!

    It was taken totally out of context which is what the GOP does best..........and the message was the opposite of what they sliced off for you. Boy they took it and ran, ran, ran with this one. Here is what was really said by our President if you really are conderned with the truth.

    Obama was talking about how we have always worked together as a country to help everyone get to where they want to go. He gave examples: The INTERNET (produced by the government, like to see a business run without it)......the ROADS(can't get to work without em)......COLLEGE LOANS to help young people with a leg up in thier lives......GRANTS to give institutions, etc, a leg up. ( Michelle Backman should know this. Her farm is totally subsidised by the government, so are the oil companies and farmers, etc.)

    This is what he meant by not doing it on our own. He said we have always depended on each other and therefore have not created what we have totally on our own but have always worked together as a country........The GOP would have you believe that he meant the absolute OPPOSITE of what he truely had said. Check it out and listen to the whole speech before taking this ball and running with it!

  7. Great analogy! I'm also reminded of Kurt Vonnegut's novel 'Cat's Cradle' in the story there exists a fictional material=Ice Nine, it is ice to the 'nth degree'! Whenever Ice Nine comes in contact with any amount of water "it turns it into itself it then becomes=Ice Nine."

    Or, in the Matrix movies the Agents need only touch another person to clone another copy.

    GOD Bless!