Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why liberals are winning (Part 1)

Here's this weekend's WND column (part 1) entitled Why Liberals are Winning.


  1. Woo.

    Homegirl brang the bear gun.

    Girl you're good.
    A. McSp

  2. Boy, that was a nicely written piece. Even hubby read it when I left it up on screen. He was impressed. I told him, "Now you know why I like reading Patrice Lewis!"

    Just Me

  3. You did touch on a good point, but didn't expound on it. Namely, most conservatives aren't really all that conservative. Take the Tea Party for example. They ranted about small government, but staunchly defended their own entitlements. It reminds me of what someone said about today's conservatives being Yesterday's liberals. What I mean is that while conservatives of yesteryear no doubt were outraged by LBJ's great society programs, they're the first to defend their Medicare and Medicaid today. Mark my words, if Obamacare is upheld as constitutional, in thirty or forty years (if the nation survives that long), the so-called conservatives will be defending their government health-care because they'll already be so used to it.

    Am I wrong? If so, please tell me where I am wrong. But I truly believe that conservatives are generally incapable of changing anything because they only stand for yesterday's policies. They're the "no party" who will only be seen as wanting to go back to yesterday. Plus, they do *not* want true constitutional government. That's too scary for most people today.

    Conservatives are big-government. They are. The truth hurts, but they are big-government.

    1. Great commentary Peregrin Took!

      Only one thing....the conservatives of today (if you are voting for Romney) are prepared to ELIMINATE Medicare and medicaid and intend to rub out social security along with the Post Office. This will be the "less government" concept they talk about already said by the Mitster.

      Pretty soon when handed over to the corporations, there will be commercial advertizing on school busses and class rooms (because they will no longer belong to the commons). There will be advertizing on library bill boards along with police cruizers and fire trucks....everything that used to belong to the commons will be privatized into one big corporate advertizement.

      Do I need to say more regarding public lands and parks? What kind of privatizing will they be under? They won't be cheaper! This has already started in some states....and the cancer continues to grow...

      No longer will we share in ownerhip of certain parts of this country as "we the people" have known it in the past. (talk about reaching back to the past).

      I personally think it is a bad idea. I like free enterprise, but I also like knowing that our countrymen share in ownership and the protection of certain entities that we have always possesed together....not lost to the discretion of some corporate power take over.

    2. Baloney. First, you're using bath salts if you believe the Republicans (especially Romney supporters) want to kill off all social entitlements. If you really believe this, you need to read more than just HuffPo and MSNBC. Second, your ideas of privatization is pure scaremongering with no basis in reality. "Beware the e-e-e-evil corporations!" At least they have a reason to try and keep their customers happy. I went to the DMV today that's been privatized, and it was a good experience: short lines, and fast, friendly service. If they don't provide good customer service, they no longer have the contract. How is that a bad thing?

  4. I agree. Conservatives talk out of both sides of their mouth.

    They are against big government, but yet they feel they are allowed to tell us what to do in the bedroom and how women should treat their own bodies. And hey, it's OK if they receive less pay than men.

    They complain about how liberals are tearing down the conistitution but yet they think that all Americans should be "Christian" (of which I am) and that NOT separating church and state in politics is A-OK.

    THEY decide who can and can not be married according to their own religious mind set. Are we still the land of the free? I don't care what your religious beliefs are. We lack RESPECT with conservative power to our fellow human beings.

    The irony is that there are always going to be poor people or people who struggle. Christian conservatives believe in self sustanance (which is good) but don't want the government to help the less fortunate which is the exact thing that Jesus taught us to do....another contradiction. I agree...Government needs to trim down some, but not be destroyed.

    They have the top three positions of ratings on TV and radio on the plant. Just recently....all liberal stations in the Spokane, CDA area have been silenced for the last few months now...(probably until the election). THEY HAVE THE POWER AND THE MONEY TO DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT. This scares me.

    I listen to Rush once in awhile (because I no longer have a progressive station to listen to) and I fact check most of his condescending remarks. About 87% of what he says is either cherry picked info or baseless personal attacks on the president that have no merit. Most of it is just fabricated out and out lies with regards to the facts.

    Now you have to ask yourself...if progressives are slowly taking the lead is against all odds of money and power that this is happening and I would call it truely a miricle. More power to them..... BJ