Sunday, June 10, 2012

So much for checks and balances...

I found this article (entitled Obama's Second-Term Transformation Plans) eerie to the point of chilling.

The writer, Steve McCann, states:

The overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand that Obama's first term was dedicated to putting in place executive power to enable him and the administration to fulfill the campaign promise of 'transforming America' in his second term regardless of which political party controls Congress. That is why his re-election team is virtually ignoring the plight of incumbent or prospective Democratic Party office holders.

The most significant accomplishment of Obama's first term is to make Congress irrelevant. Under the myopic and blindly loyal leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have succeeded in creating an imperial and, in a second term, a potential dictatorial presidency.

During the first two years of the Obama administration when the Democrats overwhelming controlled both Houses of Congress and the media was in an Obama worshipping stupor, a myriad of laws were passed and actions taken which transferred virtually unlimited power to the executive branch.

Reinforcing this article was an opinion piece on CNN (not exactly a conservative organization!) written by Dean Obeidallah and entitled Liberals Want Obama to be King.

What's clear is that the liberals speaking out don't want a president, they want a king. Albeit a liberal king -- but still a king, who would be unrestrained by Congress as well as the checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution.

Yep, so much for checks and balances in our government. The careful attempts by our Founding Fathers to prevent a dictatorship are being slowly and methodically disassembled. These prescient men knew tyranny, and they drafted a system to guard against it. Now, it's being torn down.

To what end? I don't know (though I can speculate).

Read the entire American Thinker article. If it doesn't send chills down your spine, then you must be in favor of America's destruction.


  1. Obama wants to be king???? RUBBISH!! Where DO they get this baseless dribble???

    Congress has not been on his side from the begining. (too many blue dog dems). Every bill he has tried to pass except the Fair Jobs act has been filibustered by the GOP and they even had to widdle that down before voting for it.

    The reason for this? Mitch McConnel declared from the beginning that it was the sole intent of the Tea Party to make Obama a one term president. Politics appears to be more important to them than the American people.

    You could almost hear the snickering under the "tan mans" breath when they announced the new job numbers this quarter (even though they have technically not gone down in months.)They were absolutely radiant over the news. What is wrong with this picture?

    It is clear that when the country fails, the GOP cheers because this will make Mitch McConnels main objective (make Obama a one term presiden) come to pass.....and these idiots have the nerve to talk about Obama trying to be "king"?

    Last time I checked....the only unlimited power going on that I can see is that of the Supreme Court with their republican bipartisan "Citizens United" decison and Oliver Norquest's half nelson on the GOP!! BJ

    1. No wonder you don't sign your name to this post.

      Man. Talk about drivel.

      You obama worshipers are a dangerously deluded lot.

      He must and he will be a one term president, and if there's any justice he'll also serve a long prison term, as well.

      Fraud is a serious crime.

      Treason is an even worse crime.

      He's guilty of both....and sooo much more.

      A. McSp

    2. You might as well throw Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in to your list of treasonuous people.
      Two undeclared wars under false pretences? Now THAT is what I call treason....Loss of life and treasure we still haven't been able to fix.

  2. correction on last comment.....that would be Grover (not oliver) norquest....ooops....BJ

    1. Oops! I see you do sign your posts, bj.

      Your understanding of the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United is right on par with your understanding (or lack thereof) of who and what your false messiah is and what he has planned for this world.

      You really need better sources.

      A. McSp

    2. Let me get this don't know what the Citizens United decision was all about? Wait....look it up first before you answer. Ha! I've got to hear this....A.McSp? (What kind of a name is that?) BJ

    3. So BJ in typical liberal fashion proceeds to mock the spelling of a name, because he/she has nothing of more substance to say, nothing more intelligent to add. Good thing you used good grammar and spelling, A.McSp, as that is what they usually turn to.

      I think we all graduated from playground taunts years ago, BJ.

  3. BJ 10:39 a.m. obviously didn't read the American Thinker article. The article is chilling. Why are there no politicians (except 1 or 2) who put country first and do what's best for our country?

  4. BJ's living in a dream world.

  5. Allowing agencies and "departments" the ability to create regulations (read laws not passed by congress or voted on by American people) is essentially the same as stabbing our constitution and allowing it to slowly bleed to death. It is amazing to me that so many American's have been scammed by our 44th president (small P on purpose here). In the 30's there was another politician that played to a the fears of a populace. His rhetoric was to blame past politicians for all the hardships of his listeners. Although financial instability was, in large part, caused less by the politicians than the people themselves, it is always much easier to blame other's. And in their desire to push the blame on scapegoats, namely Jewish people, they quickly and inexorably moved that country to a dictatorship. By the time Germans realized where they were heading, it was far to late. Funny how our current president would follow so closely in the footsteps of such a prejudicial person.

    I hope this article, and other's like it will open the eyes of the American people as to what a dangerous slope we are on. We as Americans must stand up and fight against any politician that would subvert,and/or do end runs around, the Constitution for his/her own agenda.

    It is said that if you don't like something, then you have to work to change it. Well, Mr. Obama doesn't like the Constitution or the division of power in our Government. And We The People now have a choice, do we allow him to destroy this living document and trash our country in the process, or do we fight against his imperialistic desires and keep our country free?

    1. Obama is a constitutional lawyer and is the only one at this time that is pulling for the Middle class.
      If you can't see that...then wild horses won't keep you from buying into all the BS and staying stuck on stupid....Do your due diligence. BJ

    2. Anonymous/BJ - you can call a dandelion a rose, but it doesn't change the fact it is still a dandelion. And just because some people like dandelions in their salad and wine - it doesn't mean they want it invading every aspect of their yard.
      Obama may have taught constitutional law, but that doesn't mean he supports our constitution. He stated in 2001 that our constitution is fatally flawed. Do your due diligence. Believing our Constitution is made up of negative rights is ignoring the backbone of this living document. Our founding Fathers saw the American people as being endowed with inalienable rights. These are not negative rights. They didn't say what the states Could do, but what they Couldn't do - simply because they believed this document needed to be able to grow and change with our country. Our Founding Fathers believed we were given basic GOD given rights and the Constitution was built around protecting those rights. They developed a system of checks and balances that protected that system. They created a NON-DEMOCRATIC court, that was made of appointed justices who's only concern is to protect the Constitution, without political party bias. Which is exactly the reason Obama rails against and continues to try to reduce the influence of the Supreme Court. They are all that stand in his way to creating his new world order.

      We've seen what a "European Economy" has done to Europe. We've seen the dangers of dictators that have desired to "unify" their country with other, less powerful countries has done to Europe. Is that what YOU, Anonymous/BJ want? I certainly don't. And thinking that ... "well, we don't have a choice, that's the way the world is going..." isn't particularly productive or SMART. Take your head out of the sand and stop thinking that the government is supposed to take care of everything. Stop buying into the BS, get your head out of the sand and realize that no one is pulling for the middle class but the middle class. It isn't Obama, it isn't Romney. I do wish we had another choice. Personally I'm writing in my choice. He may not win, but at least I'll be voting my conscience and not someone else's skewed idea of lesser evils.
      Oh, and just to keep things in perspective, Mr. Obama has managed, with his bail outs of corporations, managed to increase our national debt more in the 3 years 4 months he has been in office than Bush did in 8 years = with a war going on during most of it.
      Start reading non-partisan information and realize the real truth. Take the blinders off unless you are too progressive (read liberal) in which case you may be on the wrong blog.

    3. The guilty dog barks first, bj.

      You're the only one here that seems to be buying the fried ice cream obama's selling.

      That would by definition be "stuck on stupid."

      A. McSp

    4. Charlene:
      Non bias supreme court judges? Maybe in a perfect world, but your naevete is showing.

      If you think our Supreme Court judges are non bias, I'll sell you that ocean front property in Arizona right away!

      for example, Judge Clarence Thomas has a wife who is a staunch advocate for raising money for the Tea Party...and guess who voted to have unlimited funds raised for corporations to use with no transparency (citizens united). A few hundred thou in his pocket cinced that deal! In the old days, he would have been asked to bow out of the vote because of conflict of interst.

      FYI...Bush was the one that signed in 7.7 trillion dollars for the bail out although McCain and Obama supported it.

      Wake up....the constitution IS fatally flawed because of all the amendments that have been ratified and attached to it over the last 200 years, (and yes, they are considered part of the consitution once ratified.)

      For example: HAVING A CONFLICT OF INTERST IS NOW OK! If you remember, the revolving door was one of the bills that Obama tried hard to stop...but congress had no part of it and voted it down. One of many problems we have now days. The fox watches over the hen house and everything goes to hell for the middle class and lines the pockets of the rich.

      If you are a president, you MUST have a bipartican congress to get anything done...(and hopefully you know this answer)...WE DON'T HAVE ONE! BJ

    5. You are right, BJ, he was a constitutional lawyer. That's why what he's doing is even more disgusting. He knows better, he taught others to know better. But give him the big desk and suddenly "constitution? Can you give me a definition?" is his mantra.

      The person that leads after him is going to have a huge mess to clean up. Many Presidents have had big messes to clean up after a departing President in the past, but this one is on a whole new level. And, should he get a second term I shudder to think what our nation will be like when he's done with it. He is not out to help our strengthen our nation at all. He has an agenda and he's working his hardest to force it through no matter what those of us who he works for think about it.

      I would say Washington holds the only jobs in the nation where someone can hire you, tell you what they want you to do, and then you can run rampant doing anything you please, lying about your intentions, and you still get to keep your job.

    6. ......and who do these people work for??

      Oh yes, there were worse turn-overs to presidents, one being the depression that landed in FDR's lap.

      FDR threw money at it Investing in highways, bridges, schools and infrastructure while the private sector was failing. He put money into peoples pockets and spurred the economy into recovery and stability.

      Like Obama's situation, he wants to recover the damage done by Bush who it is clear was shilling for the wealthy, and coincidentally they were all know war contractor corporations and the like who took this country to its knees with two undeclared wars aginast a country who never attacked us.

      We won't get out of this mess until we do the same and that will also take money. It worked once before and it will work again. BJ

    7. He wants to recover the damage? Do you honestly, blinders off, think that's what he's doing? If so, then there's not much more that can be said. When the evidence is there and you ignore it, intellectual dissonance is probably going on (hopefully). Stew on it and when he's finally gone (and he will be, no matter what he thinks, even if he gets to have 4 more years to destroy our nation), give it a few years, and you will realize what he truly has done.

    8. here is a snap shot of our future with Romney....

      1) Drill baby drill...mountain top removal...fracking...clearcutting, polluted air from coal dust, depleteing marine life in our oceans from non regulated oil spills, total anilation of clean air and water. But by gosh we'll have jobs!!

      2) Loss of the commons. No more free libraries, fire departments, police force, post office, parks, highways, hospitals that can help the poor, all oversite of our environment (EPA).....all gone and dumped into the private sector. No more middle class as the rich get richer and control our so called elections to better themselves. No one will be watching over us.You think you are paying a lot for these things now? wait till the privatize!!

      4) There will be chaos in the street. I agree that big government could and should be widdled down some, but to not have it at all is down right scary...I mean, it started out to protect and govern the people so all can "pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

      Without it, we will see a "DOG EAT DOG" society at best. These are the reasons why we have a government at all. If you only want free enterprise where everyone else lives on the street, you should live in Africa....because it is then that we will turn into a third world country. GOVERNMENT is NOT a dirty word. BJ

  6. Obama getting the blame for our constitution getting gutted is just plain silly. He might have added a bit but the damage was done long before he got there. You want to tar a feather the traitors in Washington then you have to throw the Republicans in the same pot. To expect a solution for our problems from the people who caused them is insane. Throw them all out.

  7. Touche!!.......But first we need to get the "CITIZENS UNITED" bill thrown out. It is only then that money will no longer be speech and corporations will not be people. It is a sad day when only billionaires have the say over our elections. BJ

  8. So very sad for our country

  9. you must know that no matter who is in office the governments have an agenda. that agenda is to have a global government and global systems. the dominoes are falling into place and you need to get ready for the change that is can believe or not,it makes no difference to me,but i would encourage you to wake up....

  10. Anonymous is partly right, Citizens United was a supreme court decision, and it will take more than a bill to overturn it. It will take an amendment to our constitution. If you need to be a billionaire to be heard, then speech is no longer free. ~geezermom

  11. Looks like some socialists have found your blog. Who knows, maybe they'll learn something about good ole' capitalism from frequenting here.

  12. I find it amazing that so many conservatives have taken up the cries of "traitor!" and "imperial presidency!" that the majority of liberals were shouting 8 years ago. Somehow, neither group seems to see the irony in all of this.

    In reality, the choice of president has not been in the hands of the people for some time. Those who actually make the decisions, the tiny majority who control most of the nation's wealth, have already chosen Obama to serve another presidential term. All of the divisive politics just serve to keep us distracted from the truth of what is happening.

    Our next president will be Republican, and even more divisive on minor social issues, re-igniting the outrage of the nation's liberals, while continuing to give corporations and our richest individuals more power. Wash, rinse, repeat.


  13. Can we change the subject now?

    Just Me

  14. The writer of the last article in WND magazine(this month) had what sounded like a good solution.
    He suggested we retake our country by starting at the bottom.
    Local elections,
    Local businesses,
    Local schools,
    Local problems first.

    The only way to buck a deck stacked the way this one is, with one move, would be to usher in the kind of centralized power we are seeking to avoid and doom freedom in the attempt.

    This continues to seesaw back and forth. One min conservatives are crying for more power to quell the unconstitutional liberal and the next min they are bemoaning the fact that the power they bestowed is being used against them by the next administration.

    We gave power to Bush and he used it to push the unconstitutional Patriot Act. We said, "that is ok because he loves liberty and won't use it against us", forgetting that there will always come a leader who will.

    Do not give power that you can't take back.

    Where God gave man responsibility, he gave the authority to fulfill those responsibilities. We cannot fail to take care of our responsibilities while attempting to shift the responsibility to others and expect to keep the authority over our own lives and actions that responsibility entails.

    Just my 2c.

    -a Vet