Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fixing stupid

Oops, sorry... I forgot to post a link to last weekend's WND column entitled Fixing Stupid.


  1. Can you really fix stupid? Guess I'll read the article and see, lol.

  2. Ok, I read it. Now my two cents worth. I ride and I've been a responsible rider for over 40 years. I prefer to ride without a helmet where not required unless heavy weather is expected. I have my own insurance that I pay for. I dispise being forced at the nanny governments gun point to do anything or pay for someone else. I'm a paramedic and I've transported a injured motorcycle rider to and from the doctor. He was made a quadriplegic after he hit a pole. His helmet saved his life, such as it is. This was my biggest point not to wear a helmet. Hit something at 60-70 mph and it's a real life changing event on a mc. I'd prefer my wife get the life insurance than go into poverty caring for my injured husk. Get the nanny out of my life and let me live it free! That of course is a problem that the government has, it's my life not theirs. For the record I have no problem with private insurance charging me more for their risk of dying w/o a helmet. Of course the insurance co for the paralyzed mc rider with a helmet is paying more than mine if I just die.

  3. Patrice, another excellent article! In my mind I can hear your words being shouted through a megaphone at some Constitutional showdown. You make people squirm with your truer-than-true words and I think that is fantastic! In fact, if the government in general were not so corrupt I would advise you to run for office. Just imagine - your Fireside Chats would actually be by your fireside, probably while you were churning butter. 8-) Keep up the great work!

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  4. I have felt for a long time that Americans have a codependent mindset. It's no wonder that Glenn Beck (a recovering alcoholic) can spot the out of control (addictive) behaviors that are going on in Washington. We have to learn about OUR disease (codependency) and then refuse to enable Washington anymore. We have rights AND responsibilities!!!!

  5. Another solid serving of common sense, Patrice. How I wish you'd go into radio :)

  6. Excellent Article.

    I believe that part of becoming a man (or woman) is to take responsibility for your own actions and the consequences for your choices in life. With that in mind, we are truly a nation of children. See the divorce industry and the legal system for numerous examples.

    My wife and I are trying to remove ourselves as much as possible from their system. We wish to be responsible for ourselves and live free.

  7. The problem with the nanny state is that rather than fixing everything they just make the stupid more stupid. After all, why think when the government is willing, even eager, to do our thinking for us.

  8. In our family, we've always said that "the government legislates for the stupid." Obviously, we're not the only one to think that!

    And kudos to kenlowder for making HIS choice and then backing it up with actions. Our country needs more intelligent, responsible persons!

    Germany (but only for 17 more days!)

    1. We'll all be glad when you're stateside again!

      - Patrice

  9. Terrific article, Patrice. I've complained about this issue to family/friends for decades. Unfortunately, most people expect others to take care of them after they royally screw up. I don't see this ever changing, sad to say :-(