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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Occupy THIS

Here's my WND column for this weekend entitled Occupy This.


  1. It's so messy now! We Americans have a free-market society belief but the rest of the world does not. They totally believe in subsidizing the heck out of anything. A singular free market can not survive in a non-free market world. The world has taken notice of how successful we are but instead of adopting our individualism, they try to fight us economically by undercutting us. Those that believe in the power of the individual move here because the rest of the world is a mess. Other countries don't share our unique history and their people have traditionally been sheeple. It's sad but I don't know how to change it.

    1. We don't know how to change the system, either, but here's how we're going to try: We're going to stop voting for the same 2-party candidates, over and over again. Where has that gotten us? Nothing gets better, only worse and worse. How about we all try a new tactic? To those who claim we'll be "throwing away our vote" or "giving it to the other guy or gal," SO BE IT! And to those who claim Republicans are FAR better than Democrats, that's probably true when it comes to looks, but NOT when it comes to results. Our Republican leaders might be easier to live with, but when the results are the same, who cares? We have re-registered as independents and we will be voting that way from now on. Those Americans who insist on sticking with the same ol' same ol' are going to get nothing but the same ol' same ol'! Just don't bellyache when nothing ever changes! It's no one's fault but your own.
      --Fred & Deb in AZ

  2. Have you ever noticed that most people can work out problems quite sucessfully without any form of government intervention? The Occupy types-and others- miss this. The Occupy movement suffers the problems many other such movements do-anyone can mouth off about problems, but solving them is usually a lot more difficult.

  3. there are some really good sollutions to the problems of our economy, our jobs, and our energy problems...the problem with all of the solutions available is the requirement of all americans to make the sacrifices needed to get things straightened out...and i dont know a whole lotta folks who will happily sacrifice or get by without certain things like the american people did during the depression years and world war II. the "we the people" are not gonna like what is going to be done to them, but they are also not gonna like what they will have to do to save themselves either.