Monday, April 9, 2012

Rendering unto Caesar

Belatedly, here's this past weekend's WorldNetDaily column entitled Rendering Unto Caesar.

Pay special attention to the comments at the end, specifically by someone named Rob Genaa, who delighted in calling me a "cowardly government groveler" for paying our taxes. Rob says I am "simply making excuses for [my] fear and denial of the evil problem that [I am] too cowardly to do anything about."

He says, "If you are simply a coward and want to pay your extortion, you are free to live as a coward but don't propagandize others to be a coward slave like you because you need others to join you and make you feel better about your cowardly slave condition!" Oh, and I'm also a "pharisee" for "heaping it on others" as I do.

Sigh. I suppose he's right. There's just something about the thought of having our farm confiscated and our children removed into foster care and our freedom constrained by a jail cell that compels us to pay our taxes.

What can I say? We're cowards.


  1. Oh for Pete Sake, I guess Im a coward too!

  2. I've always heard that "Render Unto Caesar" jive, but is there anything saying that Caesar ought to use the money wisely?
    Yeah, It's Keep Outta Jail Money-do I feel I'm getting a good value for money spent on taxes? No. But I don't wanna wind up in a cell with Big Moe, either. Staying out of small places with locks I can't unlock,and meeting people who want to get to know me a lot better than I want them to is an acceptable reason to pay taxes.

  3. Yikes! I hope we don't get to the pearly gates only to find Rob there checking resumes.
    Montana Guy

  4. Just a blowhard. Most "voluntary" tax schemes have gone before the court and (surprise, surprise) were shot down. Having done tax accounting for 10 years, I've seen what the IRS will do to those who don't pay. Sometimes better to be seen a coward here so you can continue fighting on the other fronts. I consider it more a tactical decision.

  5. golly, coward? i am just a law abiding citizen trying to survive and if that means i owe money to someone, well, i will just pay up...which i have for years and years. better to pay up then wait and wait and wait for that possible refund check that does not include interest for waiting and waiting...and this year...hah! not getting a refund but dont owe a stinking penny that is what i strive for.

  6. Those with nothing to lose are the ones demanding that we who do follow their example.

    Sorry, but I can't afford a tax attorney to fight the IRS.

  7. I guess this Rob fellow would consider Jesus a "cowardly government groveler" as well since He also paid taxes. Albeit in this case it was the Temple Tax. Mt. 17:24-27.

  8. I especially like the part where he says "don't treat me like an idiot". No need for anyone to do that he already opened his mouth and proved that point :)

  9. The IRS is the most frightening entity of the federal government, they can and will ruin your life. I know people who have had the IRS latch on to them like a pit bull, and these dogs love their jobs. I'm pretty sure they operate like the New Orleans Saints, a large bounty pool for the employee that causes the most grief. Had Hitler possessed the IRS Germany would have won the war. I AM in the 47%, Yes I AM a coward.

    I suspect Rob has an address that is mostly numbers...

  10. What bothers me is that we can't direct how the money is to be used. The "creative accounting" that is used to funnel money designated for one worthy purpose to another illegitimate pocket-lining purpose is nothing more than fraud.

    I say no more piggybacking pork. One item per bill. Period. Then each bill will stand or fall on its own merits, and each vote up or down will make clear where our representatives stand.

  11. Well...the Big Kahuna of topics: TAXES! I particularly liked the comment about not confusing government with God.

    Such a conundrum of emotions well up in me when it comes to taxes. When I'm writing the check, I hate taxes. When I'm driving through a National Park, I love taxes.

    I hate fearing the threat of IRS wrath. But I like knowing we have the means to help the TRULY needy in our country.

    As for the commenters over at WND...I can't and won't abide ranters. I knew after the first two comments, I had ranters on my hands and just clicked off the page. Life is too short for that baloney.

    Just Me