Monday, April 2, 2012

Charming words from a fan

In response to my last WND column Treason From Within, I just received some charming words from a fan named David:

I know that it won't make the slightest difference to tell you this, but I'm going to anyway.

First, you know nothing. Nothing. You're as ignorant as most Americans, so ignorant that you don't even understand your own economic interests. But what you have done is assimilate a lot of propaganda.

And to this misinformation and propaganda you've added quite a lot of paranoia from inside your own head. If you were capable of realizing this, you would be embarrassed.

Perhaps you should stick to simplicity. It's possible that that might be something that you have the brain power to understand.

As with most snarks, this gentleman is long on criticism but short on specifics. What, precisely, don't I know? In what way am I ignorant? In what way do I not even understand my own economic interests? What propaganda am I assimilating? And in what way am I paranoid? (I'm reminded of the old expression, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're wrong.")

Since my "brain power" is apparently insufficient to comprehend David's clear and cognizant criticism (which at least prevents me from being "embarrassed"), I thought I'd pass this on to you, my readers, to examine. Perhaps you'll have a better understanding of the things of which I'm ignorant... unless you're American, in which case you're likely to be ignorant too.

Sigh. I guess I'm no match for David's obvious brilliance and brain power.


  1. Hopefully, when things completely collapse, this "David" will be one of the people driving around with an "Obama/Biden" or a "Hope and Change" bumper sticker still on his hybrid vehicle....

  2. David obviously drank the kool-aid. One of the problems I have with liberals (which is my assumption about David) is that they can't handle the truth with facts, therefore, they spout the "party line (what Momma called in 2nd grade--Name calling) " without support, and if you don't agree with them, they are wrong. Don't let the facts cloud a good ol' main stream media crisis....

    1. I meant to say if you don't agree with them, you are wrong. Sorry for the stumble.

  3. What was a greater threat to the Roman Republic, Hannibal or Julius Caesar?

    Patrice, you were dead on in the article.

    "so ignorant that you don't even understand your own economic interests"

    My prediction, David's a leftie, big supporter of Obama, believes government spending is a good thing and we can't have too much of it.

  4. Here lies the problem. It's people like David that complain and accuse words like yours that speak the truth of the situation simply because it upsets their delicate, fragile, lie based lives. As the saying goes, they "can't handle the truth".

    You provide many areas that are very easy yo research and see that what you say is exactly true.

    Those with the thoughts and feelings of David always use the same tactics, make accusations but provide no proof of the accusations other than merely their own feelings and opinions. Then they refuse to even talk about the facts presented to them.

    These people are what are known as "useful idiots" to those pushing their treasonous agenda on us. If the "useful idiots" were to awaken and actually seek truth and facts they would do great damage to the push to destroy America by removing one of their important resources. Ignorance.

  5. You have to wonder about the motives of anyone who starts a discussion with a statement like "you Americans" or "you Irish" or "you French" etc. When someone begins a discussion by exposing their bias what else can they possibly say of value?

    On a different note I participated in a session in a leadership class where we were to learn about conducting a meeting. There were seven of us and each of the six who were not leading the meeting were given secret instructions to do specific things intended to disrupt the meeting while seeming to act on normal or common ways. The meeting was ungovernable and impossible to accomplish anything. There was indeed a valueable lesson and I never saw meetings then same again. What we are seeing in presidential politics today is the rules for radicals by Saul Alinsky. And 35 years ago in that lesson on meetings what we were doing was using those same rules. Everyone needs to read the rules for radicals so they can understand how we are being divided and conquered.

  6. Patrice, I do not always agree with some things you say, but I would certainly not feel the need to send a nasty post like that to you. I am afraid David has shown how ignorant he is. I would pay no attention to him, there will always be mental cases around who forgot/refused/had no access to their medications and so lash out at whatever is handy.

  7. When he wrote "your own economic interests" he revealed his cards, and his hand was composed of doing what was best for him alone and not the good of the country. This "David" will never understand the economy of self-sufficiency, independence, caring for others through works and charity, all Biblical principles. He knows only what he receives from the hand of others, and in his mind, it is good.

    Poor David, his candle is so easily blown out, his fear is palpable.


  8. Dear David:
    It is better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!

    1. As Teddy Roosevelt would say, "Bully"!! Good point....

  9. A few times in the past I have disagreed with you, Patrice, but it was always MY mistake, not yours. I either missed your point or misunderstood it. I've written to you and you almost always very patiently and politely replied, setting me straight. Fact is, you're always right on the money, Kiddo! That's all there is to it.

    What's really sad and unsettling about people like your "fan" David is how thoroughly he has been conditioned and brainwashed by the disingenuous liberal-progressive mindset. We all want and need to belong to a good thing, a good cause. And that should be God and Christ, but David and others of his ilk have been conditioned by liberals to believe God and Christ are myths, so they turn to whatever can fill the void where our Lord and Savior should be in all our lives, which of course is the liberal-progressive lifestyle. David has no doubt been bombarded all his life by lies and spin, to the point that he now swears by those lies and makes them the center of his life. Anyone who doesn't accept the lies of those he has embraced are the real liars in his mind. Liberal-progressives have done their job well.

    Because these poor souls like David have been lied to and misled all their lives, we have to pray for them and continue to show them the truth through our love and care for their souls. We must set an example, but that doesn't mean we should let them walk all over us and always have their way. Just as with spoiled children, we have to put our foot down with these misguided souls and let them know in no uncertain terms that hate, name-calling and rudeness will NOT be tolerated. Any attempt to reason with them is impossible. It will only make them more hostile. We can only set an example and pray they will follow.
    --Fred in AZ

  10. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)April 2, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    Wonder if David's last name is Axelrod.
    Oh, my! Is wittle David getting worried? He should be.

  11. His brain power is lacking, as well as his writing ability. He didn't stage an argument; he only attacked. Must be a progressive.

  12. Dear David,
    You are correct. You will not make the slightest difference.
    Montana Guy

  13. David is yet another example of folks who do not want the facts to get in the way of their argument. He's attacking with insults and rudeness because he just doesn't understand things. He can't find any cold hard facts to back up what he believes in and it makes him angry.

    As I was reading David's response, I was thinking of a relative of mine whom I often get into "discussions" with. She gets so upset when I bombard her with factual information that her head almost spins. When it gets to be too much for her, I always get the standard "exit" lines. "Well, I've got to go." "Let's agree to disagree." "We're not going to solve these problems arguing about it."
    She simply can't find any ammo to bring to the table to support her view. It doesn't take her long to go off about the tea party, the "right wing conservative nut jobs", the media (sepcifically Fox News), and any other insult she can come up with to try and take the focus off the facts.

    I think that's what bothers me the most about liberals and progressives, etc. - they lead with ANGER. More conservative folks lead with PASSION. I'd rather have a heated debate about the FACTS than a schoolyard insult-fest over emotion.

  14. I am English. I do not have the right or possibility of owning a gun. In this aspect we are very different to you.
    Apart from that in UK we have the same issues and are being destroyed from within. If some one stands up for biblical values they are accused of hate crimes. You speak sense.
    If you are ignorant then so are an aweful lot of others.
    It is funny how a frequent poster on the item seems to keep saying Jesus did not exist. As a matter of historical fact he did, he is in Roman records. Now who he was maybe a subject of debate but his existance is not.
    Seems that attacking you and your political/patriotic ideas should be separate form attacking your religious beliefs. In attacking you he exposes his ignorance and insecurities and can not even give a detailed arguement.
    I would say you have hit a nail squarly on its head. keep hitting.

  15. Hi! I'm a new reader, just in from this very article that garnered your 'fan'.

    In the future, when 'shills' like this try to 'spout' opinions, remember, everyone has one...and there's more to the old saying, but this is a dignified website.

    Anyway, here's some help to the rescue in responding to folks such as your 'fan'':

    Keep up the great works!

    All the best,

  16. David reminds me of the people who say "God will provide" and walk around thinking all is well. I have told the "God will supply" people not to show up on my doorstep when things get tough because "I" am not their God.

  17. First of all, I don't believe in slamming someone with name calling. We all have our own opinions of what we believe....and if I believe something different than you (which I do) then I guess a person could always call it propaganda......But respect should always be the main objective.

    What is really needed here is an intellegent conversatiion of what the facts know...those pieces of information that get buried in in all the montras and misinformation. What will the consequenses be?

    Maybe that was what David was trying to get across. If we go the way of the right, what will we be looking at in the next 10 years?

    My biggest concern is the environment and overpopulation. Corporations depleting the earth leaving toxic air and water....Then there is the issue of birth control and overpoplulation. Something has got to give...Maybe deep down.... that's what David was trying to say. BJ

    1. Dear BJ, We have been going the way of the left since the 1960s and look where we are. I doubt it could be worse.

    2. Dear BJ, We have been going the way of the wrong (left) since the 1960s. I doubt it could get worse by going 180 degrees different.

    3. Lorenzo.....I missed this comment from you.....DO YOU HAVE AMNESIA?!?

      Our country had a SURPLUS before Bush got in. After taking us through two undeclared and usless wars on the American credit card....we accumulated the largest debt in American history.

      He took regulations off of almost everything (including wall street) which led to....again.....the largest bail out in history. The bubble that was the result of this put us in a tailspin with jobs and the housing industry.

      When Obama got in we were losing 750 thousand jobs a month. Obama, (with zero help from the right)has slowly brought us out of the depths of hell over the last two years. Check out the job growth graphs. It has been slow...but we are headed in the right direction. 180 degrees would put us back on the path we just came from. Wake up, a news paper once in awhile...

      In fact any graph that you look at from 2000 on will indicate how we completely went over the cliff while Bush was in office. These things can not be corrected over night.....but at least you need to understand who put us there.

  18. I'm sorry you had to deal with your "fan" David. I would have liked the answers to the questions you put forth..what disinformation? How do you not understand the economics?
    I have yet to find clear information coming from people like that, followed by facts and research. It's always "you don't understand" followed by "you have been brainwashed".

  19. First of all, David is not my "fan". There is not enough room to cover economics, but I would like to address the environment.

    Coal fire plants, Children getting brain tumors in appalacha where they are doing mountain top removals, lakes of sluge contaminate, Fracking that has ruined drinking water and catches fire, poisoning aquafers, floods from clear cuts and mismanagement of forests, fucachima already having sent radiation around the world, unstable nuclear power plants in the US, nuclear plants on the coast killing all the marine life in the ocean nearby, tar sands piplines that leak now and they have no knowledge as to how to clean that toxic peanut butter sand up ..should I go on? All this will MAGNIFY if left to the corporations with no government over site.

    It is government that keeps our food safe, our environment safe and the air we breath safe....and this is what you want to get rid of?

    There won't be anything left of the commons ....but in fact everything will be run by corporations. Our whole country will be about the bottom line for just a few....and you know how much they care about the few things I mentioned above.

    Do you really want to live in that kind of a country? That's just a taste of what we will be looking at if we choose to have no government. I think not. BJ

    1. BJ, who is suggesting “no government”? That would be anarchy. Our Constitution provides for a central government, limited to only 21 specific responsibilities. Our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to foresee America's greatest enemy. That would be a central government which would 'save us' from ourselves and all of the gloom and doom you list. Their tool would be tyranny. They were right. DC has become our tyrant.

      Folks love to bash capitalism. Capitalism built the greatest country in the world through the exercise of individual freedom. Throughout history the other ‘ism’s destroyed individual liberty and murdered millions. The problem with free enterprise in the US now is that it no longer exists. Big Government picks the winners and losers, not a free market. That is not one of their 21 responsibilities.

      Our Founders gave us a tool to fight a tyrannical central government. It is the Bill of Rights Amendment X. The States, not the Feds, have the authority to address these issues. Our environment will survive but our liberty is hanging by a thread. I suggest folks who call themselves ‘environmentalists’ redirect their efforts to fight for the Constitution and States rights.
      Montana Guy

    2. BJ, please site those instances of drinking water pollution caused by fracking. With hyperlinks. Thanks.
      Oh, after they wash your brain do they hang it out to dry?

    3. Montana guy...
      I am both...but remember none of it is worth a damn if our food, water and air is contaminated. We need to be concerned with all of it.

      First of all...the Fed was created by the riches men (bankers) in the world in 1913 at Jeckyell Island near Georgia. They planned to remove the gold standard (1933) and create money out of thin air. The fed is not federal and there are no reserves. (google it) It is a private entitiy that has literally destroyed our country with inflation. The banksters have made a river of money from us for the last 99 years in interst. I don't have enough room to explain, but check it out.

      We have changed the consitution so much to adhere to the wealthiest, that now our country is being run completely by the million and billionaires and the middle class is in decline. Not even Reagan had such little tax on the rich.(trickle down economics didn't work).

      Look at charts (google) where the wealthiest have shot up the charts and the middle class has flat lined for the last 30 years in wages and is still going down.

      Most of congress is now openly funded by lobbiest to the tune of millions and they vote accordingly. This is legal. The people no longer have a say. "You pay to play."

      The right wants to GET RID of planned parenthood, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. They are very clear about this. They want regulations lifted on the envirement completely. This means TAKING AWAY all the agencies that we need to protect us...they want those gone too. They have no interst in people getting sick and not being able to drink their own well water and breath clean air.

      The state of Idaho just past a huge tax cut for the rich last weak. Wake up....the people need to take back the reins and have their desires heard again.
      And for the brain washer above, the fracking link is.... (read the whole thing) BJ

  20. David is a typical "Progressive". He relies entirely upon utterly unsubstantiated rhetoric and scrupulously avoids anything which might even remotely resemble facts, data, evidence, reason or logic.

    In other words, David (like all "Progressives") lives in a fantasy world. But, that is a prerequisite for all "Progressives". Why? Because the entire "Progressive" ideology is PURE mythology!

    1. MMMMMM.... name calling, character assasination, steriotyping....don't you have any sand under anything that you think you know to be true?

      I don't think it is the progressives that carry such an arsinal of accusations and distatste for someone that they disagree with.

      If you could drop the personal attacks, you might find yourself having a productive conversation...but if your above all that....well....your just above all that.
      Carry on.

    2. So...
      Your only defense is that describing David as a "Progressive" makes me guilty of the Cardinal Sin of "name calling"?

      Really? That's all you've got? Why am I not surprised? Classic!

      Try this on & see if it fits:

    3. no.....the cardinal sin and snarky attitude are in the following: "unsubstantiated rhetoric...avoids anything which might even remotely resemble facts, data, evidence, reason or logic". Is this the way you always talk to people?

      Why aren't YOU discussing facts and data instead of doubling down on someone? THAT is the point.
      No, I am proud to be a "progressive". I do my homework and fact check both sides to find the truth.

      Read your link and again...this is only one rightys opinion with no one from the left to debate his accusations. It didn't rock my world knowing the source.

      I could talk facts with you all day long, but a blog isn't where to do it.

  21. Sorry, I'm just not getting this. I couldn't understand a thing "David" wrote.

    His message was completely lost on me - I have no idea what he was trying to communicate. It was incoherent and disorganized, and the sentences were poorly structured.

    That's the difference between an author with actual communication abilities - like Patrice - and someone who just wants to wield an ax but can't hit the wood.

    Just Me

  22. How funny.... government keeps our food safe? Oh, please!!!!

    1. You are witnessing the first erosions of not enough government. They are all failing now since the revolving door is well, paid off and alive....and it will only get worse as more and more corporate influence comes into power. So hold onto your seat...soon nothing will be safe.

  23. Here's a good example of our government keeping our food safe:
    FDA Says Fresh Milk Is Dangerous But BPA Is Perfectly Safe

    Also Monsanto, GMO seeds, Roundup in sweet corn seed, etc., etc. Yep, thank goodness the govt is looking out for us.

    1. The FDA is no longer doing its job because the corporate powers like Monsanto, etc. have already bought most of them know...the revolving door strategy?

      This is the very reason we need to end the "money is speech" concept before we are COMPLETELY bought off...(thanks to the citzens untited vote from our right wing supreme court justices.)

      I don't know about the fresh milk being dangerous concept....but I do know that I would rather have somebody watching over our food than nobody at all.

      With no government oversight, the corporations will completely gobble up the food industry....and beleive me, you won't know what's in ANYTHING ANYMORE. It's not a perfect system, but it is better than nothing at all.

      What you are seeing now will be Monsanto on steroids if the reins are given to the corporate powers with no government oversight. BJ

    2. You seem to be contradicting yourself. We need more govt. oversight, yet the FDA (which is the govt. oversight) is not doing its job and has been bought off by the evil corporations. Yeah, I see how that more govt. oversight is working out. How efficient.


    3. Jane....Its being bought off by the corporations because the people that run the FDA have a wad of bills in their pockets that was handed to them BY the corporatate powers that be. They are not doing their job.

      Thanks to the "citizens united" bill that was past by our righty judges, it is now legal to bribe someone for their vote and their actions withen a gov. entity. This is EXACTLY what the far right wants to see happen so as to control the decisions for their bottom line. Very cleavor...not good for the people.

      Why are they adiment that there is no global warming?....because the people would then insist on alternative energy and the oil industry would eventually take a huge hit. We are truely being propagandized for corporate wealth.

      Now we can either go back to a government of the people.....or we can encourage the right to allow more ocrporate power and legal bribing of our institutions. This would be the picture of more free corporate enterprise with no rules.

      What we want is to get our old government back that is by the people, take the BRIBE MONEY out of our gov. agencies that were meant to keep us safe and let that old government do the job it was meant to do...protecting us.

      I think you are mixiing up good government with dominance by private corporations(more free enterprise which sounds more free but isn't) The far right will only enhance legal bribery by the corporations by privatize everything to suit thier needs......BJ

  24. One should never feed the trolls. It just encourages them.

    Northwoods Jean

  25. The David's and BJ's of the world = Useful Idiots. In the type of society they long for, communistic socialism, useful Idiots = cannon fodder. There will be plenty of Useful Idiots for Them to go through when the fodder hits the fan...

    1. unbelievable...another name caller. You seem to really be stuck on stupid with your communication skills. This is why you never learn anything....

  26. We are supposed to be ignorant of some things according to the scriptures.