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Friday, April 27, 2012

The anti-teens

Still a little brain-dead after yesterday's fun. But at least I managed to get my WND column turned in on time. Here it is, entitled The Anti-Teens.


  1. Very good article. I spent a number of years working in the Juvenile Justice System, and what I saw at times was very scary. The kids are sometimes just an extension of their parents. Once again, good article.

  2. Great article. Posted to Facebook.

  3. People are critical about how you’re raising your girls? They think what you're doing is disgusting and brainwashing? WHO is really brainwashed here? Americans are losing their ability to perceive right from wrong, and this is INTENDED. You say, rather than being the hope of our future, teens are becoming our anti-hope? So true! Again, this is INTENDED. Our corrupt liberal-progressive leaders are so convinced what they're doing is right that they will stoop as low as it takes and stop at nothing to further their destructive agenda. They don't want our children to have good traditions and morals, they want them to be good little slaves of the state. And they're succeeding! This is war, dear Patrice. It really is. Please be careful and watch your back at all times, especially when you're out and about with your girls. Because the more good sense you make and the more attention you draw to yourself, the more danger you are in. God bless you. --Fred & Deb in AZ

  4. We are raising anti-teens also, our three adult children have turned out wonderfully. At times it is difficult to maintain the distance from "everybody else" is doing it. But the efforts are so worth it. Our neighbors are raising typical teens and they drive us nuts! The children are not bad, but misled and receiving absolutely no training in self-control, courtesy to others, and pursuit of excellence. Please keep up the good work--and we've got two teen boys for your "club."

  5. Add my three to your "club" also! Although two are actually very young adults (24 and 23). And *gasp!* we home schooled (are home schooling the last one)them all.

  6. I’m 79. My wife is 78. It might be hard for some younger folks to comprehend but we were once teens. Our high school years were the late 1940s. My wife and I and most of our friends were then what you now describe as Anti-Teens.

    Some folks blame the plethora of today’s Stupid Teens on TV, cell phones, TV, failed schools, and/or poor parenting. That not true. When my wife and I were in high-school, there multitudinous Stupid Teens and Anti-Teens despite the fact we did not yet have TV, cell phones, or the internet. And, according to legend, the schools were still paragons of virtue and bad parenting had not yet been invented.

    Now, I’ll freely admit that bad parenting sometimes produces Stupid Teens. But, this isn’t always true. I have 5 sisters and a brother – all younger than me. Of the 7, one sister qualified as a stupid teen. All others qualified as Anti-Teens. Bad parenting of the one sister? Not likely.

    My wife was the middle one of 3 sisters. Her older sister qualified as a Stupid Teen. My wife and her younger sister qualified as Anti-Teens. Bad parenting of the one? Again, not likely.

    Further, my wife and I both knew kids who had the worst possible parenting, school environments, neighborhoods, and “modern” gimmicks (in my youth those were comic books and kids’ radio programs) but were practicing Anti-Teens who went on to become great adults.

    My conclusion is that Stupid Teens are either born that way or (more likely) deliberately, and despite the best possible parenting and other environmental factors, choose the popularity that comes with being part of the herd of Stupid-Teens rather than the unpopularity that comes with being an Anti-Teen.

    Finally, when today’s Anti-Teens attend a high school class reunion 20 or more years from now they will probably find the same thing that my wife and I and our old friends have found – today’s Anti-Teens will be happiest and most prosperous ones there and the Stupid Teens will have either changed their ways (that frequently happens) or have sunk into oblivion.

    Hangtown Frank

  7. My older granddaughter is 13. She tutors younger students (at a Christian school) and works with other young children at church. She dresses conservatively when not wearing her school uniform. She loves books, especially the classics, and pays little attention to TV. She has a small collection of glass that was "made in America" back when such a thing existed and enjoys being around her family and friends with similar tastes. She has a lot of fun, but isn't too concerned with popularity. There are a lot of them around.
    I taught in public school several years ago and could tell a lot about parents from the behavior of their kids. Some of the parents would be appalled at the thought of their kid's teachers classifying them as to what kind of people they were according to the kids. One mother came to high school the 3rd week of school to tell all of her son's teachers that they had the total support of her and her husband. We all knew from that visit that we would have NO trouble with that young man. He was an outstanding student, a good athlete, and a well-mannered and popular person.

  8. My husband and I read this article together and loved it. We did not home school our kids, but I always secretly wanted to. As soon as my sons were old enough, they started in the duel enrollment program where they soon made friends with kids who were home schooled! I'm not going to say it was smooth sailing with the oldest, but he's doing well now as a student at U of I. But my middle son is one of the anti-teens, for sure! =)

    My husband wants to know what kind of home based woodcraft business you run. Will you post some pictures?

    1. You can see a few pix here:

      - Patrice

  9. I really enjoyed Hangtown Frank's analysis. I always like hearing about how a different generation grew up. His observations were fun to read.

    I liked hearing about how in his day there weren't things like cell phones and internet to distract teens and amplify peer pressure. But maybe there were other things....I wonder what they were.

    Good topic, Patrice.

    Just Me