Saturday, March 31, 2012

Treason from within

Here's my latest WND column entitled Treason From Within.

While most of the comments following the article were positive, I was accused of "hysterical rantings" by one detractor... without specifying what, precisely, was hysterical or a rant...


  1. This is an amazing article - definitely one of your best.

  2. Great article!! Loved use of Constitution and sense of humor splashed here and there.
    --K in OK <><

  3. Yes, great article, Patrice! I confess, a few of your past columns confused me. My fault, not yours. This latest article cleared up everything. I couldn't agree more! Those who want to control us all have been dividing and conquering us for millennia! (Keeping us divided against each other in dozens of different ways makes it easier for them to control us.)

    As for that snark who accused you of "hysterical rantings," he/she was just the usual liberal plant. No doubt they watch your blog and articles very closely, so they can jump in and try to make you look like a whacky wingnut (don't wingnuts hold things together?) Now that we all know what and who they are and how they operate, it's much easier to just ignore them. The truth is in your blog and articles for them to read and understand, if they so desire. We just refuse to waste our time trying to reason with them anymore. It's up to them to wise up to reality or keep being foolish. --Fred & Deb in AZ

  4. Patrice, Amen from many of us in the Redoubt.

    Another related quote, "The REAL reason for the 2nd Amendment is becoming obvious." Montana Guy

  5. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)April 1, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    What a traitor fears most is that he/she knows they can no long fool anyone anymore. We are not afraid of them. They know we are ready and prepared because we have faith in God, faith in our families and faith in our guns. That is what they are afraid of - and they should be. Tough times ahead for them if they don't realize it.

  6. Why any of the "representatives" we elect to enact legislation according to the will of the people cannot see that the NDAA is blatantly unconstitutional is beyond this lowly construction worker who does see it as such. These congressman need to be arrested and detained as per this tyrannical piece of garbage legislation. It is also obvious that the executive branch has overstepped its bounds many many times and not one eye blinked in Congress. The time for reckoning is drawing very close....

    had enuff

  7. this indeed was the best article i have read in a very long time, although most of what you have written are very good. it is also a message that needs to be repeated often.

  8. Great article. Posted to my FB page.

  9. Lets face long as MONEY IS SPEECH and CORPORATIONS ARE doesn't matter how much treason is within....we no longer will have a say in anything from a paid off congress and this states so called representatives.

    I recently wrote my senator about how I felt about the Keystone Pipeline (biggest polluter yet and all of it going to China)...and my response from him wasn't...Gee, I will take that into consideration....heck was this is what we are going to do anyway...thanks for the input. I thought this was supposed to work the other way around...but oh yeah, I don't have any money to offer up to back my request so lets just go through the motions of acting like my opinion matters. This is what will be our downfall if not changed. BJ

  10. I see I'm not the only one in awe of this stellar literary accomplishment.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  11. Not that I want to rain on your harvest day but there are lots of democracies that have much tighter gun controls that America and they are still democracies and the people are still fairly free (not necessarily any less free than Americans).

    What 2nd Amendment rights activists never explain is what good the guns do you, you cite a load of un-constitutional legislation that has been passed into law yet what good have your guns done? How much worse would it have been if you hadn't had them?

    You seem to fear the government is going to round you up and send you to camps, that’s not going to happen because it doesn't benefit anyone. The corruption isn't evil for evil's sake it's evil for personal gain. They want you to buy mandatory health care *because they, or someone who bribed them is selling it*.

  12. I find your use of Cicero very apropos. I put out my own little e-mail newsletter that I send to a list of 'the usual suspects'. At the end of each letter I try to use a quote that relates to the topic. I have used many from the classic authors, Cicero among them.

    Good article by the way. I will pass it on to my list with a link to the original.

    A. Nonny Mouse