Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pumping a dry well

I've been so busy this week working on the ebooklets on canning that (cough) I hardly gave any thought to the fact that I had a WND column due yesterday. I had a column idea developing in my mind and was (cough) confident that I could turn it into a logical, coherent 1000-word piece.

Wrong. Thursday night I kept trying to force the idea into something logical and coherent but got nowhere. So I got up at 4 am Friday morning and tried another idea. Got nowhere.

7 am, tried yet another idea. Got nowhere.

Okay fine. I was clearly trying too hard to pump a dry well. But a deadline is a deadline and I needed to get a column together. So (cough) I harvested two earlier blog posts and amalgamated them into a single column.

Not great, but here it is: The Sins of the Parents.


  1. Patrice,
    I have also found that when I am working consistently and hard on a "scientific research" topic for several days, that it is VERY difficult for my brain to shift gears into composing a free flowing writing.
    It usually takes a couple of days of dwelling in that non-subject, and then I'm back to free flowing expression again.

    Time to take a retreating break and do something relaxing and fun.

    BTW, the article you "pulled together" is great.

  2. Next time you're "pumping a dry well", you should combine it with "beating a dead horse", mix well and you'll soon have enough material to last to the next decade:) We've politians-a-plenty that have gone to the Presidency on less...

  3. harvested from two blogs like ideas harvested from a personal journal...very good article patrice and one that should probably be reposted quarterly as a reminder to all who are trying to or have already broken the cycle of abuse.

  4. Girlfriend- If only I could write half as good as this "not great but here it is"!
    The fact is, truth is truth even if it's "rehashed".
    Good job!