Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bad guys and monsters

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Bad Guys and Monsters.


  1. "There may be some doubt as to who are the best people to have charge of children, but there can be no doubt that parents are the worst." ~ George Bernard Shaw

    1. Shaw is right. We should remove all children from their evil parents at birth and let the state raise them.

      - Patrice

    2. Honk Honnnnnnk!


      A. McSp

    3. I trust everyone knows Shaw was a Fabian socialist.

      Great column.


  2. Another great article! And as a Canadian I'm glad these ridiculous events are getting lots of exposure

  3. bad guys and monsters...every where you look they are there just lurking and waiting to jump up and start some malicious and conniving behavior that suits them. it is sick, it is sad...if there were a "mayflower" sailing to a unknown new land mass and booking passengers i think i would purchase a boarding ticket and take my chances for a new found freedom...

  4. "Stepford citizens." Another great example Mark Twain's axiom about the right word in the right place being immediately communicative.

    I literally felt my pulse race and a lump form in my stomach at the thought of "Stepford citizens."

    Just Me

  5. We are a nation of "Stepford citizens". Foisted on us by the liberal educrats. Why is homeschooling such a threat? I tell you why. We're the only ones that have the next generation of "truly" educated children that can think on their own. Of course, this doesn't serve their "socialist" & "progressive" agenda. Unfortunately, since we are ruled by majority "votes" we have already lost this battle. We should have been fighting this 40 to 50 years ago! God have mercy on us as a nation!

  6. Preach sister Preach! All three of my children were/are home schooled. Oldest two have graduated from college and have good jobs. Youngest one is finishing up his ninth grade curriculum. When grand kids are in the world, I don't think we're going to register them with the state, that way we can home school them and not have nosy noses put in our business (unless due to birth records we get notification about what school they are to attend, then we'll register them for home school with the state). Wouldn't want to lose them due to stupidity.