Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nutrition Nazis

Here's my latest WND column called Nutrition Nazis.

If you read the comments which follow, it appears I annoyed more than a few people. (There was a typo in the original title which has since been corrected -- you'll see references in the comments).

Since sending in the column on Friday, there have been more Nutrition Nazis at work, notably this article.

This example, as my husband noted, is ugly. "They tell you the bag lunch isn't good enough," he noted. "They make your kids eat their slop and then send you a bill." Yep, Nutrition Nazis.

And to those who object to the use of the term "Nazi" in this context, here's a brief history lesson: the Nazis didn't just start out killing millions of people. Of course not. They'd have been stopped the moment they started. Instead, they first had to condition the Germans and Austrians that they were the good guys, doing their best to help the average man by putting the blame where it deserved to be put. Only when they had all the people seduced into agreeing with their sick twisted logic did the atrocities occur.

I can see a lot of parallels, but hey, maybe it's just me.


  1. If our DD were still school age I would have to home school them, I worry so much for our grands and the world they will be living in. Chicken nugget my rump, what part of the chicken does a nugget come from,Ha, even the word nugget sounds nasty, who would want a poor child to eat that

  2. Dear Patrice, I don't think you annoyed anyone with your column "Nutrition Nazis." I think the liberal-progressives who monitor conservative, honest and informative columns and blogs like yours were just doing their usual job of trying to insert doubt and confusion into your well-explained and well-written article. No doubt there are many ignorant, conditioned Americans who can't separate truth from lies, but I think most of them aren't taking the time to visit all the conservative blogs to annoy us honest people. Those who keep repeating the same tired, worn-out lies are no doubt put up to it by wealthy liberals who are using their vast wealth to turn the world into a huge one-world socialist government. I let them know they aren't fooling anyone but themselves, then I ignore them! --Fred in AZ

  3. Mrs. Lewis,
    My wife and I have two of your tumblers and your book. Both are First Class. Some of your articles are borderline dangerous.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. How do you know you're telling the truth? When liberals start attacking you, you can be sure of it. The more viciously they attack, the more you can be sure that you're hearing truth. I love your articles in WND, and I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. Love all your columns, and blog! Have you seen this similar article about government overriding parents?

  6. "so·ci·o·path  [soh-see-uh-path]
    noun Psychiatry .
    a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience."

    No moral responsibility or social conscience. Remind you of a progressive / liberal?

    I am also convinced that progressives / liberals are liars. I haven't figured out what kind yet.

    "Congenital liars are those whose constant lying is the result of a specific genetic defect.

    Habitual liars are those whose lying is the result of deliberate manipulative effort to perpetuate a gospel of truths according to their version. There is no cure for them. They lie even to themselves.

    Someone mentioned pathological liars. That's another breed of liars. These are those who lie incessantly to get their way and do so with little concern for others."

    You pick.

    In the school lunch incident, they denied it. Then the second mother came forward with the letter from the principal (in your link above) Lies.

    Did anyone see or hear the OMB Director being questioned by Senator Sessions? Article and video here:

    Sociopath AND Liar.


  7. This comes as no surprise to me as a resident of North Carolina. This entire program is a blatant example of the liberal indoctrination that unfortunately the Old North State has succumbed to. Despite the state law that dictates 7 years old for compulsory attendance they have effectively brainwashed thousands of parents to participate.

    I am sure many of them will think that the government can feed their children better than they can. It is a sad state of affairs but one that we are trying to change. For the first time in over 100 years the Republicans took over the state house in 2010.

    The best part of this whole sordid affair is that no one will claim to actually employ the lunch nazi. I encourage your readers to review this government game of hot potato.

  8. Wow, loved your article and am so glad to have found your blog!!!

  9. Excellent article, as usual. I can't imagine anyone thinking chicken nuggets are more nutritious than a turkey and cheese sandwich. Who knows what goes into a chicken nugget. This is an outrage and truthfully, very frightening. Where will it end?

  10. This may be the only way they can make sure our children are eating the proper amount of GMO produce and grains. ?

  11. Good article, Patrice. I was livid when I read about that poor child having to eat nasty Chicken Nuggets. Sounds like Nazi Gestapo to me and I have no problem calling it like it is.

    I am a big fan of Home Schooling, so I hope everyone takes your advice and pulls their children out of public school. I only wish my grandchildren weren't in the public school system; nasty stuff they teach them. Fortunately, we live in the West, where liberalism only has a small toehold.

    Unfortunately, Homeland Security, is planting their Gestapo Agents in every small town around the U.S.; evil stuff going on.

    I love your columns. Keep up the good work of putting forth truth. Only fools will spew anger and hatred back at truth.

  12. I have long stated their goal is total control over people, one method being the "medical" profession. Time is fast coming that if your doctor tells you that you need to lose some weight, and you don't do it fast enough for his tastes, he can send the police over to find you and put you in a fat camp to force you to do so on an involuntary basis. If they tell you that you need to stop smoking because its bad for your health but you don't, he sends the police over to collect you and you go to a stop smoking camp, against your will, because he is a doctor after all and knows what's best for you. If he says you need this medication and you refuse for any reason, such as religious ones, he can send the police over and they force you to take it. He does know what's best for you after all, he is a doctor.

    Now think about how many psych doctors who can't agree as to what is the truth at any given point in time, and their word is considered absolute truth under that sort of law. Even though they themselves disagree about how things work, they are "doctors" after all. Says so on their diploma. Some of them think that belief in God is a mental illness. Some of them think that home schooling is abuse of kids. Some think that if you even question authority you need to be medicated. After all, the government knows best, right?

    This country is screwed. It just doesn't know it yet. Only God can alter that, and they threw Him out. Nope. Its gonna happen, no matter what you think, or try to do. Better get used to them intruding into your life, telling you how to live, what to eat, where to sleep, etc.

  13. Many Americans will be shocked to discover that their liberal views, and the destruction of the original US Constitution will quickly evolve into totalitarianism. Thank you for speaking the truth, shouting a warning..and taking the heat.
    BTW, I had the same feeling regarding liberal trollers as a previous commenter. I doubt honest liberals frequent WND..and for some liberals "Truth is the new "hate speech" .
    Appreciate your blog so much, Patrice. Thanks again.

  14. We here in the PRUK are even further down this road than you are, at least you have the option of homeschooling, it's almost an impossibility here.

    The most interesting point I found from the comments was the naif (or is it brain-washed?) who religiously quoted 'the facts' of BMI used by the CDC as evidence of this supposed 'epidemic'. The 'fact' is that the BMI has been discredited as a reasonable measure for many years. It is even more inaccurate in judging children and adolescents because it, unlike with the set measures given to adults, is based on what percentile of the population of the age a child is.

    One specific point that most would seem to have missed is that whilst the CDC explicitly states "The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 20% in 2008" the measures they are using are those of thirty years ago. If they followed their own guidelines the fact that the whole population has moved along an axis would destroy this supposed increase in the 95th percentile. What it actually shows is that as a population we are still increasing in average size (average height and weight are increasing not obesity).

    So, as per usual, it is manipulation of statistics to manufacture another crisis so as to provide them with a raison d'etre for demanding more power and money. Corruption, Lies and hypocrisy from a government body - who'd have thunk it!?!

  15. there are hungry and malnourished children in america. and our government uses our tax dollars to feed these children in their homes, in the shelters, and in the schools...what i have noticed in public schools during the free breakfast, lunch and dinners is alot of food -nourishing or not- goes into the trash uneaten and unappreciated by most. it is very rare though to hear of a child who has starved to death or is starving in america and those reports are generally involving the criminally abusive caretakers/parent/s of these children. too many children are obesse...i guess this is because after force feeding them in the school cafeterias they are returned to the sedintery classroom instead of the playground to burn off the calories and the hyperactivity. this country has become so upside down in common sense...

  16. My comment has more to do with the mechanics of communication than the content of this current piece.

    One of the reasons I enjoy this blog is because of the "two" Patrices that write it.

    One Patrice is the down home country girl. She can tell you about the chickens hiding in the yard or Lydia stuffing herself into a now too-small chair as if you're having an informal conversation right in front of her.

    The other Patrice is the one who puts on her author's hat and writes serious, well thought-out and researched pieces with authority and confidence.

    The contrast is engaging.

    Just Me