Friday, January 6, 2012

Jesus or Robin Hood?

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Jesus or Robin Hood?

Here's what my desk looked like during the writing of it.


  1. I think this may be the best piece you've written since I've been following this blog.

    It's clear you worked long and hard on it. I sense it's something that's been knocking around in your head for quite some time. It's just taken until now to get the words in the right order.

    I feel elated after reading it.

    Just Me

  2. I've couldn't have said it better myself. I'll probably use your article as a good reference point when I get into one of those type of discussions (that is, if I'm brave enough to get into such a discussion in the first place).


  3. Wow! A gospel sermon right there. Thank you for being willing to stand for truth and for being brave enough to do so. It amazes me how many people buy into the liberal thinking hook, line, and sinker-- even here in Oklahoma, the buckle of the Bible belt!

  4. One more thing:
    I wonder (not really,I know the answer) if those same folks who (mis)quote the Bible for their own political agendas are willing to follow Jesus' commands in Mt 28:19-20 and Mk 16:16, as well as Peter's admonition in Acts 2:38 and MANY OTHER VERSES to repent and be baptized? And THEN, to go preach the gospel to the whole world??? I think not.
    Jeff in Oklahoma

  5. Have you ever been to a country where there is no aid or food for the poor? It is heart wrenching to say the see human beings in desperate states of decay and suffering.

    You say Christ only expects us to help people on a personal level but not through the government. You look through that window of other depressed countries for a nano second and tell me if this is what Christ would have wanted and check your pulse then!

    We ARE a government of the people. How many people do YOU have resources to help on a personal level? Will it cover the mentally challanged, those who have no health care,education and most of all...those who can't find a job?

    After 8 long years of GW Bush and an economy you think the tillions of dollars that were put on the credit card after two wars and a Wall street bailout could have helped our own country with poverty, education and loss of jobs? Duh...

    What about families that hold down two jobs and still can't make it? You just wave your hand and chalk it up to lazyness? Granted....some of the programs we have could be tightened up and some are abused to a small percentage, but how could you sleep at night eliminating them altogher with a little "Que sirah, sirah" in your prayers. My heart "on a personal level" could never do such a thing.

    I feel that there is a way to have it all...and with the grace of God....this country will find a way to do it soon.

    Like a rich man once said..."I don't want to live in a country where my brothers and sisters are poor while I am rich." This is a man that sees that we all breath the same air and that we need to help each other...not on just a personal level...but as a united country we can be proud of.

  6. Great article, Patrice...I agree 100%...and one more thing...
    Jeff in Oklahoma: People who say they are Christians don't repent and follow JESUS...they would rather read a book by someone who thinks they are right about what Scripture says without even reading and studying the WORD to be approved like the Bereans in Scripture did. Time America got back to the REAL JESUS and HIS WORD and then they will see what Patrice is saying...The Truth of the Word of God...
    Thanks Patrice for stepping out there...
    Love from NC

  7. Beautiful article Patrice!

    It biblically clarifies this issue even for those who have been shamed by their church and temple leaders with renditions of "give until it hurts"!

    now.. that's what is called chutzpah!


  8. Anonymous 6:38: Things will get better. Have faith (your own kind of faith) and do what you can to help. Sometimes all someone else needs is a kind word to help them get through their day.

    Just Me

  9. What a great article Patrice. Personal responsibility; what a concept!!! I would like everyone to also know that Robin Hood stole from the Government the money they stole from the people and gave it back to the people. Just so they cant call themselves Robin Hoods (liberals socialists and communists alike)
    God Bless

  10. To the commenter who seems to think that the government is the only solution; in America the gobernment is to provide an environment where all willing can provide for their needs. When someone is down thru no fault of their own ther should be a help line. It should be difficult so the person doesn't want to languish there,then end!!!I should help them in what ever way I can, so should you then they will have self esteem and move on to be productive again. PERIOD

  11. Comment for Lloyd:
    Most Americans that are struggling because of the economy DO have self esteem. I'm afraid there are just not enough "Lloyds" to go around for that hot line to be effective when the whole country is drowning.
    Government is not a bad word. What never WILL happen is that when left up to each other to pick up the slack in a free for all nation....human nature will be too busy taking care of themselves and their own to pay attention to any families that fall between the cracks. That is why we have a "government for the people"..."United we stand"...(remember that one?) That's what this country is all about. Coming together....Sometimes we just need a leg up to maintain the self esteem you are referring to.

  12. To Anonymous above who talked about the need for government to help with people's self-esteem:

    This is why you turn to your neighbor, who's a living, breathing person and not some monolithic entity. If the government really is "for the people" then it should let us do as we please with our hard-earned money, and we deal with the consequences like adults. I've known way too many people taking advantage of the system that don't need it to believe the government can be of any real help. This is probably why Jesus worked on a more PERSONAL level, instead of running for office. It just works better.

    Personally, I much rather turn to family members (or friends or neighbors of your LOCAL communities) for help rather than the government. I started taking unemployment last year, but after one check, I stopped. That was somebody else's paycheck I was taking, WITHOUT their permission (and it was quite the sum), and it made me feel ashamed. How's THAT for self-esteem?

    Don't worry, though. When I rejected to take anymore money for the sake of my dignity and because I wasn't someone who was truly in need, God provided for me through what little I DID have, and He has had numerous family members step up and help when I didn't think I was going to get any. I didn't think I needed the help, but He saw otherwise. And those people were also much happier to help someone they KNEW.

    I still don't have much, but lets just say this past Christmas was the best one I've had in a while, not because of what I got, but what I was able to give, of my own free will. Now THAT is self-esteem. I think I even donated more to my church this past year too. There many who would think my life is that of a destitute, but I know better. The reason I could accept my family helping me out is because they KNEW me, and they were also somewhat affected by some of the personal events that let to my current situation. I could trust them to give me the PERSONAL touch I needed. No need throw wads of money away on the off-chance that it MIGHT give someone a hand up.

    I visualize the "united we stand" mantra as made up of countless links in a chain, rather than a hunk of solid formless metal. There's a lot more I can do with a chain that allows the links to remain individuals than with a chunk of metal that I have to beat into submission first, all the while completely ignoring individual will.

    Charity ought to be a choice, not the law. You can put more heart into it that way.


  13. response to Lily:
    The mantra as you put it..."united we stand" is a statement about humanity. If you choose to not have systems set in place to protect those that are lacking, then I'm sure you will do just fine without them....but they won't wait for your charity.
    I remember when Reagan closed all the mentally ill institutions in California...the result being that those people were put out on the street. Don't you think somewhere, somehow that could effect you down the road someday?

    There is abundance everywhere to do the right thing. We just need to make some changes. We're so busy policing the world...just that money alone could give people a huge leg up in this country and we could all prosper to some degree. (being rich doesn't always mean prospering) But if that is not a concern for be it. It is for me.