Monday, December 26, 2011

Shhh -- don't tell anyone....

Sometimes I get the most extraordinary emails. Here's one I received from someone named Nelson on Christmas Eve in response to my WND column The Gift that Keeps on Giving. The concluding line of that column reads, "I wish you all, believers and unbelievers alike, a blessed and gift-filled Christmas. Come and join the celebration."

Nelson writes:

Of course you want a “blessed gift-filled Christmas.” It’s a slap-in-the-face for Jesus because the presents don’t go to him even though it’s his birthday. It’s like going to a friends birthday party with gifts and saying happy birthday and then giving the gifts to each other in the presence of the birthday person.

Shhh..... the reason is because you really hate God inside. You are secretly practicing unknowingly a deep secret resentment of the Lord and you don’t even know it, BUT SHOW IT. But don’t worry that all will change soon, when God takes your heart of stone and gives you a heart of flesh, as it is written, and it won’t be soon enough.


Um, what? How on earth did Nelson draw these conclusions from the column? I'm guessing Nelson must not have read the column very closely or he would understand the gifts I'm talking about are the Gifts of forgiveness, grace, salvation, and eternal life... NOT the stuff you buy at the mall.

And I really hate God inside, do I? And I practice a deep secret resentment of the Lord? My my, I never would have guessed. I always find it fascinating when people like Nelson know what's inside me more than I do myself.

Good to know he's omniscient.


  1. And if he knew you, or just even read your columns he would also know how often you've mentioned you detest malls, shopping, and consumerism, and encourage giving of one's self. But that wouldn't fit his diagnosis.

  2. He's just sore because as a child all he probably ever got for Christmas was a bag of switches....

  3. I'm looking at seed catalogs today - it's my after Christmas tradition. On to Spring!

    (Nothing ticks off a troll more than being ignored.)

    Just Me

  4. Dear Patrice, I fear Nelson is totally unable to read what you wrote more closely, because he is blinded by his lifelong progressive-liberal conditioning. Sadly, an awful lot of people have been so thoroughly brainwashed by our public schools, government leaders and their own brainwashed parents that they've grown up with NO common sense and NO ability to discern right from wrong or the good intentions of those of us who are able to do these things.

    You can explain your actual intentions until you're blue in the face, and it will be for naught. These misguided souls see only what they've been conditioned to see. I'm reminded of the time Bill O'Reilly had Howard Stern on his show. Howard asked Bill what he REALLY did with all the money he made from his charities, book sales and such. He would not -- could not -- believe O'Reilly actually gave that money to charities. Something Stern evidently never does.

    The younger generation today has been taught to think of themselves first. It's always me, me, ME. Completely opposite of what Christ taught. I can only imagine the terrible fate awaiting those who have misguided and destroyed the lives and souls of so many. Oh, and of course they blame GOD for that, not themselves! They like to say, "Your God is hateful and mean if He sends me to Hell after I die." Not realizing that it is THEY who will send themselves to Hell by their own choice and actions.

    If they can't understand your true intentions when you write a column, how will they ever be able to choose the narrow gate to life, rather than the wide gate to destruction? We must pray for them and teach by example. They have a huge obstacle to overcome! --Fred in AZ

  5. LOL. SCROOGE!!! He's not had his "vision" yet.

  6. I guess Nelson doesn't remember that "inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Other than my will, I can give nothing to Jesus that he hasn't given me first. So I give my will, my obedience, my loyalty, my repentance. I give material gifts to others as if I was giving to the Christ child. But what do I know.

  7. Gee, I wonder what lack of gifts Nelson is compensating for? Montana Guy

  8. Sadly there are many people like Nelson around. I have had a few also. Not that that will make you feel any better. But I like to think that the fact they are reading means that they are seeing the word and love of God by doing it. Perhaps God is working through you to touch his heart.

  9. That's just strange. I hope "Nelson" is okay and gets over whatever is bothering "him." Very, very odd things to comment to anyone.

    On a brighter note, DD and DSIL bought me, tah dah, The Simplicity Primer for Christmas. Woo hoo!

    Jennifer in western NC

  10. Sometimes we are confronted by anger, greed, and hurt from others. These people I like to simple call "Test". They need goodwill the most.

  11. He probably reads his Bible with the same close attention to detail. :p (if he reads it)

  12. Nelson,

    Read Psalm 119
    Like a Bottle in the Smoke

    Fix your eyes on the Lord's purpose, not on the smoke


  13. Yesterday I would have probably said something like this to Nelson: They let you have a driver's license when you can't even understand a WND column?

    But today I'm making an effort to be less confrontational and more understanding. So here goes with my new outlook: They let you read when you have no comprehension?

    Hmmm, guess my new-found tolerance needs more work.

    Nelson, keep your day job (if you even have one) because you're reading comprehension is lousy.

    He probably votes......which is so scary.

    Anonymous Patriot

  14. Readers like him are invaluable - I mean, just think of the shrink bills you won't have to pay when he can tell you The Truth about Yourself completely free of charge!

    (Sarcasm *may* have been used in this comment...)

  15. wOw. Amazing.

    @Blogless Sister - HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!! That was great!

  16. Hmmm.....still scratching my head wondering about that post. Love your columns!