Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catching up on columns

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't posted my WND columns for the last three weekends. Sorry about that!

Here's the column from October 28 entitled Keep Your Lamps Lit.

Here's the column from November 4 entitled We're From the Government...

And here's this weekend's column entitled Are People Really That Dim?


  1. Great articles, and so very true - sadly. Our government is out of control and steamrolling over citizens with abandon. I firmly believe the financial crisis had been planned for a long time. Control the money, control the people.

    From Fast & Furious to taxing our Christmas trees, the government is doing all manner of things to show its contempt for Americans. If, however, you are an illegal alien or a college student from another country, well then the govt can't do enough for you.

    Somebody please slap me so I can wake up from this bad dream.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. That's ok. I read them on WND too.

  3. It's always a pleasure to read articles that not only reflect my own thoughts, but are written by someone who knows how to construct a sentence, how to spell and how to use punctuation.

    "Wort-Meisters" (My own "German" word translating to roughly "Masters of the word") have the ability to combine mechanics with message.

    "Sie sind ein Wort-Meister."

    Nur Mich (Just Me)

  4. From another Idahoan I too see the writing on the wall. The crooks are in charge while the honest person is trying to pick up the pieces. As I stated this is not going to fix itself without a fundamental change in the way our government works.

  5. Great articles! I have an unrelated question for you- what are your thoughts on the "Boycott Black Friday" movement?

  6. I'm not a conspiracy theorist,or even a end-o-the-world type, but it's clear a lot of problems are occurring at once.Individually, they might not be that big a deal. When combined? Yeah-potential disaster looms. We're here from the government-we're here to help you? The song that comes to mind for me is "Hey,Rocky!" by Boris Badenough (I listened to Dr. Demento a lot in my formative years...)

  7. Michelle, we've never participated in Black Friday at all. We don't have the time, the money, the interest, or even the "convenience" of Black Friday shopping. (We live over an hour's drive away from such events.) So I guess you can say we boycott it by default.

    But above and beyond that, I don't like the thought of being part of a herd, trampling fellow shoppers over the chance of snapping up of cheap deals. Smacks too much of greed at the expense of the true Reason for the Season.

    So yes, I suppose you can say I would support such a movement.

    - Patrice