Saturday, November 19, 2011

A bit of excitement for a reader!

Here's a bit of neat news! Reader Mary Beth White of Oklahoma Pastry Cloth fame, has an opinion piece posted over at WorldNetDaily! How cool is that?

Her piece is called Herman Cain, the Unpolitician, and I notice there are some lively comments being posted at the end of it. Congrats, Mary Beth!


  1. Thanks Patrice! You are so kind. :-)

  2. Yes, I read the comments too. Seems to me if you disagree then you are simply misinformed. What? No opposing views allowed? THAT sounds like the MSM.

    My vote will NOT go to Cain any more than McCain. Both are Washington insiders, witness his term as a member of the FED. Cain, like all the rest are part of the problem, not the solution.

    Where is a man who even remembers what the Constitution is? Obummer could not even say the words of this oath on inauguration day...I know, I watched him on TV.

    I have had enough of pimps, panderers, liars, black men, and Texas Governors. Ron Paul does have a few warts, but he is the only one to step forth so far who holds the Constitution as more than a distant memory.

    Cain will be MORE of the same crap!


  3. You go, woman!

    I have always liked Mr. Cain, and wanted him for the nominee.

    Now I fear the Republicans are going to blow it by nominating somebody who will not be able to overcome the liberal left and progressive media campaign, and this country will be toast.


  4. Mary Beth is a very articulate lady. She has certainly given us some food for thought. I hope she writes more articles for WND. EVERY person running for president has some issues, even Ron Paul and the Unpolitician Mr. Cain. My feeling is the more the liberal-progressives in BOTH major parties are against someone, the more I will be FOR that person. As for all the candidates who are running, let's stop digging for the BAD and seek out the GOOD in each one. Praying to our Heavenly Father in Yeshua's name for guidance would definitely help, too!
    --Fred & Deb Mueller

  5. Save the Canning JarsNovember 20, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    If I could have ANYONE I WANTED for President, I would chose David Barton of

    But since he is not in the running, I'm praying for one who will humble himself/herself and seek God for the answers this country needs, who believes we should owe no man anything (as in get the nation debt free and NOT deeper in debt).

    I'm tired of old Washington deal making (and pork) sold to us as being the only way to get things accomplished. I'm looking for smaller government in the lives of law abiding citizens, common sense Presidential leadership, a candidate to support (and not abandon) Israel and biblical principles infused into society...not stripped from society. I'm watching Cain.

    Wow Mary Beth, you wrote an article that got published on WND, and you gave an impromptu radio interview, plus you cultivated new political friends in the U.S. and abroad... and all I did yesterday was pull up the dead bell pepper plants in the garden!

    You go girl!

  6. We have voted for Alan Keyes at every opportunity.

    We are uncomfortable with Herman Cain. His involvement with the Fed and his current views on it are deeply disturbing to us. He was all for TARP. He's "anti-abortion, yet pro-choice" (!!!).

    Nevertheless, congratulations, Mary Beth! That's quite an accomplishment! :) I look forward to more.