Friday, October 14, 2011

Them vs. Us: The Real vs. the Surreal World

Last week's WorldNetDaily column (called Fools Rush In) was one of the most insipid I ever wrote (hey, we were busy!) so I didn't bother posting a link at the time.

However I received an email on the column which was so interesting I asked permission to post it.

Ms. Lewis,

From your current column: "Vice President Biden says of the economy, 'We have it turned around.'” Horse manure.

An explanation is hereby offered. This is not an excuse, just an explanation / observation.

I live an old coal mining town. This is "real world." You're from western New York originally, if memory serves. That's real world. You live in Idaho somewhere. Also real world.

Have you ever been to the lands inside, and immediately around, the Washington DC beltway? I'm not talking about a visit to the relics of the nation around the capital. I'm talking about visiting people who live in the aforementioned lands.

My college girlfriend took a job in Columbia, Maryland. That's about midway between DC and Baltimore. [It's all never ending suburbia. Yuck.] We had a third college friend who took a job in Rockville, Maryland (Beltway country), and who lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland (Beltway country, but further outward than Rockville).

I had occasion to travel a few times back and forth in this area. The further inward toward Washington DC you go, the more surreal it becomes. If you're well attuned to the real world, you can feel it getting more and more surreal as you go further and further inward.

Your environment shapes your outlook. Biden, Bernanke, and all the rest of the Beltway denizens are living in a surreal place. They don't see the world the rest of us do. While Biden is an idiot, he very well may believe that things are ok, because he does not perceive the real world. And don't forget, his world, surreal as it is, is doing fine.

Further to that point, Quinn, the radio guy out of Pittsburgh, asked a fellow in the radio ad business "Where's the highest book right now?" The "book" is radio slang for advertising rates that a radio station can charge. The nation's highest book is at WTOP, Washington.

Tom H.

P.S. I can get part of the WTOP radio family at night on the AM radio. It is 1500 AM. It used to be an all news radio station. That was then. This is now. 1500 AM, Washington DC, is now "Federal Radio." I am NOT making this up. It is a radio station broadcasting by and for all the bureaucracies in the Federal government. How to do this in the Bureaucracy, how to align your department with this requirement, that directive, and so forth. No greater example exists of how "they" in the government are diverging more and more from "us" in the nation.


  1. Good reason for term limits, like 1 or 2 term MAX! And, maybe even INCOME limits! As in, sorry, too rich, you cant serve...

  2. We, too, lived in the Washington DC area (Dale City & Stafford, VA) while my husband was stationed at Henderson Hall (USMC) which overlooks Arlington National Cemetery. It is a surreal place. EVERYTHING is accompanied by a life or death feeling. I got so tired of it. And yes, the politicians can't seem to understand how the "real" people live because of their (the pols) enormous salaries, guaranteed pensions, and generous benefits. Plus the fact that they don't have to live under the same damn laws as the rest of us. The Congress has become like the parliament of the 18th Century, you know, the one the patriots revolted against? Keep up the good work.

  3. Justin -

    "Good reason for term limits, like 1 or 2 term MAX!"

    Who is going to pass such a law? It would have to be the same congress critters that would be out of office if such a law passed. How likely do you think that is?

    "And, maybe even INCOME limits! As in, sorry, too rich, you cant serve... "

    Think about what it takes to get elected, even on a local level. You must have the free time to run for office, and the wealth to afford not working while running for office. That does not even consider what it costs to run a campaign. Looking at who gets elected to town, county, and state offices, I find a lot of people who own their own businesses and are doing well enough that they can hire someone else to run the business while they are off involved with politics. The other class of folk I see are ladies who are married to men with enough money that the ladies are free to run for office. Lastly I see a few retired folk running for office.

    Practically by definition, you will not find many ordinary working stiffs in public office, even at the local level. Could _you_ afford to take a few months (at least) off work to run for office?

  4. THEY DID THAT TO WTOP? I grew up listening to that station in the car with my father! :(

    I could *never* move back to that area. Just have to pray we're never stationed there...or in CA for that matter! lol (Sorry to offend anyone)


  5. You know, even as a child, knowing nothing of politics, I perceived that somehow the lawmakers didn't really understand the real world. What I heard my parents talking of, and what I heard politicians on the TV and radio talking of just didn't have the same ring to it. It's a campaign slogan to say "Bob Whoever is in touch with the people!" That means even the campaign managers don't believe most (or all) of the lawmakers and politicians "get it".

  6. It's the Ivory Tower Syndrome. They cannot see the little people because they are in their lofty chambers above the smoke and the haze. Their surroundings are pure as the driven snow and they have no concept of trouble. Theirs is a world free from the daily grind.

    These are 3 things I know to be true:
    1)Biden is indeed an idiot
    2)The Prez is a Marxist
    3)Janet Napolitano is incompetant

    Having said these things, I might be scooped up some night by DHS and carried away. If my comments suddenly stop someda

    Hahaha, only joking. (I hope)

    Anonymous Patriot

  7. Hmmmm... interesting post. I live in Northern VA and have listened to WTOP from time to time but prefer 630AM (or conservative radio station).

    First - Maryland is and always has been a very, very Blue state, very liberal and considers itself a 'sanctuary' state among other things. Columbia, MD has always been an ultra liberal location. Please don't judge the entire area based on what happens in MD, I'd like to think we're better off here in VA.

    Second - Liberals are looney, disconnected, fascist/marxist idiots regardless of their location. It doesn't matter if they live in MD or my beautiful state or anywhere else.

    Third - The Federal Radio you refer to is just a weekly news segment nothing else and I would imagine it 'speaks' to a small segment of their listening audience.

    Last - I think it is important to choose wisely where you live and to get involved in the political process to elect people that best represent your views. What are you doing NOW to insure that the best candidates are elected to office? Volunteer or donate now.


  8. i was stationed with the navy at the bureau of naval personnel (up the hill from the pentagon and in front of arlington cemetary on the columbia pike side. on the other side of arlington cem. is the old army fort where they house all services and have the training for the tomb of unknown soldier and burials (the old guard)- which by the way is awesome. my husband worked in the other end of the bureau bldg which was marine corps headquarters until they moved to quantico va. while stationed there, we lived in high rise apartments exactly one mile from took about 15 minutes to get to work in the mornings and a min. of 45 min. to return home after work...i always felt sorry for those who commuted to work from quantico and other places outside of d.c. and arlington. was surreal then, and remains anywhere within fifty mi. of dc is like living in a bubble 24/7..every now and then my husband and i would travel about 150 mi outside of d.c. just to escape into the real world and beyond..

  9. I live about 50 miles south of DC in what used to be a sleepy little town and is now just a bedroom/commuter community. Most everyone travels north to DC for work. There is no sense of community here any longer. I'm sure many in the DC area (including nutty Joe) think everything's just fine with the economy, etc., because DC is immune from all the problems plaguing the rest of the country. Government employees aren't losing their jobs, and companies doing business with the government sure aren't cutting back. If I had a choice, I would never live here but this is where family is for the time being anyway. Maybe some day....

  10. The scariest thing I've read in two years is the "P.S." message in this post.

    My head is swimming and my heart is racing. I need to go watch the Stethoscope guy again.

    Just Me

  11. Tom H. is absolutely right. Our family moved to the Gettysburg, PA area in '08. We're 75 miles (about 1 hour 40 mins) outside DC. I love the area that we live in. However, on the occasions I've had to go into DC, it is a noticeable difference. The further south I drove, and the closer to DC I got, the more "wrong" the area felt. It's not an area we visit often.

    Becky (not the troll one)