Saturday, October 1, 2011

A fuddy-duddy speaks....

Once in awhile I need to vent some spleen. That's where my WorldNetDaily columns come in handy. Here's my latest, entitled A Fuddy-Duddy Speaks on the Generation Gap.


  1. I see this type situation all the time here in NC. The worst part is that I see almost as many adults acting that way. There is such a mentality of "the world owes me" around here that I really fear for our country's future. I truly feel like the only chance our country has is with strong parents like you raising strong kids with good morals and work ethics.

  2. Oh Patrice, You are not a Fuddy-Duddy at all!

    This insolent, "I dare you,go ahead and make my day behavior", is rampant and will be the undoing of those individual lives that are prodding others, just begging others, to do them bodily harm! There is something deeply defunct with the survival instinct of one who actually wants or seems to need to be harmed by another.
    It's an addiction to self abuse!
    It's sado-masachistic!
    It's insane societal perversion of the stagnant young of our nation.

    Locally, we are experiencing a similar variant of this behavior. Instead of bodily blocking passage, the arrogant youngsters are using their vehicles to drive in wide births on the middle separating line of the and motorbikes to do this on 2 lane roads and public highways. Sometime they ride in packs, and purposely drive at 30 miles an hour, causing a mile or more of backed up vehicles around them. When you attempt to pass them, the pack opens up and blocks you from passing into the lane!

    Now, if that isn't begging for trouble and harm, I don't know what is!

    It is maddening because there never is any law enforcement on these smaller rural highways and
    farm roads to actually catch them in the act of their taunting actions.

    So, the last time this occurred and I happened to be one of the second in line behind one of these packs, I filmed them with my cell phone. I promptly drove to the sheriff's office and played it back for them and filed a public complaint. It's now up to them to intervene and stop this nuisance.
    I don't know how long it will be before some 18 wheeler looses their cool with constant down shifting and braking down the steep hills around here, and just sweeps the whole caravan off the road, and gives them what they are begging for.


  3. Great article Patrice,
    I had a gentleman look me up in the post office parking lot one day and ask if the red headed boy was my son. When I said yes, he said that my son had held the door for him and he wanted to say "thank you" for raising my son to be a gentleman. He said everyone always hears the bad, so he wanted to make sure he said thank you for the good. Of course, I thanked him, tooand I made sure that my son knew that his efforts were noticed, and appreciated.

  4. I agree. I am a dental hygienist in California. I see moody, insolent teenagers all the time. I won't let them text while I clean their teeth! I discussed the state of one girl's teeth with her dad. She was nine. He told me she wouldn't let him help her or do what he said. I informed him that HE is the parent and that he needs to take charge of the situation while he was able too. I never saw them back. So sad.

  5. WHOOA NELLIE! Oh my, where do I start? First let me say I'm an "old man" 55, been there done that. I work in a convenience store, not because I want to but because my prior profession took a dive, construction. I see this kind of attitude every day, problem being, it's not just from the teen that can't seem to figure out how to pull his/her pants up but to parents that just don't give a, how shall I say this without getting banned, ummmm, a flying rats behind. I'm ashamed to say that the generation my kids were raise in has lost respect for themselves and others. I am, however, proud to say that my kids and Grand kids have learned the same articles of respect that I was taught.
    Open a door for a lady,(remember your mom brought you into this world and she could have taken you out) respect your elders, do unto other as you would want them to do to you, mind you manners at home and in public and never, never forget that someday, someday you will be in a different pair of shoes.
    Reno Rdneck

  6. we are gonna be in real deep doo doo when tshtf and we have to deal with these annoying teens and young adults that you have described here.

  7. We have a whole pack of kids who will walk through the neighborhood, walking down the middle of the road, and refusing to move to the side for traffic. If there are only two of them, you can usually pull around them, and when you do, they watch you to see if you're sufficiently angry, so they can laugh. I don't give them the satisfaction. I act as if I didn't even see them there. If I don't give them the satisfaction, maybe they'll stop playing that game.