Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farther from the insanity

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Farther From the Insanity.


  1. You could have met each other halfway and still had fireflies. Or lightening bugs as we call em around here.

  2. I just read your column. I agree with what you write. I have grown to dislike unions. They never did me any favors, except robbery of dues every month.

  3. I'll admit that when I saw the title to the article, I thought "uh-oh... I think she meant "further" not "farther"."

    After reading the article, I'll just say that I agree that: Our country and unions have moved further from their core values and this caused an increasing number of people to move farther away from population centers.


  4. Patrice, another great WND article. Did you catch the prez the other night as he addressed both houses of Congress in his mean, his "Jobs Bill" speech? He actually referred to the Constitution as old-fashioned. This guy is supposed to uphold the Constitution. In fact, he takes an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America," yet he openly criticizes the same document as being too restrictive. Obama just doesn't get what this country is all about.

    Oh, and I always knew you were an east coast girl.

    Anonymous Patriot

  5. Great write Patrice!
    What is astonishing to me is the growth in population of the major city hubs, according to the last US census.
    Most of the re-locators left suburbia to move to the city and closer to the insanity!
    I'm in total agreement with you and Don, we wish we would have gone even further into the hinter boonies.
    As the cities spread out and gobbles up miles of territory in incorporations, and the city gov miles of jurisdiction are encroaching closer, we are getting hit annually with steady increases in property taxes and are simultaneously watching the conversion of the surrounding large acreage farmlands being subdivided and sold off as smaller parcels.
    These changes in our demographics have been both troublesome and sad for us to observe over the last 12 years.
    Working Farms are disappearing.


  6. I was quite touched by this current article - for an unexpected reason.

    It made me feel mournful to read the part about you saying good-bye forever to the east, a place you really loved. The epiphany must have been hard for you. I can sense it in this piece.

    If I could be so bold to address you directly, how did you comes to grips with that?

    Just Me

  7. Time, Just Me -- time. It's like losing a loved one -- it aches at first, then gradually time heals all wounds. You're quite perceptive to pick that up because I realize I did indeed have a mourning period when I realized I'd never go east.

    But I'm consoled by the wild beauty around me in Idaho. We have coniferous rather than deciduous forests, but the point is they're FORESTS (rather than, say, suburbs).

    Still, you'll note from these prints ( that I'm a sucker for fall colors...

    - Patrice

  8. Aa very thought provoking article. I was wondering where in this country you might consider far enough away from the crazies? We are looking forward to moving to our own private holler in the Applachain mountains. We are doing a family compound and are full of hopes and ideas. Time will tell but at least we are trying to take more control of our own environment.
    It will be babysteps and really at our age trying to build a legacy for our grands.

  9. Patrice, Another great article! We have to continue to tell others of our God-given rights and freedom that has made America great as these freedoms are under attack from those who want to destroy us. Some want to use bombs while others want to use our own political process or overstep the powers of their position in our government. We must fight the terrorists and keep them from attacking innocent people again. We must also fight to see change and the reinstatement of a government that follows the Constitution and guarantees the freedoms our founders fought for and established. This will take a two fold process. One, we must see a revival in our country of our citizens to the moral values of our founders who lived out their Christian faith. Second, we must have our people involved to vote for people in our national, state , and local governments who share our love for liberty, limited government, and have the moral character to protect us from government that would take away our freedoms. The first is a prerequisite for the second to occur. I pray that these two things do occur as the more we as a nation exalt God and HIS principles in our lives, the more we will see our God-given rights and freedoms stated in our founding documents protected. The greater amount of freedom we have, the greater amount of opportunity we will have for prosperity. May God bless each of you, and may God Bless America!!

    Steve from NC

  10. For Dannie,
    I live not far from where you are now in NC.
    We used to live in the state you are moving to....Both are too close to
    the crazies...but at least in your new state, you will be left alone to live out your dream.
    And to you, Patrice, thank you as always for your wonderful insight into life.
    God bless.
    Sandy in NC.

  11. Sandy, We will still be in NC only close to the Tenn border-Madison County.
    Even now, going into the "city" makes me hyperventilate.