Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another year, another failure

So it's Friday morning. We're working hard on our tankards, slamming to get a large production run of 150 pieces finished and out the door by Monday.

At 11:30 am, Don suddenly says, "Hey, don't you have a column due in half an hour?"


Fortunately I had a germ of an idea for a column, but nothing more than that. First of all I dashed off an email to my editor, apologizing for missing my noon deadline and promising the column by 1 pm max. Then I pounded the keyboard and spit out what has to be one of my most mediocre columns to date, entitled Another Year, Another Failure.

Been one of those weeks.

Still, it did manage to spark the following comment from Robert, my favorite liberal reader, who can always be counted on to put words in peoples' mouths and as such is always good for a chuckle:

If conservatives got their way, things would not be any better for our schools. They want to impose prayer and daily Bible readings on schools where many of the kids have parents who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheists and agnostics. They want our schools to teach kids creationist idiocy as scientific truth, impose abstinence only sex education, which only INCREASES teenage pregnancy and STDs, and many other things which would be extremely harmful to young people and ultimately, the nations as a whole.
Conservatives who accuse our schools of "indoctrinating" kids with "Godless atheism" , communism and Marxism" etc, which is an idiotic notion are the ones who are guilty of indoctrinating their kids by home schooling them teach them to be homophobic bigots and as ignorant, narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous as they are.
(Present company excepted ).

Thank you, Robert. I always enjoy reading your perspectives.


  1. We can only speak for ourselves and people we know, but my wife and I are pretty certain most conservatives agree with us that we don't want to impose prayer and daily Bible study in our public schools on anyone who doesn't believe in God. We just want the anti-God and anti-Jesus push to STOP! We want to be allowed to worship and pray anywhere and everywhere, as long as we don't cause a traffic jamb or other disturbance like many Muslims have done recently. They are allowed to pray anywhere they please, they even block busy city intersections! Why aren't liberals complaining about THEM? Just try telling Muslims they can't pray to Mecca in public or anywhere else and see what happens. The reason Christians and Jews are being persecuted is because WE LET THEM PERSECUTE US! It's time we stood firm and stopped letting ourselves be unfairly pushed around.

    Anyone who doesn't see how our children are being indoctrinated in our public schools is either blind or a huge liar. You, Patrice, and many others as well, have written about this time and again. You've presented flawless statistics and facts to back you up. Everything you've discussed is true and there for all the world to see, if they have eyes to see with and ears to hear with and aren't constantly trying to deceive everyone! Anyone can look up Marxism, communism and atheism. Of course atheism is Godless! That's it's entire point! And our public school systems ARE pushing it. Don't force your beliefs on anyone else, just try to pray to God in any public classroom and see what happens.

    Your liberal "friend" is doing a terrific job of proving you and everyone else who's been exposing the liberal way of thinking and the liberal agenda as being entirely correct. Liberals accuse conservatives of being bigots by showing extreme bigotry themselves. They accuse conservatives of being ignorant, narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous by themselves being grossly ignorant, narrow-minded, intolerant and self-righteous! Christ knew them well 2000 years ago when He called them "hypocrites" and "liars." They haven't changed one bit to this day.

  2. I chaperoned a middle school dance last week. The kids were dancing like a cross between porn star wannabes and dogs humping.

    I told my daughter that her lil' 6-month-old daughter and 7 and 4-year-old sons would be out there on the dance floor at school in a few years, too. She said she didn't think so!

    She's considering the Florida Virtual School (online school) when they get out of primary school.

  3. Hmmmm. It always amazes me that those on the left do not recognize their own bigotry, home school phobia, self-righteousness, intolerance and narrow-mindedness while accusing others. They don't even think about the fact that, by their very act of unacceptance of Christian conservative thought, they are practicing a closed mind. Robert has closed his mind to any other thoughts other than those that he deems correct. An open mind gives ALL thought validity - kinda like an open screen door allows in all critters. What people like Robert are so ignorant to recognize is that they practice discrimination and bias as well as the next guy.

    Of course, there is no use in pointing this out to people like Robert because all that results is a vicious and angry retort about how conservatives are vicious and angry. But perhaps, one day, Robert will wake up and reailze that it really is true that one is usually more guilty of what one accuses others. As Steward Smalley used to say on SNL, "When you point a finger at others, there are always three pointed back at you...and one pointed at God."

    And P.S. - Evolution is a theory, Robert. A theory. There is not one, single fossil or set of bones that shows the in-between-stage of a single living creature. It is all made up in man's mind without any proof at all. That isn't science. Science requires proof through scientific method. So if you want a theory taught in schools, you have to provide ALL theories.

  4. In the end of all of this "witching" back and forth, it all comes down to your own personal responsibility to your kids.
    Whether public school, private school, or home schooled, if you don't get off your backside and stay on top of things dealing with your kids things will eventually slide.
    As with any schooling it is only as good as the "teacher" wants to be.
    In my family I have the perfect example. My husband was put in private and public school by his mother, and every day I thank the heavens for that.
    My brother in law was home schooled by this woman years later because she didn't like the system. He is now a walking drain on society who is trying to get Social Security to "pay up" because he has an equivalent of a 3rd grade education.
    My mother in law has friends who home schooled also and their kids are doing great and have gone on. But in my opinion they "tried" harder and took it as their responsibility to "educate" their kids. She took it as being able to do whatever she wanted and that includes being able to make whatever excuses she wanted whenever things got hard.
    So like I said it all depends on the person. There should be no sweeping generalizations in my opinion.
    Plus let's face it. Some people just weren't meant to teach.

  5. Liberals are all alike. They project their own hatred/phobias/bigotry/ignorance upon the rest of us and peddle that dishonest projection as truth. I truly believe that liberalism is a mental illness and that anyone suffering from liberalism is wholly incapable of coherent thought.

  6. LOVED this article - apparently you do quite well by the skin of your teeth.

    I would only argue with this supposition:

    Many people who are the products of public education are rampantly unqualified to teach their own children.

    I see this as part of the problem, and part of why well-intentioned parents who would be of good service in facilitating their children's education might be put off from homeschooling. As a culture, we're preoccupied with credentialism. We've allowed it to become a substitute for real education and ability. I don't mean to be critical, only offer that an averagely literate, loving, vested parent who is resourceful enough to discover the appropriate resources is at least as good as a "professional educator" to instruct their own children, according to the standards by which we currently credential teachers. I put more faith in a young father with a 4 year career in construction than I do in a new graduate in early childhood development with no children of his/her own when it comes to the ability to educate a child.

    I was a failure of the public school system, yet I make more than the average full time employee, and facilitate the education of my children, all from home. If you think about it, a child who can prepare a meal from scratch, read, copy, and narrate from the KJV (grammar, logic, comprehension, etc), apply basic geometry and understand scale, balance a checkbook, and name most of the countries on a world map is better educated than most college grads, excepting perhaps the hard sciences. If everyone could do those things, have their bearings in the world, essentially, which is what an LA education is supposed to offer, we'd likely need a lot fewer social worker/professional educator types, which is the college hard-sell despite all the cries for more math/science oriented majors. Very simple people managed for centuries to improve their childrens futures. I find it interesting in the height of the age of professional educators, our children are much less likely to exceed our current standard of living.

    Here endeth the unsolicited lecture, all to say you've only inspired deeper thought around here, and it's apprecited ;).

  7. Mediocre? Funny I thought it was too close to the truth for folks like Robert to grasp. Not sure where he gets his info from but how does teaching abstinence increase teenage pregnancy and STD's, umm you don't have sex how do you get, um, you know, pregnant, you don't get STDs?
    I thought it was a great post and will be forwarding it on to my kids, public school teachers and all, just so they know what kind of uninformed "parents?" they have to deal with
    Just a Redneck in Reno

  8. Anonymous 8/27, 11:49, I couldn't agree more. You said so eloquently exactly what I was thinking.

    Bruce Gordon, you got it - liberals are suffering from a mental disorder. They would no doubt be diagnosed as delusional, suffering from pseudologia fantastica, and narcissistic. And like most other whackjobs, they are allowed to wander the streets and harass the rest of us.

    Anonymous Patriot

  9. oh my, a student in the late 50's to '71 i was enrolled as a student in the public education schools..we had the pledge of alegiance and sang God bless America every morning. we had a lunch time prayer that got recited every day. the boy scouts and the girl scouts were allowed to meet afterschool in the school bldg. catechism classes were held after school in the school bldg. the jewish students had their religious training after school in the school bldg. and we celebrated every holiday be it jewish, catholic, or whatever. girls work dresses and skirts. boys wore pants that covered their butts and belts. teachers saw to it that they paid every student in their class a "home visit" with the parents to discuss problems and grades. we had a pta that drew a crowd and worked hard. we had birthday parties, valentines day cards, halloween party. and when the day at school was done, we were allowed to play outside in all weather, ride out bikes, and be kids. most of us grew up to be well rounded, educated adults who knew what responsibility and hard work was. for all the talk and money thrown at education these days, things have only gotten far worse..