Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welfare as God intended

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Welfare as God Intended.

Interestingly, I got a snark on the Facebook comments that follow the column by a fellow called Oldduffer. (I'm not on Facebook so I can't respond, though several loyal readers did.) The comment was as follows:

Lady, I worked 40 years. Owned homes and land free and clear. I was a proud Capitalist, and looked down on the poor, just like you do. Then I became sick. I lost my property, my 401k, and most everything else. I'm 60 years old and too crippled to pick weeds. So that makes me a useful idiot. Right? Lady, and the rest of you rich people, had better repent of your self righteous attitude, before the God of Heaven takes it all away from you, like he did to me. Your time is short...very short.

Hmmm -- I wasn't aware I was "rich" and "looked down on the poor." It's apparent this critic didn't read the column at all. I find it interesting that he snarked his way through everyone else's comments as well. I believe the term is curmudgeon. Nothing will make him happy.

If anyone is on Facebook and cares to (cough) rebut Olddugger's comments, feel free.


  1. I am retired and worked for 47 years. During my carear I was out of work exactly one week when I was 19. I did without new cars, drugs, booze and cigarettes and saved the money I would have spent on those habits. One of my good friends is broke, on SSI, and when he worked he would allow or even work towards being fired so he could get on unemployment. He has had good jobs making well over $60 in the 90's but still eagerly sought out opportunities to get layed off or fired. He likes to refer to me as "lucky" (mostly because I do have a IRA and 401k) and blames all his troubles on bad luck and various forms of discrimination against him.
    One thing is true: "You cannot help someone by doing for them that which they should be doing themselves." Charity needs to be handed out judiciously so that you don't harm those in need. Our welfare systems have harmed millions and millions of Americans

  2. The most important thing I've ever learned about liberals is that they're all liars. All liberals either intentionally tell lies, or they unwittingly spread lies because they intentionally refuse to study the issues, educate themselves and learn the truth. One is as bad as the other--they're both liars. That's why I call them Liberaliars.

    Having said that, I would bet real money that Oldduffer lied about that whole self-description. I don't believe for a minute that he's a former "proud capitalist" or that he was a wealthy landowner or that he's an old, crippled 60-year old today. I don't believe any of it. My bet is that he's a 20-something airhead who had his skull filled with a sack-full of progressive manure by his college professors. He's now trolling on conservative sites trying to agitate the "bitter clingers" he's been taught to despise. It's useless to attempt to directly debate one of these liberaliar trolls. It only feeds their ego and props up their fragile sense of self worth. It's much better to just keep expressing the truth while ignoring the trolls.

    God bless you, Patrice, for expressing the truth so eloquently. The comments to your columns show that you connect with your readers in a spectacular way. The truth is powerful and your way of expressing the truth is just as powerful. Thank you.

  3. Gordon is right, liberals are liars. Even when the FACTS are right in front of them, they refuse to acknowledge them. The worst thing to do, IMO, is to argue with them. They will just twist your words or take them out of context or ignore them completely. I have given up on trying to educate them. Instead, I have divested myself of all liberal friends and have been happier for it. Life is tough enough without a bunch of liars always calling us names or making it out like we hate the old, the young, the poor, and the disabled.

    A liberal is like a tumor - you feel better when it's gone.

    Anonymous Patriot

  4. Your column hit the nail on the head. My daughter works part-time as a cashier in a grocery store while going to college and sees many people with their food stamps come through her line. The other day just took the cake when this lady came through her line purchasing over $250 worth of groceries using food stamps. My daughter watched her walk out of the store and get in to a Hummer 3 vehicle!!! The lady is driving a vehicle that costs $50,000 but she needs to pay for her groceries with food stamps!!! Meanwhile, my husband and I drive our 8 year old, used car while paying full price for our daughters college - no financial aid for us because we work and we had our children within our marriage!! Ben Franklin said it right when he declared, "Poverty should be difficult."

  5. i can get rid of and not miss any of my "liberal" friends but relatives is another story. oleduffer sounds like he has been having a "pity party" that just keeps going on and on like a broken record that no one can turn off. he probably does not realize that he is sounding alot like the static on a bad radio frequency.

  6. I loved your column, Patrice. It was very timely as I have been having this discussion with a family member with very frustrating results.

    I heard Charlie Rangle bring up our Lord's name this weekend regarding the entitlement programs that are sucking our budget dry and which are requiring a raised debt ceiling. He basically said that Jesus would encourage more borrowing to fund helping the poor. It drives me berserk when these people distort scripture in such a way. He has obviously never heard Prov. 22:7 "the borrower is a slave to the lender" nor has it occurred to people like him that Jesus told INDIVIDUALS to help the poor, not the government.

    The most interesting account where these hypocrites totally miss the message is of the rich, young ruler who asked Jesus what he had to do to be saved. The first thing Jesus told him to do was to obey God's law. The young man said that he had, which indicated that he felt arrogantly sure that he was "good enough" on the outside. But THEN Jesus told him to sell all that he had and give it to the poor. But the young man could not do it and went away sad. Was it because he hated the poor or looked down on them? Was it because he was an evil, greedy miser who counted his gold coins in secret? No. It was because his insides were wrapped up in his stuff. He liked his stuff and he liked it better than he loved Jesus. The Lord did not need that guy's money and junk. He could have fed all of the poor himself if He had so chosen. No, He wanted the ruler to become willing to let go of what he had all for God's sake. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, He didn't make Abraham go though with it, but He wanted Abraham to know that Abraham was willing to let go of everything for God. There is nothing saying that Jesus would have made the young ruler sell everything. He just wanted the young man to be WILLING to do so.

    This means, that even the poorest person on an American street, with nothing but the biggest screen tv on the block, can be just as guilty as the rich young ruler if Jesus were to say, "Go sell your tv and give to someone poorer than you" and he couldn't do it because he loved his tv more than God. God wants our hearts. And when He has our hearts, we become willing to give, to help, to minister and to encourage whenever we are called on to do so. That is true charity because Jesus knew and knows that forced charity is no charity at all. The liberals would do well to REALLY read what Jesus said and ask for discernment in the reading.

  7. "Liberal" must have acquired a very strange meaning over there. According to my dictionary, when spelt with a small "l", it means: generous; noble-minded; broad-minded. To sweepingly classify "liberals" as "liars" shows crass ignorance. The antonyms of "liberal" are: biased; bigoted; cheap; conservative. I suspect a negative characteristic such as bigotry will be more often found in people who have developed the habit, for whatever reason, of lying to themselves.

  8. Patrice, I just had the pleasure of reading your article on WND. Spot on, I'd say. I look forward to becoming a regular reader!