Saturday, July 30, 2011

So you say you want a revolution?

I will interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast from Portland in order to bring you my WorldNetDaily column for the weekend entitled So You Say You Want a Revolution?


  1. Your CSA and PSA are interesting concepts, but they won't work, either. There is no way the progressives would leave the CSA because they love, absolutely relish, stirring up trouble wherever Constitutionalists are to be found. They wouldn't leave us alone.

    Nope, I am seeing more and more clearly that this is all God's plan and we will see a one-world government and the antichrist will be sitting in Jerusalem before too long. It's inevitable. I still prep, I still pray and hope God will intervene and save America, but I don't think that will happen because our national failure is part of His plan. Just as Judas had to betray Jesus so that Jesus could be resurrected, so too will America have to fall before He returns. The only way to change that is if Americans turn back to God, and I don't see many of us doing that. Do you?

    BTW, I can already hear the progressives ridiculing the "CSA" because it has historically represented the Confederate States of America. They would enjoy making the comparison, no doubt about it. Perhaps an alternative would be "FSA" - Free States of America?

    Good article, thought-provoking, as usual.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. I wish it was just that simple--let the lefties have the coasts and we take the heartland. Just divide it up. Sadly, it would never work. The problem is that liberals NEED to control the rest of us. It's in their DNA. They think they're better than us, smarter than us, and entitled to rule the rest of us. They would never let us secede.

    Additionally, they NEED our money to fund their rule over us. We work for them, don't you know? They can't let us leave because their supporters don't work or earn or produce anything. We are the producers and the workers and the earners, so they have to take our wealth to run the show. That's how it works in an occupied nation.

    No, splitting off will never work. We're stuck with each other. The way out of this mess will only come from humbling ourselves before God, praying for His forgiveness and His salvation, accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, and becoming the salt of the earth and light of the world (through prayer, study and activism) that Jesus commanded us to be.

  3. Jesus Christ, really? Grow up.

  4. After making several attempts today, I finally just finished reading your article!

    I felt like I was talking to myself! I've been saying the exact same thing to my family. There are too many progressives, and too many people who like benefiting from progressive ideas. Constitutionalists could get control of all branches of government, pare it down to what it was intended to be, and so many people will want their share of others' hard-earned money back, that control will swing right back into the hands of the progressives.

    I've been telling my family that I believe the only way to get back to the constitution is for the country to split. Let the progressives have their part, and let us have our part.

    My husband believes that if the country splits, it is more likely to split into five parts than into two.

    The other comments describe the other things I've been quietly thinking about, though -- 1, that this could just be the road to the one world government and antichrist, and we're just going to have to try to hold on and care for our families until the Lord comes for us and 2, that truly getting the progressives out of our part of the split-up country may not be possible, and we may end up with the same problem, on a smaller scale... and that the only thing that can bring us back is a true revival brought about by repentance on a national scale.

  5. Patrice,

    A progressive commented on WND on your article and called you a nut job who was just trying to spread hate, scare people and sell more books. My response to the progressive on WND is below.

    If saving our God-given Constitutionally protected rights from those who want to rewrite the Constitution and remake America in their Progressive image is creating fear then I hope it scares Americans to death so they wake up to the real threat the Progressive Agenda has to America and the freedoms we enjoy. It is obvious that conservatives scare progressives as the progressives can't handle the truth. All I see is name calling and disgusting posts from those progressives who have commented in a failed attempt to discredit. They can't even argue the points made in the arena of ideas so all they can do is name call. Patrice did a great job on this article and it scares the progressives that the truth about them is being exposed. If I am wrong show where Patrice is in error in what she said. If you can't then you need to not post on her articles as it makes you look like the nut job and the other names progressives like to call conservatives like Patrice. Keep up the great work Patrice!!!!

    Steve from NC (James Madison)

  6. Mrs. Lewis, isn't it interesting the "Brown University" critic "Leisa Hussein Simone" proves your point!

  7. Isn't this idea already being put into action? See James Wesley Rawles "Survialbog" and search "redoubt states". There will come a time, when enough people of like mind have voted with their feet, that those states will have the wherewithal to refuse many of the federal mandtes inflicted on them. Currently state governments are held hostage by federal funds. What happens when states say "keep your (our) money, we'll do it our way". It should be interesting.

  8. To Anonymous 3:52/July 30, who told me to "grow up" because I proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ--

    I'm 51 years old, my hair is going gray, I've got arthritis in both knees and my kids call me "Oldie-locks." I'm way "grown up," thank you very much. Funny thing--the older I get the more I understand about how much I need Jesus' lordship over my life. It's impossible for me to comprehend how anyone can muddle along in this life without Jesus. I pray that you will find your way to Jesus before it's too late.

    To Tom--I can tell you what will happen when a group of states finally tells D.C. to go pound sand and "keep your (our) money, we'll do it our way." Both the Republicans and Democrats in D.C. will declare war against those states and bring a firestorm against them you won't believe. Better load up on ammo before that happens!