Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clean a toilet, save America

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Clean a Toilet, Save America.

One amusing snark (ironically by someone with the handle "Harmony Seeker") was posted in the Facebook comments that followed the column:

Shouldn't the writer of this article be proudly cleaning a toilet rather than writing? She should quit wasting time and be more accountable to her children and holy wedlock according to her.


  1. It seems she did not do any investigating before she snarked you or she would know you used to aspire to be a liberated woman,so you just might know what you were talking about, lol. Then readers responded to her by defending you and she tryed to wiggle out of the snark by saying that she said you should just be cleaning toliets. Talk about someone needing a lesson in accountability. Boy, you and Enola are sure getting it this week, must be the moon ;-) Don't worry, we love you both and we have your backs.

  2. I enjoy resting in a clean home, curled up with a good book and no sound but the hum of the dishwasher/washing machines...

    I don't actually enjoy the housework, but I do it so I can enjoy the clean house!

    Thanks for writing!


  3. I am the home maker of this family. I am the one who cleans the toilets. I would much rather do housework than the nine to five drone work of an office. But truth to tell, if I never washed another dish or vacuumed another floor I would not complain.

    Not everybody is lucky enough to be Paris Hilton and live a life of useless prettyness. We have to do something. I had the choice of home maker or commuter queen. I chose to be the one who cleans toilets, but lets face it, that statement does not mean for one moment that I enjoy doing it.

  4. Patrice,

    Don't worry about the liberals who bash you. They are judging themselves inside and choosing to blame you instead of dealing with the conviction they feel when their own views and mindset are challenged by Christian views and lifestyle. As you said in the article they are lashing out at others instead of dealing with their own personal accountability.

    Steve from NC ( James Madison on WND)