Friday, June 17, 2011

The forgotten fathers

Here's my salute to dads this Father's Day weekend: my WorldNetDaily column entitled The Forgotten Fathers.

UPDATE: This comment was posted at the bottom of the column by a frequent (liberal) commenter. Feel free to address it.

Patrice, you're making it sound as though the problem were the result of some sinister liberal plot to make fathers unimportant. Wrong. The problem is due to adverse socio-economic conditions in America. Hardly any one is saying that it's not good for children to grow up in intact families with loving, responsible fathers. This is a very good thing. But given the poverty, the lack of opportunity due to economic difficulties, etc, it's very tough for so many people to live this kind of stable and economically secure life.


  1. Liberalism/progressivism/statism is destroying the lives of our children. The liberaliars told us that no-fault divorce would be better for all concerned by taking the messy conflict out of divorce. The liberaliars told us that children would be better off living with a single parent than they would with two parents who sometimes argued. After we the people stupidly agreed with their premise the liberaliars then created a great and powerful taxpayer-funded system dedicated to the sole purpose of making sure that the single parent was the woman. Dads were ground up in the process. We were told that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Millions of "We The Dads" simply allowed all of this to happen like so many mindless, spineless sheep. The result? Millions of children are dying emotionally, spiritually and even physically as they are sacrificed at the altar of modern liberaliar feminism. It is way past time for We The Dads to fight back, loudly and fiercely, for the sake of our children.

  2. This is just spot on. I lost my dad to colon cancer in 1997 when I was 17. I know how different things became after Dad died. I know that my life would have been different if my dad had been there to protect me those first few years of adulthood.

    I now have two sons and my husband is a wonderful father. I've noticed over the past few years that my husband teaches the boys things I wouldn't even think of. He also has a different way of approaching things that I don't think of and the boys seem to get immediately.

    Also, my best friend has a little girl. The little girls father alternates between threatening the mother, threatening to kidnap the little girl, threatening to commit suicide, and writing sappy letters to the mother lamenting the fact that they broke up 4 years ago but has no actual intrest in spending time with the little girl. She's just a pawn to him. So the little girl hasn't had a father. Within the last 2 years my friend started dating a wonderful man who has gradually become daddy to the little girl. I have seen how she has blossomed with a father who is active in her life and loves her.

    So I guess what I am saying with my long winded comment is, I agree with you lol. Three cheers for dad's! :)

  3. Happy Fathers day to all the fathers out there.

    Why argue with liberals? They will never admit they are wrong. They will never see your valid point. They will never recognize the error of their thinking. They are full of denial, deceit, and delusion. I'd rather debate with a snake, at least a snake knows when to slither away defeated.

  4. I wanted to reply to the comment left to you Patrice but honestly, this person would not look at my words and recognize them to be accurate. They would look at it as a attack on their belief system. When that happens people tend to close their minds and put their fingers in their ears.

  5. One of the problems in our society is our divorce laws and welfare laws favor the woman and dioscriminate against the men. A few years back when my brother-in-law discovered his wife was cheating on him his wife went to the state welfare office and had an apartment for her and the children the same day. The wife got the children a few months later in the divorce. Now, I understand there are so many social, moral and reality issues here it is almost impossible to make a "correct" decision on these matters. But the current system where the wife always gets the family and the father always gets the bill is patently unfair and encourages the breakup of the family.

  6. My wife and I agree, as well. But here again we're trying to reason with a liberal. When will we learn that they are always right and we are always wrong? If you ever speak to one who doesn't constantly interrupt or try to outtalk you, it's because they're waiting for you to shut up, so they can put you straight.

    Very few liberals realize the error of their ways and become conservatives, but it has happened a few times. A VERY few times. However, in our experience, those who "switched" were never true dyed-in-the-wool, full-blown lying liberals to begin with. They had a conscience and true empathy for others.

    If anyone ever hears a committed, totally conditioned liberal apologize for being so self-centered, hypocritical, arrogant and mistaken about every aspect of their lives and ours, PLEASE LET US KNOW! It will give us time to prepare for the earth's sudden shift on its axis!

  7. As far as responding to the Lib comment, well, that's easy.

    Bull pucky.

    And otherwise, I wish a happy Father's Day to Don and all our loving Dads here.

    There's nothing like a Dad.

    A. McSp

  8. This will be my children's first Father's Day without their Dad. (He's 1/4 of the way through a 12mo deployment.) I KNOW my kids are missing things since I just don't even *think* of them! (as PandorasJen79 said above.) Try as I might to compensate, I don't think like a man/dad. Anyone who claims men aren't needed haven't experienced seeing the hole in the heart of a child whose father is deployed...

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers!

  9. That liberal sounds a lot like my sister, the liberal social worker. The only thing missing from the answer was, "It's all Bush's fault!"

    Funny thing about liberals. They will say something completely nonsensical, at which point the conservative will respond with documented facts, complete with the source of said documented facts, to refute the liberal nonsense. It will be at this point that the liberal will ignore the facts and respond with another liberaliar slogan/catch phrase, with no supporting evidence whatsoever. That's all they know.

    I do this all the time with my sister. Everytime she says something silly I will say, "Give me one example" or ""How do you know that to be true?" or "Where can I look that up?". She NEVER has an answer for me. She finally told me, last Christmas, to stop asking her for facts and examples because she doesn't "believe in facts." According to my dear sis, she "processes life differently"--by feel and by general impressions, not by facts. Ain't that grand?! Liberals are the best! I can't wait for Christmas 2011!!

  10. Unfortunately your liberal friend has not seen what I see. We have lived the last 50 years in the most prosperous time and country in history. What she would call poverty in this country would be like living in heaven to 70% of the worlds population. Most of the 'poverty' here in the states is due to life style choices. They eat pizza instead of beans and rice (Much more nutritious and lots less expensive ) they think they can't live without cable and cigarettes or
    alcohol. They want designer close and are willing to steal for it. That new car is mighty stylish but foolishly excessive. Choices, we all have them but some make better ones then others and those that don't refuse to blame themselves.

  11. From Thomas Sowell:
    Goin' head to head with the hippies back in the day:
    And for fun Sowell kikin' it with Buckley:

  12. Liberalism/progressivism/statism found out long ago is is easier to whittle a society away from the inside than from out.One of the ways is to destroy the very moral fabfric of a society. Compare our values from 1960 to today and you can see they have achieved their goal.
    Another avenue to statist nivana is to cripple a societies way to prosper. You see that happening right before your eyes with prezo biggo ears. I must say he is doing a damn good job of it too.
    These Liberalism/progressivism/statism traitors and enemies of the state have many other directions to hamstring a nation that we will see shortly. Wake up America and rise.

    Had Enuff

  13. Our families have been under attack since the day our government got into the welfare business. Before that time families stayed together and worked through the problems and would never think of having a child raised in a single parent home on purpose. Now fathers have an out and can walk away from unwanted children or when the going gets tough. Mothers can do the same or intentionally cut the father out of the kids life. And we wonder why we see the poorest of the poor living in slums full of crime and the morality of our society as a whole going downhill fast. The break up of the family will be our country's demise as we will fall from within. Sad thing is that our government is the facilitator of this break up of the family with all the programs that keep people dependent on the government and allow them the minimum financial needs to keep their family broke up and to add more children being raised intentionally without fathers. The cycle of dependency and entitlement fuels the fire that is destroying our families and our country. The facts in the article show the damage we are seeing as kids grow up without fathers and father figures who can step in those situations where dad cannot be around. I also salute all the men who are stepping to the plate and being Dads. Our country's future depends of you as you show your sons how to be men who will follow your example and become good fathers, and show your daughters how they should be treated by a man so they choose a man as their husband who will treat them right and be good fathers to their children.

    Steve from NC

  14. Let's follow the money trail; the CIA was in bed with the S American drug lords. The purpose was to create an addicted culture. Alan Watts and Bill Ayres (Obama's anarchist protege who admitted to writing the book "dreams of my father" and is a regular visitor to the Obama white house feasting on $100 a plate Kobe beef while many of us starve). Addiction,(as any well trained clinical will tell you) breaks down our moral structure and leaves us open to all manner of hideous behavior from animal torture, child abuse, why, even country abuse. I see people , on welfare, on a daily basis, who choose to spend their money on alcohol cigarettes and drugs rather than food for themselves and their children!!!! they choose this for themselves . Are they a victim when they choose this? Is the consequence victimhood? and unfortunately One must ask oneself "are there
    any victims? Is God in charge? If something adverse happens, did God allow it?
    We now have 4th and 5th generation on welfare, de-evolution of social behavior by choice. God gave us freedom to choose. Regardless of our circumstances we must choose Him and His laws first or live with the consequences. The problem with perpetual adolescent liberalism is that it denies people that choice by calling them victims and eventually, when instituted as policies, runs out of other peoples money.
    Additionally, the problem with liberalism is thatyou eventually run out of other peoples money. Hari

  15. Additionally, I must ask liberal blogger, since typing on this post is so very slow, are you one of the Dept of "Justice" shills whose duty is to mOnitor truth speaking, God fearing, law abiding, moral righteous people with your web program recording everyones's key strokes, bank Acct, credit card numbers, to decide who gets thrown into a FEMA death camp? I ask any of you reading and posting to this blog to admit your identity and motivation; Let the Lord God of creation do to you as you have done, do, and intend to do to us!!!

  16. To the commenter


    Merriam Webster: Of, relating to, or involving a combination of social and economic factors.

    In terms of economics if you can’t afford to have a child and care for it, quite simply don’t have a child. What that level of income etc is, is irrelevant since everyone’s choices about how they live and their cost of living differ. On the social side, society pretty much says you should have a stable roof over the child’s head, food and medical. If your chosen spot in society doesn’t allow you to do that, change it. Then maybe you can consider having a kid. It’s all choice. Your argument of socioeconomic conditions is silly. Change your situation first; having a child won’t magically make that happen for you. Also I don’t buy the argument that people are stuck in poverty. The only thing stuck is their mindset, attitude and work ethic. If you don’t like the situation you are in than change it. Through hard work and making good choices any one can obtain an acceptable level of stability and security to start a family and prosper. I have lived on minimum wage jobs, it can be done.

    Great blog, great book.