Friday, May 27, 2011

Gender hostility

As a follow up to the Vaguely Nauseating post of a few days ago, here's this weekend's WorldNetDaily column entitled Gender Hostility.


  1. Yet another spectacular column!!!

    With our daughter, we are trying to help guide her into becoming the "lady-scholar-athlete" that she desires. (She is all-girl with dresses, pink, dolls, etc. yet LOVES to play sports and be rough as well.) The other day she asked me if she could go to college to "become a Mom" :)

    We are trying to educate our sons not only in academics but manners as well. Luckily, their holding of doors rarely goes unnoticed on our base! Receiving unabashed gratitude when you're little keeps you going - and I'm grateful to those who are outwardly grateful to my boys.


  2. Beautifully written, Patrice.
    I was part of the feminist movement. I graduated high school in 1974. "Burn your bra", "You've come a long way, baby" and all that (pardon me) BS.
    I tried, I REALLY tried! I was a total "tomboy". I played with GI Joes, not Barbies. I was the bully on the playground! Little boys feared me!
    I rebelled against my mothers efforts to turn me into a "lady"...she even sent me to "Cotillion" classes in the hopes of my coming out the other end a sweet, lady-like southern belle. SHE MADE ME WEAR CRINOLINES!!!
    At age 18, I married an "enlightened" modern man that approved of me working outside the home, didn't mind that I wore jeans 99% of the time and supported my going to equal rights protests.
    Then...everything changed for me...
    I got pregnant with my first child.
    I discovered how fiercely and utterly female I was.
    I WANTED to nurture my child. I WANTED to stay home and be there for her. I WANTED to be *gasp* a mother!
    Needless to say, my marriage didn't last.
    My mothering did.
    I ended up having 7 beautiful children. Two feminine girls and five rough and tumble boys...none of which are confused about their gender!
    They are grown now and I am about to have a grandchild in November, courtesy of my second oldest son. (he and my daughter n law are hoping for a boy...I sorta want it to be a girl!)
    I wear skirts a lot of the time now...even when I go out to feed the chickens!
    Still draw the line at crinolines, though...

  3. Stuck in CaliforniaMay 28, 2011 at 5:49 AM

    As usual you speak with common sense. Unfortunately, the mass media isn't interested in common sense. They want what they want and they want those of us with a belief in God and morals to get out of their way. Just read the headlines lately in California to know common sense and morals don't prevail here anymore. Thank you for being a voice of common sense.

  4. My bet is little "Storm" is a girl because by today's gender rules it is perfectly fine for girls to act like boys but the reverse is only acceptable by theoretical mandate. Therefore whatever Storm decides to be is acceptable.

    I don't believe the encourage/discouragement in switching gender roles is treated equal between the genders. Traditional girl play and roles are looked down on but tolerated much more than traditional boy play. Girls participating in boy type play is accepted as healthy but boys participating in boy play is thought to be dangerous and could be creating a "future abusive male or rapist".

    My opinion of course I am sure others disagree.

  5. Right on the mark, Patrice, as usual. You summed up the entire problem in the last sentence of your column: "...gender-confused children will never be able to reach their full potential by denying God's plan." People have turned from God's teachings and morality, because other people have misinterpreted the Word and made them bitter, resentful and defiant. Will God accept this excuse? We doubt it. --Fred & Debbie

  6. I deeply dislike what feminists and gender benders have done to our society. Just the other day during an overpacked meeting at work, two men gave up their seats so that two women--who came into the meeting late--could sit down. I felt nothing but loathing for the whole situation. In that moment I realized my natural desire to care about and care for women has been perverted by feminism. In one instant, I thought, "My, that's very gentleman-like." In the next instant, I thought, "Ladies, you cry about equal rights, so you have the equal right to stand through the rest of this meeting just like a man would." The very women who are happy to take a seat away from a man today will gladly turn around and accuse him of discrimination the next day.

    What a screwed up nation we've created.