Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Size Fits All

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled One Size Fits All.


  1. I agree!!! here in the south,and maybe in the north as well,I don't know for sure,so won't say,but in the south,our schools now have a dress code,for of course the benefit of the children! At one of our schools their excuse was so that all students are dressed the same,all kids will be equal,and therefore all children will be included,and inter act together! How stupid!!! Blessings jane

  2. Thank you for the truth in writing.
    I pray that people wake up before it is
    too late for them.

  3. C.S. Lewis was spot on. Great article, per your usual. :)

  4. Progressives and now many others inside our own conservative circles too, are using us and our children as the brood of their experiments in social tolerance based on the "Child Protection"
    guise for many years. When they institute these
    dependency based mandates, it's always to "protect the children" FROM the abusive,ignorant and negligent parents. US!

    Think about the audacity of this. They are treating and punishing ALL the parents because we
    do not know what's best for our own children!

    Do you allow your neighbor to dictate and enforce their principles to you that you MUST do what is best to feed, teach, how and where to treat their illnesses, or how to clothe your family?

    Obviously NOT! So, WHY are we allowing the STATE to dictate to us what is bestand what we must do,(according to their mandates), to feed, teach, treat and medicate, or clothe our families?

    Is it because the state is benificent? No.
    Smarter? No.

    It's because they are arrogant. They have an agenda and goal to diminish our rights and to assume our personal responsibilities for us. They assume WE are their property, and Patrice is dead on, when she states that WE HAVE ALLOWED THEM to do this for us. WE have asked for this!

    It's no wonder that the government has been able to instill "OVERSIGHT", regulatory commissions, and thus, more regulations which strip us of our daily freedoms. As a result of our allowance of the State's unwitting control all in the name of OUR best interests, we have been slowly enslaved.

    Well, now it's time to knuckle up and sacrifice our laziness and neglectfulness. It is time to recoup the quickening pace and occurence of backsliding that is stripping us of our freedom and rights! All of these infractions have occurred on OUR lifespans historical watch!

    It is pastime to reclaim our personal responsibility and to accept our NEGLIGENCE of oversight of the State, and to contain the powers that be.

    WE ARE THE PEOPLE! It's time to accept sole and collective responsibility for ourselves and take those privileges of our freedom back "FOR THE CHILDREN"!


  5. Patrice, I am so glad you addressed this atrocity. I was stupified when I saw it happening. So, what happens next? What happens to you and other home schoolers raising decent, thoughtful, skilled, intelligent members of American society?

    Let's do some serious math here - 1 woman + 1 child with a disability = Tank/SWAT Team/etc. God Lord above!!! What happens when they come for YOUR kids? I assume the government will need to call in a few airstrikes and put boots on the ground. After all, you are a nest of terrorists, right? You have defiant and reckless cows, right? You have intelligent vs. drugged and useless children, right? You are armed with canned goods and you know how to use them, right? Gulp!!! That's most/all of us.....

    Dear Lord Jesus, please come quickly! The insanity is sucking around at my ankles like mud. I know how the cows feel.

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  6. When an Item like a T shirt or an idea expressed says..."One size fits all" it soon becomes very apparent it doesn't fit anybody. Molon Labe!

    Had Enuff

  7. At least for the moment our kids have not been drafted and given brown shirts to wear as they go through re-education camps. Give Obama 4 more years and all bets are off.

  8. When we still lived in Califorlorn, we had many run-ins with our school administration and faculty. But instead of meekly going along while ringing our hands, WE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT! We attended schoolboard and town hall meetings. We spoke up and spoke out. We let them know we were angry and fed up and we weren't going to take it anymore!

    Many times we confronted our school principals. We got to know them and the teachers very well. Many of them became friends and often agreed with us! Whenever the school board adopted some rule or regulation that was unreasonable, unfair and most definitely unconstitutional, we were there at their meetings, en masse!

    Once, when the school board wouldn't budge on a very touchy issue, a teacher/friend told us we should threaten to sue them. One of our group's husband was an attorney. He offered to represent us gratis. Needless to say, the school board DID back down.

    Stop being wusses, people! Stop the wimpy hand-wringing and the constant giving in! Know your constitutional rights and stick to them! We're at war here with a lot of hateful, uncaring, unreasonable people. You'll never get anywhere by doing nothing or being a wimp. Get in their faces! Go to their meetings and demand your right to speak!

    This is still OUR country. They haven't taken it completely away from us yet, but believe me, they're trying. DON'T LET THEM DO IT! --Debbie in Arizona

  9. Valpo sixth-grader handcuffed over spilled milk

    VALPARAISO — A 12-year-old faces two counts of resisting law enforcement for his alleged actions when he refused to clean up spilled milk in the Ben Franklin Middle School cafeteria.

    A police officer was helping supervise the lunch period on Tuesday, because both the principal and assistant principal were in a meeting, and the boy got into a confrontation with a school staff member.

    After refusing to wipe up the mess, according to the police report, the sixth-grader refused to sit and wait for the other students to return to class so the staff member could deal with him individually.

    He then allegedly ran away — through hallways and the kitchen — when the police officer attempted to escort him to the principal’s office.

    Once caught, he fought and kicked the officer in attempts to get away and eventually was put in handcuffs.

    The student was released to a parent.

  10. Hunh. The 6th grader wasn't arrested over spilled milk. He was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

    I have zero sympathy.

  11. Patrice, you are right on the money...again.

    It's very heartening to see all the like-minded responses here. It is not too late to save America, so long as we stick together and stand our ground. This is exactly what the Tea Party people do, and I see more and more people doing so. Thank God!

    "All politics is local," according to the progressvies. We need to learn this if we want to fight them. We must do as Debbie in Arizona did, go to the school board meetings and learn firsthand what they are trying to do to the kids. Then object to the board's plans if they don't coincide with your standards. Likewise, attend city council meetings and put a stop to the waste and the excesses that even small town governments expect the taxpayers to fund.

    If we can change our towns and cities, we can change the country. All politics is local, and that's exactly where we have to do the hard work. It's not going to be easy or fun, but if we don't do our part, who will? This is the last stand, and it's up to EACH OF US to stand our ground. Molon Labe!

    God bless all you Patriots, and may God bless America.

    Anonymous Patriot

  12. I sometimes like to read the comments section before I read your column, and I did that this time.

    I came back wondering if there's a common thread in all this of unionism. To me it often appears unionism is the the Attilla counterpart to the statists' Witch Doctor. It's the updated version of the forces Ayn Rand first wrote about using those names, though in that case she was referring to the church and the military complex.

    The Witch Doctor tells us what's good to think, right to do and politically correct to be, while Attilla stands by threatening and eager to use muscle and force to make sure everyone properly heeds the Witch Doctor and straightly walks the one size fits all line. Together they control and exploit the population, always seeking to strengthen and expand their shared hold on power.

    There's a union involved in both cases you cited in this week's piece. The one thing cafeteria workers and cops have in common is they're unionized. I think any success in bringing about solutions to problems caused by government over reach will have to include substantially altering the link between some unions and some public service agencies. In too many cases it's become a toxic symbiosis. In these two cases I doubt it's a question of if, but rather of how the unions and their connections might figure into the stories.

    Thinking about all this puts me in mind that there was a TEA Party rally planned for today in Madison Wisconsin. I wonder how it went.


  13. I grew up in Chicago schools, my kids grew up in the nearby suburbs - I was just horrified when I heard about their "lunch policy" of nothing from home allowed in school.....It's just wrong.

    Two points come to mind, one is that when we were involved in IL schools there were families who'd send their kids to school fully expecting them to feed it poverty or drug issues or just bold enough to see if the school would take care of them, it happened quite often.....As was said already, some people allowed this to get to this point....The other point is that the state of IL is in a dire financial crisis, most likely to end in bankruptcy ~ they can't afford to feed every kid they are insisting on feeding....Not only are they setting kids up for being "puppets of the state" by regulating their every breath, they are also insisting on taking control of feeding them right about the time they CAN'T feed them......

    Stupidity at it's ridiculous, extreme worst heights....

  14. On the road to ruin; entitlement slaves!