Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giving children the "advantages"

Here's this weekend's WorldNetDaily piece entitled What's needed to raise well-rounded kids. (It was originally titled "Giving children the 'advantages.'")


  1. Ironic timing for this post. I happen to be commentimg from my Droid in Anaheim where three of my six daughters are performing in National Cheer competitions. While the exercise and team building are certainly skills worthy of their time, it also takes a ton of hard earned cash (read as Dad works more hours away from home).

    My wife and I are about 90% decided that stopping Cheer will equal more family time (and a MUCH needed more time for homework) because Cheer requires two nights a week of practice.
    So, your article resonates strong with our recent topics of conversation: what IS more enriching, what IS worth the time and money? I don't know ANY professional cheer leaders. I'm thinking piano and 4H would be much more practical (and hopefully WAY cheaper).

    Thank you for your thoughts...and posts.

  2. Very good article! It is a startling contrast to why some people conclude the state should give all of these advantages to children and also provide free abortions so that women won't be saddled with having to raise children they irresponsibly conceived to satisfy peer pressure and liberal feminism.

  3. My now deceased mother-in-law, in her late years of her life as I cared for her elder needs, recounted to me the many YEARS of time and travel she gave from her own life, to shuttle her two sons to football, hockey, lacrosse games and her eldest also to wrestling matches. Yes, they could have taken the team bus. Yes, they could have chosen a local interest, instead of those that required longer distance team travels.

    But, this is what THEY had an interest in.

    She emphasized that a great deal of her joy serving God and being a single parent in the 1960's and 70's, was accompanying her sons, and personally witnessing the amazement of their individual and personal physical, mental and emotional growth, learned endurance, teamwork, and competition.

    Those character traits learned early and carried throughout their teenage years, carried on into college and on to Universities. Both sons,(and a daughter too, I might add) were reared by a single mother who successfully saw all three of her progeny graduate with M.D.'s and Doctorates in Science fields that are actually productive to society today.

    She attributed their success to God, and was thankful to HIM for allowing her to uphold her end of her human responsibility as a parent.

    Thank you BJ for all you have accomplished as an ever present Mother and loyal parent to your children. Your life's sacrifices have now blessed my life, with your eldest son who is a wonderful, strong willed, and God Fearing man, and a wonderful husband and father.

  4. Patrice,

    Once again you have hit the nail on the head. NOTHING can take the place of an intact, loving family.
    You might enjoy reading this Proclamation put out by LDS leaders in 1995.