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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The blessing of shame

Here's this weekend's WorldNetDaily column called The Blessing of Shame.


  1. Bravo! Well said. Thank You.

  2. Patrice, this is your best column yet, IMO. It truly is amazing to see the news reports about the Japanese and how they don't complain or riot or demand - they go about helping each other with grace and dignity.

    The entire world could learn a lesson from the Japanese. Unfortunately, I don't think anybody will. The die is cast, the time is here. We're experiencing the Books of Matthew, Chapter 24 and Mark, Chapter 13. Each of us needs to get her/his house in order.

    Anonymous Patriot


  4. Nicely said Patrice. By the way, the young Hispanic girl was gang raped in Cleveland, Texas not Ohio. Oh and the local black race baiter from Houston, Quanell X, is blaming the victim.

  5. Excellent column.

  6. Patrice,
    Your gift of insight is amazing! I agree with your observation that SHAME is the feeling that prohibits "the self" to consider negative consequences before wanton action, if you have been taught that the consequences are based of God fearing scripture that you truly believe in.

    There are persons who have no exposure to scripture, or those who have chosen NO God fearing intervention, or beliefs in their lives, and they still "self prohibit" before acting out their Id inhibitions in bad behavior.

    It is referenced to as "Limit Setting and Boundary Setting", and both of these are best learned at the earliest age humanly possible to teach consequences and usually require actions of teaching from others in mentorship. It is noteworthy that the actions are rendered ineffective without a personal negative consequence/s being co-related in the event that the Setting is not acknowledged and applied by the individual.

    This same method is used to modify later occurring or new existing bad behaviors recognized.

    Perhaps what is taught in these situations is the applied consequence of SHAME. For others, it is usually what is most morally or ethically valuable directly to the core self, and perhaps, also to their family members.

    Take a close look at what has replaced genuine, quality
    family functions and time shared together here in the US.
    Those values we have learned to hold dear and to sustain us by our traditions and values of our culture. perhaps it's as simple as, The values learned of a shared meal together and being thankful for the bread and drink on the table.

    This is where the Japanese have succeeded in their evolution of family. It's not their fear of God that has us in the US quizzically pondering their stolid societal ethical behavior during a dire and horrid situation. It's the fact that that their core values teach individual temperance and family values as prime importance to life itself. In addition to the family reinforcement of proper societal behavior, their Gov. has taught them well of the negative consequences of violating the Limit Setting and Boundaries.

    We, on the other side of the spectrum, have evolved into an overindulgent society based on an overkill of conveniences and shortcuts to life. Grow up sooner, quicker. That's the way our Gov. wants to keep it. More dollars and votes for a longer government dependent life.

    The American family unit is no longer the ideal template for morality and fortitude as an example to the rest of the world, much less to our own children.
    What I can attest to in my clinical observations, is that few parents and/or, surrogates here in the US, are not teaching ANY limits or boundaries in the daily lives of "the family". Many of the parents don't even know what actions are required to do this.
    Bad behavior is usually multi-generational.

    Unless, We break the mould!


  7. Great article Patrice!
    I was talking with a relative of mine just the other day about why I am not going to give my boys the HPV vaccine. She was considering it for her girls. I explained that I am teaching them Biblical morals. I don't want them to think that they can make the mistake of premarital sex thinking they can't get HPV since they are already vaccinated for it. If my boys (Heaven forbid!) slept with a girl before marriage, I would WANT them to live with the shame of their sin. Of course they would be forgiven, by myself and their Creator, but I wouldn't want them to continue in sin.

    Same goes with birth control, she was having the dilemma because, yes, mistakes or rape happens, and she wouldn't want her girls to have to suffer the consequences of a baby. But ya know what? We live in a fallen world, where sin abounds. Having an instant fix is predominate in this society. So many people think they "can take a pill for it" and they don't have to live with the consequences of their actions.
    Love your WND articles and blog posts. They are helping me to think more Biblically and less secularly!

    Andrea S

  8. Greetings Patrice from a Central Idaho Housewife!

    I need to comment on your AT piece.

    Talking about Japan, the appeal to "shame" as a motivation is certainly correct for their culture. Their honor-based Shinto religion is based on this and it is, at the root, a SELF-CENTERED attitude--"What will they think of ME if I..." Obviously this is working, but I think we in American had better. Once upon a time, anyway.

    What I think we are seeing here in the lootings and flash mobs is the result of throwing our Christian morals out of the classroom and substituting Darwinism. When the thin veneer of civilization is scratched, the hideous result is exposed. We have people acting in ways that are consistent with the "survival of the fittest" mentality they have been taught. We have totally lost our Christian foundation of love and self sacrifice. No more "Do unto others..." and "Love thy neighbor..." Now we have an SELF-CENTERED amoral generation. But then, what did we expect?

    I congratulate you for home-schooling your daughters.