Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why I am not a feminist

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Why I Am Not a Feminist. Enjoy!


  1. You are spot on in that observation. Another underlying problem is that so many those few women who see it for what is is will still use it when/if the time arrives.

    Until we get rid of gender and racial quotas and bias for employment and other opportunities we will continue to oppress at least one segment of our population.

    Changing the target group of a perceived wrong is not justice but social revenge and hits the innocent harder than whoever was once guilty of any transgression.

  2. Great article...I was literally saying these same exact things last night as I was talking to one of my cooks. I think it's interesting how most of the people who have a problem with a woman staying home to be a homemaker are the feminists out there. They all seem to say..."We fought so you could choose to do what you really wanted to" but then they seem to have a problem when they hear a woman has CHOSEN to stay at home with the kids. I just don't get it. And you're right, they seem to think a woman who chooses to be a stay at home Mom is slightly retarded...I just don't get it. I'm not lucky enough to have children so I haven't made that choice, but if I had kids I've always said that I would choose to stay home with them.

    I'm going to print this and show it to the cook when he gets here. I think he'll appreciate it.

  3. You should give that cook a nice Christmas bonus Vicki. I'm sure he/she deserves it. WINK

  4. Great article and really cool that you got it onto WND! It's great to see someone standing up for Stay at home moms, there are not enough people out there that talk about how much it benefits the children.

    It's pretty sad that most of society has been brainwashed into thinking kids need to go to preschool/daycare.

  5. Great article, but I have come to expect nothing less than that from you.

    I am NOT a feminist because I can think for myself. Feminists cannot.

    Anonymous Patriot

  6. I love your blog and I've learned a lot from you. I've been a follower for a while now, but I just have to say something about this latest post because it hit me quite personally.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had such negative experiences with individually selfish women that also HAPPENED to be feminists. But let's stop for a moment to consider what our world would have been like without feminism.

    Before the women's movement, women were legally property. There was one course, and one course ONLY, that our lives could take. We had no choice. We understood and believed that women were dumber and less valuable than men. Without feminism, without the belief that WOMEN HAVE VALUE, our world might now look something like a first-world Afghanistan.

    Perhaps the feminist movement has since become perverted from its original goals; but do you really think that women should not be allowed to choose their own path simply on the basis of their gender? I CHOOSE to be a stay-at-home mom because it makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled; yet I also believe my daughter can become ANYTHING she sets her mind to. If I teach her to be responsible and to place great value on family, it does not mean that I am not also teaching her that she deserves the same respect and opportunity due any son. Of course I hope that she chooses to follow my path; but it is because of feminism that she has a choice at all.

    If you believe that the choice to pursue happiness is a human right, not just a male one, you also believe in feminism. If you believe that women hold value equal to men, you believe in feminism.

    (Note how I am NOT saying that women are exactly like men. I am NOT saying that women should all be firefighters instead of mothers. That is NOT what feminism is about. I know there are women out there who DO spout that kind of rhetoric. We have a pejorative nickname for them: femi-nazis. They are the outliers, not mainstream feminists, and I'd hate to see a few of them give a bad reputation to the whole movement.)

  7. One European feminist from a former communist country wrote to me: "You have so much freedom in America,so why dont you use it and get jobs and go to colleges. We have not had that freedom and cannot understand why you waste yours!" It is a war of words, isnt it. Whatever you portray as freedom, or slavery, is what clicks the mind into a mode of belief. Shocking, but true.

  8. Excellent article! I agree 100%. Keep up the good work.

  9. Different view on Feminist here-Any woman should be able to stand up on there own, and make their own choices on anything.
    Economy and single motherhood forces many women to put their hands in the capable hands of other women to assist in raising them while they are also working.
    I was able to stay home, due to a family business, but my daughter- she works in daycare and assists other moms in raising their children.
    People make choices, and, unfortunately, some of those choices are selfish one.
    My Mom always said-"Your children did not choose to be born, you chose to have them, so you should stay home with them, and take them wherever you go as long as you able to".

  10. I have often argued that the feminists have left their goals, and thus women aside. When I was a young 'feminist' I thought they'd fight for the women who can't vote, drive, go to school, suffer honor killings, or genital mutillation, can't choose their husbands or future. But I was wrong. Those horrors suddenly become wishy-washed away, and instead these 'feminists' argue about whether the milk man should be called "man" or milk-person. How ridiculous! And then they wonder why their movement died....

    When I was a young 'feminist' I was told as a woman I could do anything I wanted. Except be FEMININE & pretty. Except finding the perfect man and settling down young. Except raising your children at home. They throw femininity, and alot of women under the bus and wonder why women don't want to identify with them?

    As a young 'feminist' I was taught I could do anything I wanted just as well as a man. We were equal. Yet I started seeing "SPECIAL" (lower)requirements for women, and men having to give up things like sports teams, etc because of QUOTAs.
    None of this seems equal or right to me.

    I remebmer years ago watching a tv show and this 'feminist' came one dressed worse than I'd garden in (she was wearing jean overalls) Largley overweight, wearing NO make up, she looked like she took NO pride in herself. Infact the host even called her on it, asking if she didn't respect his show enough to atleast be presentable on it. When, exactly, did we have to give up pride in ourselves to be a feminist?

    Angry, weak women have turned what could have been a powerful movement freeing women from stoning etc & giving them the right ot vote, into a destructive, divisive force against feminity, motherhood, and womanhood ingeneral.
    No wonder people like me, who were once young 'feminists', tossed the label and ran as far as they could away.


  11. LOL. You write a column, you write books, you have a voice, and you have chosen your own path. And, have opportunities as do your daugthers. You are a feminist. Feminism always was about choice. The choice to stay at home and be a mom. The choice to work and have the world open to you. The choice to have your voice heard.

    Why do you simply and miminize an amazing movement that let women choose, and through these choices be respected.

    Again, you are a feminist. Rejoice in it, don't mock something that has provide opportunities for millions of women.

  12. Jake: Please read my post above ^
    I'd say the movement left us women NOT the other way around.
    If I'd continued to see the ideals of feminism (voting, having a voice, choosing a path) spread and fought for around the world, I'd still be onboard and calling myself a feminist, as I think would most women. Somewhere along the way, as I explain above, the movement no longer has those ideals, and went astray. Sad.
    P.S- The "feminists" who'd mock people like Patrice for choosing to stay home, etc, also have not helped their cause