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Friday, February 4, 2011

When government replaces God

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled When Government Replaces God.


  1. Well, Patrice, you wrote another winner. Thanks for writing what many of us think, yet have trouble putting into words.

    Every single aspect of life is today regulated, watched, and/or punished. Every single aspect. You can't breathe, move, die or swallow without some type of government agency or law impacting your actions.

    I cannot begin to express how absolutely ANGRY I am at what is happening in this country - about what is happening to me in this country. I yearn for freedom, yet 40% of the people (minimum) want more restrictions for one selfish reason or another. To them I say, move out and find a nice socialistic country to call home - give us back our Founders' America.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Patrice, another great column at have good insight, I always enjoy reading what you write and often share it with others.

  3. Patrice - I read and love your columns at This one was, for me, even better than your other ones - all excellent! - because of its relevance to something I've been aware of for many years. I teach high-school English, and am acutely aware of how the use of language affects people's thoughts and actions. Certain words and phrases push my buttons: "entitlements" and "human resources" are two biggies (I know in my heart and soul that I am NOT a "human resource," to be managed and herded by some self-appointed government masters, but by birth a child of a Divine God, with rights that come from Him alone.) I am the self-appointed local promoter of the celebration of Bill of Rights Day (December 15th) in my small, rural central-Arizona town of Payson. (Aaron Zelman, the Exec. Dir. of, who died recently, was a dear friend for many years; it was he who promoted Bill of Rights Day.) Years ago I coined the word "god-vernment" to describe the false god that was replacing faith in the true God among Americans. I point out that our rights come from God - not god-vernment. Thank you for your excellent work, and for providing so much good reading for so many. Since I'm originally from Hawai'i, I send you warmest regards and much aloha!

  4. Man is an intelligent, creative and compassionate animal; whether this is a random effect of evolution or a gift from "God" is irrelevant.These abilities have led him to devise democratic government as a distillate of society in order to best serve its needs. Governments manage this with varying degrees of success but so far no one has devised a better way. Pray if it helps you personally, but "God" or "Government" is a false choice. The only pragmatic way to change the world is to lobby your representative and use your vote.

  5. Patrice, I loved the column. I have tried very hard to teach my boys that nothing is free. If it is, then someone had to give up something so you could have it free. Linked to it from my blog.