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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Connecting the dots to anarchy

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Connecting the Dots to Anarchy.

I didn't think it was one of my better columns, but I was gratified to see it was selected to be on the front page as well as the Commentary page.


  1. Ol' Remus at did a post a couple of weeks ago titled weaponized food. You can find it here

    Remember, it isn't a conspiracy theory if it true.


    And the pictures Don took were GREAT.

  2. I am amazed at how out of touch people seem to be with current events. This is HUGE. I remember hearing a muslim brotherhood bigshot saying "after Egypt you are next". You may see old fashioned head cracking when the tea party people come out to meet the union thugs.

  3. Patrice, you are being too modest. This is one of the best columns you have written, and if people don't start paying attention, we are going to find ourselves in the same situation as Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, and other countries soon to follow. Plant that garden, save Heirloom seeds for next season, stock up on rice, beans and other items that can be kept for long periods, and while you are at it, consider stocking up on other things you would not have considered, like toilet tissue, feminine hygiene products, soap, salt, and any number of other things possibly not on your list.

  4. I think you are right on track you union teachers. Did you see that? I had a public school education(which I have paid dearly for) and I can still put together an incorrectly stuctured sentence. You look like a bunch of pamperd spoiled children having a hissy fit. You should keep it up you union sissys because this is not over.

  5. I agree with Darrel, Ive been lurking around here for a little while and put this column near the top of the list. Well said and I hope more than usual read it. I shared it to facebook, but many quit reading anything I post. They simply don't want to face the grim possibilities of the current events in the world. Keep putting it out there.

  6. Great article. I e-mailed the link to my parents who live further away from me than I would like should anything happen. I have been looking for a way to start the conversation about these issues without them thinking I've gone off the deep end. I think this article is just the thing. Thanks!

  7. I clicked through the link from the British writer (nine meals from anarchy) and was sickened by the comments on the article. Utter denial from all posters. Total nonchalance about the reality of how people would act if they were truly down to their last nine meals.

  8. I was going to comment on this WND column, but wanted to go to the warehouse store and buy some rice & beans first. OK, only kidding - I'm happy to have what I believe is 1-year of foodstuffs on hand already and adding to it weekly. Got the water stored, veggies planted - doing what I can to remain as independent as possible in this complicated world.

    Each week I find it harder and harder to find adequate superlatives to describe your WND articles. So, this week I will simply say - THANK YOU for saying what needs to be said. We aren't immune in America, we're merely pampered. And being pampered is a far cry from being prepared.

    My Bible, beans, bullets, bandaids, and brain (what's left of it) will serve me well. My government is the biggest problem, and is actively working against me. The Constitution offers a way out of a bad government, and I'm thinking I shouldn't say more on a public blog. All I can add is that we MUST read the Constitution and heed it. Read the Bible and learn from it. Read between the lines and prepare for oppression.

    Anonymous Patriot

  9. Unfortunately, there will always be those who just don't get it. They think if we plan for an emergency we're "over-reacting" and "going off the deep end." My husband and I have given up trying to get through to those poor souls who are in utter denial. They don't learn from the past, nor from other's experience, and that's just plain dumb! We try to associate only with those who will at least LISTEN to a little reason and we pray for those who won't. Fables such as the Little Red Hen and the Ant and the Grasshopper have been around for a long time, but people apparently feel those fables apply to everyone else, not them! --Debbie

  10. Fear not A.P. you have already said enough so that they know who you are. I am certain that they know me as well.

  11. Currently, the most attractive thing about AP!


  12. Jeff, I'm blushing. And batting my eyelashes. And now my glasses slipped off my nose. Sheesh. Thank you for the grand compliment.

    CA, USA

  13. I have all but given up on trying to convince my husband that ever worsening tough times are on their way. He constantly says "That could never happen here." When I ask him to explain why he feels it couldn't, all I get in reply is "It just won't!". No facts, no logic, just a severe case of cranial rectal inversion syndrome. I will keep stocking up (hiding my stash so I don't get the 3rd degree from husband). At least when it does get worse, I will be somewhat ready.

    By the way, your article was very timely and quite forthright. I enjoy your writing, please keep getting the word out there.


  14. Good article, Patrice! We've been going once a month with some of our LDS friends to can dry foods (milk, beans, pasta, grains, etc.) to supplement the food items we've already placed in storage. Even if you aren't LDS, look into it! You would be surprised at how much food an investment of $100 per month into bulk commodities over several months provides.

    SwampMan and I have a year's basic food supply for us. Now we're working on a year's supply of food for our children, grandchildren, parents, and other family members, then we'll worry about putting some in for the neighbors.