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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blind Fools

Hi all.

Patrice is still under the weather. She says thanks to all for your prayers and good wishes. It'll probably be a couple more days since it seems this particular bug lasts about a week.

Meanwhile, here are a few news highlights:

(Warning: The following contains abnormally high levels of analogy. Readers should use their own discretion.) 

White House Abandons Defense of Marriage Act

Dem Rep Tells Union Members: ‘You Need to Get a Little Bloody When Necessary’

Saudi Arabia Uprising Could Mean $140-Plus Oil

Number of U.S. hate groups on the rise, report says

"the biggest growth was in so-called "Patriot" groups, which the organization described as conspiracy-minded groups that see the federal government as their primary enemy."

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood deeply rooted inside U.S.

Lawsuit alleges FBI violated Muslims' freedom of religion

Oil Price Spikes as Tensions in Libya Heat Up

Half Of Libyan Oil Production, Or 800,000 Barrels, Now Offline
"Italy imports 425,000 barrels of oil each day from Tripoli:

Nomura Predicts $220 Oil If Just Libya, Algeria Cut Output

This is just a sampling of  my usual daily reads. Not too bad for a dumb woodworker from north-central Idaho, huh?  Now I may not be able to divine just how the banks are going to get out of the mortgage backed securities mess they created, (My guess would be some variation of an old country tactic called "shoot, shovel, and shut-up.")  but I can figure out on which side of the tree the lichen grows.

We are in serious trouble folks. But a majority of Americans, while beginning to feel vaguely queasy, still don't get it. The train has left the station. Most of the engineers have jumped off. Those who remain have jammed the throttle wide open in the psychotically optimistic hope that the out-of-control engine can make the jump over the chasm now that the bridge is out.

I said it's a sampling.

I simply got tired of cutting and pasting. Thousands of other signs and portents are out there for the reading. Government monopoly unions are planning "events" in a town near you. Unemployment keeps growing. 43 million Americans are getting food stamps.  Food prices continue to rise and the dollar continues to fall.  "Non-existent" inflation is eating your lunch (And has plans to invite itself to dinner as well.). Meanwhile Michelle Obama wants to see regulation created to limit our meal portions. I have good news for her. She can head off on another vacation worry free; we will all soon be eating fewer calories.

But the majority of Americans remain ignorant of their danger because... it's so blissful I guess.

The US economic camel's back is already broken. You can't see it clearly because it's belly is being supported by 300 million vertical soda straws. But each and every day the load is increased by thousands of additional bits of regulatory manure. And each day more and more of those straws are bending - and breaking. We can and will increase the load. We are fresh out of straws.

Get your house in order folks. Prayer will help...but help yourselves. And help those who can see.

Because those who will not see are blind.


  1. We are in the maelstrom and it's only going to get worse. It's time to either sink or swim as individuals - the country is lost. It's death was not accidental. There have been no leaders to step up and show us the way out of the abyss, so now we sink into it and many millions of Americans will wake up someday soon and wonder what happened. Don't be one of them.

    I am expecting JBTs (Jack Booted Thugs) to kick in my door anyday now. I won't be going gently into that good night.

    Prepare all you Patriots. Prepare quickly because the day of reckoning is drawing near.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. My prayers are with Patrice and your entire family.

    "Food prices continue to rise and the dollar continues to fall. "Non-existent" inflation is eating your lunch (And has plans to invite itself to dinner as well.)"

    Today I sent the following to my family:

    I offer the following for your consideration. The US Government is following a policy of reducing the worth of the US dollar. This has caused the prices of energy and food to shoot up, and is one of the factors in the riots in the middle east.

    Current wholesale prices per the Wall Street Journal today compared with a year ago:

    The only major item not sharply up in price was Chicken.

    Gasoline:Reformulated gasoline blendstock, regular NY gal Tuesday $2.5796 Year ago $2.0493 (I paid $2.909 for gasoline this morning here at the cheapest gas station in town)

    Cotton, 1 1/16 strand lw-md Mmphs, per lb-U Tuesday $1.8443 Year ago $0.7527 (all clothing with cotton in it has been shooting up, and will
    only get worse as manufacturers are forced to raise prices to keep up with cost increases)

    Wheat, No. 2 soft red, St.Louis, bushel-BP,U Tuesday $7.6550 Year ago $4.3050

    Corn, No. 2 yellow. Cent. Ill. bu-BP,U Tuesday $6.5250 Year ago $3.4800

    Oats, No. 2 milling, Mnpls; $ per bu.-U Tuesday $3.9500 Year ago $2.2650

    Beef, carcass equiv. index value, choice 1-3,600-900 lbs.-U Tuesday $158.96 Year ago $137.02

    Broilers, dressed 'A'; per lb.-U Tuesday $0.8525 Year ago $0.8325

    Butter, AA Chicago, lb-W Tuesday $2.0050 Year ago $1.3750

    Cheddar cheese, blocks, Chicago lb. Tuesday $198.25 Year ago $139.50

    Coffee, Brazilian, Comp. Tuesday $2.5722 Year ago $1.2455

    Corn oil, crude wet/dry mill-U Tuesday $65.5000 Year ago $37.5000

    Gold American Eagle, troy oz.-E Tuesday $1464.05 Year ago $1153.16

    Silver Engelhard industrial bullion Tuesday $33.0200 Year ago $15.8300

    Silver pre 1964 dimes & quarters Coins, wholesale $1,000 face val-A Tuesday $23614 Year ago $11482

    At current prices I don't believe Gold is a good investment, and Silver is only worth getting on dips in prices. A much better investment is Nickles.

    Per that Nickle you can buy for $0.05 contains metal worth $0.0709955 at today's metal prices. Go to the bank with $100 in cash and buy a box of Nickles (they come $100 face value per box of 50 rolls of Nickles). You will have in your hands $141.99 worth of metal. As soon as the current Nickle is discontinued (as happened with silver coins in 1964) the worth of current Nickles will shoot up. That 1964 silver dime is now selling for $2.36.

    Don't invest in anything in terms of a financial investment until you have a stock of food for your family!

  3. My best to Patrice as well as the whole family. Good post. Hard not to be a little paranoid.


    oh sorry, get a little carried away sometimes.


  4. No one will believe it even as their world crashes to the ground. People just don't want to think about it in a serious way let alone believe it. I think these people will be some of the most dangerous of them all when things go down. They will be coming to your door. Don't worry Obama's on it. Ha Haah

  5. Our best to your whole family, get well soon to Patrice. We enjoy reading your blog. We are preparing the best we can and know that our country is in very deep trouble. God help us all.


  6. Hope you feel better soon, Patrice! My husband is down with it now, and I'm hoping the kids don't get it next.

    And gas was $3.47 here today. The grocery store was having a big chicken sale, so I stocked up, because we don't have as much venison in the freezer as usual. I'll be stocking the pantry back up over the next two weeks, because none of this stuff is going to get any cheaper...

    Xa Lynn

  7. I love this blog, and I really enjoyed this post as well.

    And especially this:

    "Get your house in order folks. Prayer will help...but help yourselves. And help those who can see.

    Because those who will not see are blind. "

    I believe the most effective politics are to live the way God designed life to be... simply, at his hand.

    Boycotting the building of Babel is a lost cause, IMO. Worshipping the Creator of heaven and earth, and refusing to bow to the gods of insurance, pharma-chem, financial status, etc... is far more difficult than writing letters to blind and deaf politicians... and far more effective.

    The most dangerous enemy is one who has every resource he needs to continue his lifestyle, regardless of continued onslaught against him. If you cannot take his water, food, and shelter away... what leverage are you left with short of violence?

    This may also lie ahead of us... but how few will be left standing at that point? "Rural Revolution" is more accurate a name for what you are doing than we might at first realize.

  8. It's grimmer, and accelerating warp speed ahead to Grimmest! It's almost palpable! How can some not see!

    The Middle East is crumbling before our eyes.
    Israel was rocket shelled again from the Gaza border and Israel returned fire.
    The price of oil is outpacing ag commodity inflation.

    I pray while I'm prepping and busy prepping while I'm praying...
    I've worn out my fax machine sending consenting letters of concern and suggestions for actions to my legislators...

    Regarding "Blindness",
    The truth be told, if any denial is withstanding by those who refuse to "see" the consequences of today's events, the ability of "sight of reality" is lost until the foreshadowing events become reality in the form of severely, negatively impacting themselves personally. When their food and gasoline budget hits their pocket and they can no longer afford their daily Big Mac or Starbucks Latte's anymore, then they'll start to notice.

    I have some family members who "notice" and complain about the ensuing national and world chaos that is whirling around them, but still cope under the false protection of some rationalization why it's, "futile to worry about things they have no control over". Thus, they have not A single, bean, much less a bullet or a band-aid squirreled away.

    I ask myself...What is wrong..that so many people in the US have become so blatantly content and complacent?
    The bloody hard work and loss of lives by millions of others before us, in history,and for us to get this far in progress in such a short period of historical time!
    The progress of man has hit a brick wall.
    My God, I pray to you that people WAKE UP and prepare themselves for the hard times ahead.


  9. I don't comment a lot, but I read something on another blog yesterday that has had me thinking a lot today. In essence, someone posted that GOD closed the door of Noah's ark, locking out the unbelievers. I had 'forgotten' that little tidbit, and it brought me up short to read it. Because like lots of you here, I've been ready to grind my teeth and pull my hair out in frustration at the blindness of so many people around me. But maybe they are 'blind' because this is more than what I would call normal complacency. Maybe their blindness is more a function of Satan in his war against the Lord. It's like when my eyes were initially opened to the idea of what was happening in the world and the need to prepare, and THEN I REALLY began to SEE! Does that make any sense? It's like I was totally blind, but then I could totally see. Nothing in-between.

    So, the only way to get people to begin to "see" is to force a chink in the wall that keeps them blind. Maybe it will be the rising costs of gas and food that breaks through, when the kids go hungry. Or maybe when the riots start here in the states, where 'things like that don't happen'! And for some, they will just wake up in a completely changed world and wonder what in the heck happened!

    Not long ago I tried to start a conversation in my Sunday School class about having a supply of food in the pantry for 'just in case' - but had one woman get really incensed. She informed me that God would take care of she and her husband - she didn't need to do something like 'hoard food'! Needless to say, the conversation stopped. I've since carefully mentioned how God prepared Noah, Joseph, and others for bad times that were coming. This one woman tunes me out as soon as I start talking. I've done all I can do. And God asks no more than that of us - that we try the best we can. We plant the seed - it will grow if it is supposed to. Not that it doesn't hurt sometimes, because a number of those that don't see are close friends and family!

    My thanks to you, Patrice, and your sweet hubby and family, for the education and entertainment you provide in your blog. I will sorely miss my daily read when things completely fall apart and we lose the internet!!!

  10. "But the majority of Americans remain ignorant of their danger because... it's so blissful I guess."
    That reminds me of the moth who flies directly into the light bulb while saying..."But it's so beautiful!"
    K in OK ><>

  11. Great post! You've hit the nail on the head.

  12. You just said it all in the end!! Prayer will help, but you must also help yourselves!! LOVE IT! Very true, and hopefully some will catch on! ;D Thanks for another great post!

  13. Thanks Don. I've noted a few "data points" over the last two weeks that tell me "things in the mirror are closer than they appear" as far as hitting the fan goes.

    #1 - I regularly peruse several area antique malls for items to "upcycle" into jewelery. I've noticed the last few trips that there is not a Silver Morgan to be found anywhere - unusual.

    #2 - I serve on the AYSO soccer board here. We're running our annual Bingo fundraiser. Every year we solicit donations from area businesses. This year we were turned down by both Walmart and Lowe's - regular contributors. Walmart also stopped their regular donation of supplies to the Boy Scouts for their PippenFest booth.

    #3 - Green peppers - my son's favorite veggie and it doubled in price over a week's time. People just aren't listening when I tell them stock up on tomato products & similar NOW due to the "Superbowl Freeze" that took out 80-100% of Northern Mexico's crops.

    #4 - Back to AYSO. Our region strives to keep our registration fees really low - and we do. $60 for a year of playing. I'm working registration and I have had more people ask about financial assistance than ever before. I've been picking up soccer cleats at the Goodwill and other thrift stores to hand out to kids who need them.