Saturday, January 8, 2011

The raunchy real world

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily article entitled The Raunchy Real World.


  1. Another homerun with this article, Patrice. I hope you are not just preaching to the choir, but who reads WND besides "real" Americans? I wish you and/or your readers would send these articles to newspapers all across America so that others will get a glimpse of rational thinking for a change.

    Most of Hollywood is out to destroy the American family - it's part of the leftist agenda in this country. They try to set the trends, not to uphold values. They want to influence young people because they know young people can be easily influenced, and they want to influence them so that the leftist agenda can be fulfilled. I don't say this as a paranoid rightwing Tea Party extremist as Janet Napolitano would describe me. Nope, I say this as somebody who lives in a state that has been horribly scared, perhaps permanently, by the Hollywood trash that lives here and ruined it. I say this as somebody who knows, first hand, just how quickly Hollywood and the MSM can destroy families and values.

    Young women need strong role models. Thankfully, there are millions of good mothers AND FATHERS who don't let their daughters turn into tramps. Hollywood trends fade away, but a strong family value system is a lasting thing of beauty. Society thrives when families thrive.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Patrice

    Thank You for a beautiful column today you said it so well and it sure needed to be said!! I just read it and have tears running down my face!

    I have a seven year old granddaughter whom I call Momie's barbie doll because she is dressed like she stepped out of a fashion magazine dressed way beyond her age she should look like a little girl but my concern is how much worse it will get. I talked to her on the phone not long ago and she said she and her mother were watching the beauty and the beast, I couldn't believe it at her age.

    I'm glad they live far away from me I couldn't take seeing what goes on with her that often. I don't watch TV but that girl has seen more trash then I saw growing up which was on a farm with strict parents. My son her father has some good influence on her but he is controlled and manipulated - she's the boss!

    Keep up the tremendous job with your daughters they look wholesome and beautiful, you and Don are wonderful parents!

  3. Nicely put Patrice

    My 16 year old son, who like your daughters has been raised away from the "raunchy real world" is sometimes left speechless at the actions of the girls his age. That is when I fail at keeping him away from them. I am afraid it is a lost cause and no amount of explaining will prepare him for the reality no matter how much I try and make sure he won't become shark chum.

    It keeps me up at nights :(

  4. I pray all the time that my 2 teen daughters will meet men that have been raised like they have been raised. Sometimes I get discouraged because it seems impossible, but God still does miracles!

  5. Well said! Thank you for posting this...nice to know I'm not alone in this "crazy world" I live in. :) People often don't understand why we raise our kids the way we's refreshing to know we re not alone. :)

  6. Another excellent column Ma'am. When depravity and attack on moral fiber become the norm, one of the legs our society depends on for support buckles. Case in point why television and its trash programming is called boobtube. I have a 15 year old daughter and the fight to keep her from the wolves is one I fight everyday. I wear the monikers funsucker and Too Strict proudly as I guide her through the daily amoral pitfalls of life. Please keep up the good work!
    Had Enuff

  7. Patrice-

    In your article, you begin a sentence by stating that that "People sometimes... accuse my husband and I..." Your use of the word "I" in this sentence is incorrect; it should read "accuse my husband and me". In the future, you can avoid this mistake by reading it back to yourself dropping the other person involved. You would not say "people sometimes accuse I", you would say "people sometimes accuse me." That does not change when people are accusing both you and your husband.

    Further on in your article, you state that "'s often insured that pregnancy does not result in a live baby at all." Your use of the word "insured" in this sentence (meaning "to guarantee against loss or harm") is incorrect; the correct word is "ensured," which means "to make sure or certain."

    Still further, you write "Do television shows draw their inspiration from peoples' behavior, or do people behave the way they do because of what they see on television? ... But either way, the result is coarseness and vulgarity as the new norm." I was disappointed, at first, that you chose not to take on the question of whether life reflects art, or the other way around. It seems central to your premise. But I was relieved later on, when it appeared that you had actually drawn a conclusion; clearly, if "millions of fresh-faced wholesome young people" (who, I have to point out, do not participate in mass media) "deserve an accurate media portrayal of their lifestyles," art must reflect life. Were that not the case, they would deserve no such thing, and, presumably, then cease to exist in a puff of logic.

    Finally, I was disturbed that you ended your article by predicting that the "debauched behavior that is so common today... will lead to the same end as Ancient Rome, pre-revolutionary France and the hierarchy of Nazi Germany.". I've noticed that the comparison of modern society to between-wars Germany has become an increasingly popular one to make, but nobody ever finishes drawing it out. The Third Reich was not a continuation of the excesses and hedonism of the Weimar Republic, it was a reaction to it.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous 9:16 - I'm sure it was cathartic to point out my deficiencies in grammar and syntax, but you never said whether or not you agreed with the premise of the column.

    - Patrice
    (a publik skool gradoooite)

  9. Yikes, since when did grammar trump content? I guess "Huckleberry Finn" never should have become a classic. Anonymous 9:16, so you think grammar is more important than ideas? Jared Loughner apparently felt the same way.

    Anonymous Patriot

  10. Another great read Patrice. It seems like I'm always saying to my wife, "What's wrong with the kids these days?," and I'm only 32. I think you hit the nail right on the head. Children, and often parents, with no morals asking me why I go to church and why my Son isn't allowed to watch certain programs on the television. Because I'm the parent and I said so.

  11. Hi Patrice,

    Another great WND article! The "real" world IS raunchy and getting raunchier every year!

    I'm a numbers girl (CPA by trade). To me, the bottom line is all about profit. If consumers are willing to pay for "raunch" and vulgarity, businesses and entire industries (e.g., Hollywood and television) are more than happy to provide it. And, just like every single product we see on grocery store shelves must be "new and improved" every year or two, so it goes with the raunchiness in Hollywood and mainstream media sources.

    It is consumers' choices that drive business. As long as consumers are willing to buy provocative clothing for their young children, tweens and teens (or allow their children to do the buying), businesses will keep cranking out that junk! As long as consumers are willing to pay good money to watch "raunch" and vulgarity on television or in the movies, we are going to continue to see even more of it! Businesses will do whatever makes them money. If more consumers would demand high-quality, wholesome products, movies and television shows, "mainstream" businesses would jump on the bandwagon. It's all about the MONEY!

    Until enough consumers close their wallets on all of the raunchy garbage "out there," nothing will change. And, as we've seen, the "raunch" and vulgarity will only continue to reach new levels of disgusting.

    As always, I am so glad you are speaking out on these types of topics (i.e., challenging the status quo). As a generalization, I think a lot of consumers have just become complacent with accepting whatever the marketing agencies feed them. Hey, if "soft porn" sells women's razorblades (through television ads, magazine ads and billboards), businesses will be all for it. If I choose to buy this particular product, then I am letting this business know that vulgarity in their advertising program works!

    It's all about choices, folks! As you've written many times, "MAKE GOOD CHOICES." We all need to pay attention to where our money is really going. Let's make sure we are supporting the "boring," wholesome companies and not inadvertently giving our money to unworthy businesses.

    My 2¢, for what it's worth!!

    Mara :)

  12. LOVED the WND article! (I will keep this brief so as to avoid a review of MY grammar)

    much love from a Southern Idaho Mom,

    elizabeth beus

  13. In light of what has happened in Arizona yesterday. All I can say is, that is the chance you take when you deal with a leftist racist. That young man was an idiot who didn't know what he believes because he is not stable. He was a nowhere man. Neither here nor there. Just a damb fool who has set back a worthy cause. Please don't let this distract you.

  14. BRAVO!!! Just great. My two socially inept home schooled munchkins went on to graduate college in mathematics and journalism and one is in the aviation industry while the other is a marketing executive. And both have to deal with - guess what?! - real people. Yep, they're being social!! Oh yes, and they passed their drug tests so clean that the testers were confused. :-)

  15. I couldn't let Anonymous' statement at the end of his post pass after he so thoroughly red-inked your column.

    He stated, "I've noticed that the comparison of modern society to between-wars Germany has become an increasingly popular one to make, but nobody ever finishes drawing it out. The Third Reich was not a continuation of the excesses and hedonism of the Weimar Republic, it was a reaction to it."

    Anonymous thoroughly misunderstands the process of decline in a society toward totalitarianism, including the excesses, that occurred and are occurring in Germany, Rome, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela and on and on.

    A statement has been attributed to Alexander Tytler that says (and we are not sure who really stated it)"Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, from spiritual truth to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage."

    Draw a circle and place the words Bondage or Tyranny at 12:00, put Spiritual Truth at 1:00, Courage at 3:00, Liberty at 5:00 and Abundance at 6:00. Notice that all these things move clockwise away from tyranny or bondage to Abundance. But now you find that as you put Selfishness at 7:00, Complacency at 9:00 and Apathy at 11:00, these things are moving clockwise toward bondage/tyranny. There are equal concepts on either side of the circle, but only three lead to abundance and away from bondage. When looking at Germany after WWI, there was only selfishness (excesses), complacency and apathy which ushered in totalitarianism and bondage in the form of Hitler.

    By seeing that progression of societies in those terms, we can come to understand that this country can quickly move in the same direction with the self-centeredness, the complacency about the loss of values and the apathy about our rights and our liberty to end up eventually back under the bondage and totalitarianism we fought so hard to escape. I hope that "finishes drawing it out (literally)" for Mr. Anonymous.

  16. I have one word to say - AMEN!!!