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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making a virtue out of a necessity

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Making a Virtue Out of a Necessity.

Perhaps not my most brilliant column, but hey, I gotta churn one of these out every week....


  1. I liked it, too! I would wish that this article would reach a wider audience, that it might serve as a wake up call to those who are evenly divided between making the best of a situation and whining about it.


  2. Excellent article. Eloquently written (as always!), and made a great point.

  3. That is a great article. I agree completely with Anonymous 1/22/11 11:06am - it needs to reach a wider audience.

    Speaking of lottery winners, when I heard that 1 of the 2 BIG winners of the lottery was in Northern Idaho and had not come forward immediately, I was hoping it was you, Patrice. I knew you'd use the fortune wisely and that you'd not squander it on mansions, Mercedes, or menu-planners. Sorry to learn, later, that the mysterious Northern Idaho winner was not you. Although, you're already a winner in my opinion.

    Anonymous Patriot

  4. LOL, AP - we'd have to PLAY the lottery before we could WIN it. But yeah, we have all kinds of plans in place should we ever win (yeah right), and none of them involve mansions or Mercedes. Sadly, I believe the woman who won the Idaho lottery is not the type to treat her new-found wealth wisely - or so I've heard.

    - Patrice

  5. I can say that I have been on all kinds of financial levels in my life...and the worse of them all, was the one where it was the most money flowing - anyone who thinks their issues and struggles mysteriously all vanish are wrong, there's actually MORE of those.....

    The hardships headed everyone's way (and everyone will be affected in some form) will be "easier" for those who have lived modestly and not been mass consumers.....if there's any consolation to it, it will be that for those who have lived "simply" will have fewer road bumps/scares/unhappiness when it happens and the ones who mass consumed will have the longer, harder, more painful fall......