Saturday, January 1, 2011

Follow Your Spleen

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers!

Here is my latest WorldNetDaily column called (ahem) Follow Your Spleen.


  1. Another spleeendid article!!

    (I know I know...I just couldn't help it. And besides I had to beat AP to the punch!lol)

    Happy New Year to you, too, dear Patrice, and remember: It takes one to know one! xoxoxo from a bunch of your 'wonderful readers' who love ya.

    Evverboddy say HEY!!!


  2. You can break a heart, and you can rupture your spleen.

    You can get heartburn, and you can get spleenters. (That's for A.McSp)

    You can live without your spleen, but not without your heart.

    So, I'm not going to base decisions on my heart or on my spleen. Instead, I'm going with my gut. What's better for decision-making than my GUT instinct? The only feelings my gut has are feeling full and feeling hungry - the only 2 feelings that really matter in most instances.

    Long live my gut!!!!


    Anonymous Patriot

  3. HEY!

    ~*Happy New Year!~

    To everyone in this 'spleen-did' community

    P.S - My wish for 2011:
    May your head be filled with happiness.
    Your heart full of Joy. Your gut filled with wonderful food & drink & and your spleen guided by commonsense

  4. AP..I don't know if I follow...can you please spleen it to me?


  5. Patrice,

    I'm a new reader and I LIKE YOU!!

    I'm very glad I found your blog,
    Happy New Year!

    J. in Utah

  6. Welcome, Jan! Glad you stumbled over to our blog.

    - Patrice

  7. Poor Patrice, she wrote a serious column and we've turned it into a joke. Whenever body parts are discussed, though, it seems they bring out the silliness in some of us. Hope that exspleens it for you, A.McSp. :)


  8. From Dave. Hello! I'm a new reader to your blog and must comment on your WND piece. Our 30-something children and families enjoy life in the city with Visa, payday loans, 100% junk food and various other leisure time activities. Lately though, interest is building in coming up to "help" us with our remote, off grid, unfinished (gross understatement) homestead and cabin. Unfortunately this is on the heels of a very serious difference of opinion on how to treat the wildlife and forest on our place (other things also) with respect. To short the story, the massive ATV, firearm and other activity ramped down alot but sadly there are some hard feelings left over. I'll keep your wisdom in mind as I continue to search the survival/prep blogs for folks with similar experience. When my kids crash and need a place to be, we will be there for them. We don't know to what extent yet. Thanks for your perspective. Dave

  9. The comment about letting Grampa drive when he shouldn't made me laugh - because it reminded me of my Daddy. He was in his early 80s when he stopped driving. When I visited he complained that they - my sisters - had taken away his car keys.

    Then one Sunday I needed to use his car to get to Mass, but my sis forgot to give me the keys. So Daddy shuffled off to his bedroom & came back with a set of car keys. He had decided on his own to not drive, but it helped his pride to blame my sisters!

    Daddy passed away last year just before his 88th birtday. Still miss the old fraud.

    God bless,