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Friday, December 10, 2010

Random acts of evil

Sorry for the silence, I've had a busy couple of days! Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled Random Acts of Evil. I'll try to catch up on some backlogged posts this weekend.


  1. Another great article, Patrice. I appreciate your frankness. I just wish more people would pay attention so they could see the signs of what is about to come our way. I linked it to my face book page. Keep up the great writing and those of us who read it will continue to share it with our family and friends.

  2. When this story first appeared on Drudge my eye went immediately to it. I didn't know whether to be sick to my stomach or cry.

    I'm glad you wrote about it and agree with everything you've written. I believe cutting down this Holy Tree was an overtly hateful anti-Christian act and that the perpetrators will therefore be unable to refrain from bragging about what they've done. Thus they'll be caught, but probably not punished much if at all.

    I believe the tree had traditionally been propagated by various people with cuttings, which was how it 'survived' it's previous attack. Recetly the annual Christmas cuttings were presented to Queen Elizabeth, and I pray she'll ensure they are all planted somehow. Whether it can be at the original site I don't know, but we can hope. Meanwhile, I'm also hopeful we'll see new growth emerge from what's left standing of this long beloved tree.

    Dead canaries indeed. They began dying in large numbers in 1987, when our civil rights were abrogated by amnesty for illegal aliens. The feds, knowing the true significance of the act and anticipating citizen revolts, created what we now know as FEMA camps in a dark program called operation garden plot. When, much to their surprise and delight, the American public snoozed right through it, even more canaries began to die. Operation garden plot was tucked away to save for another time, and has in the meantime been refined and expanded to include such things as surprise urban warfare drills in American towns and cities, costing the lives of millions of innocent canaries.

    Today I found myself nearly up to my neck
    in them when I read about the U.S. government's plan to exempt millions of Mexicans from porno/fondle requirments imposed upon the rest of us as a new condition of air travel into and out of America. Yes, they are so favored over us that they can simply and easily obtain an i.d. card that can be used in much the same way as the self checkout stands at places like Walmart. Mexican travelers can quickly check themselves in and out without the hassle of waiting in line for the grope and glow treatment to which mere American citizens are subjected. How can this be?

    Yes, I think that looming darkness you wrote about just might be the avalanche of dead canaries under which we're presently at risk of being buried.

    If we don't do better there won't be any canaries left in the world, will there?


  3. Patrice,

    I've been a WND reader for quite some time now. In fact, WND is how I found you. You are a wonderful addition and, with each new article you write, you are making an impact. This article is excellent.


  4. WOW, you hit the nail right on the head! It is so sad that today being a Christian is something people want to hide, along with your "seeds". I hope enough people read your column to show them the light. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Thank you, Angela! It's very kind of you to say so. Welcome to the blog.

    - Patrice

  6. We do not know the motives of the perpetrator of this particular deed but if it was to annoy christians it is only "evil" (a minor one) if the perpetrator is also christian, or at least religious. Otherwise it is just mischief-making and to bracket it with the much greater evils committed in the name of religion, such as suicide bombing, risks devaluing the meaning of the word.

  7. Patrice, this article is really, extraordiarily well-written. You are so right. The canaries are falling all around us. I'm just waiting for the eventual cave-in.

    I learned something very valuable at an earlier point in my life that I would like to share as encouragement. It came in being a part of a Christian 12-step program for the families and friends of alcoholics and addicts. Those who have lived in those situations know only too well the chaos that is that life. One feels victim to the choices of an out-of-control individual whose only focus is on the next drink or the next hit. But when one realizes that God has it all in His control and that one ISN'T a victim of these individuals, perspectives change.

    God knows exactly what is going on. He sees it and he recognizes selfish men who are only addictively focused on the next drink of power or the next money "hit". But for those who are affected by the selfish choices of these people, God is the provider and protector and so they really aren't victims at all. All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His good purpose!!

    So I can assure everyone is, "fret not". "Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants, they will soon die away." Psalm 37:1 I can't imagine how the disciples must have felt when they watched Jesus being tried in the sham courts. They had to have wanted to picket and protest and get Jesus off, scott free. But where in the world would man be if they had stopped the crucifixion?? What is happening in these evil times will be used by God Almighty to bring people close to Him. Those of us who know Him just have to remember who is in control and it ain't Washington and it ain't the evil men!! :-)

  8. Patrice,
    My husband has been a fan of yours for quite some time. Today he handed me a copy of your latest article on WND. Thank you so much for your candor in speaking out the truth. I also posted the article to my FB page and I hope that you don't mind, also listed this blog on my blogroll for my own new adventure in blogging (something I never thought I would do).
    I am greatly encouraged by hearing from so many diverse members of the body of Christ with similar thoughts about the current state of affairs--gives me great hope, actually. I believe that people, and the church in particular, are beginnning to wake up. I really appreciated your article. I am looking forward to exploring your blog. It looks a wonderful afternoon of reading ahead!

  9. Thank you, Manoahswife. And welcome to the blog!

    - Patrice

  10. Patrice, I echo what others have said about your latest WND article. It's nice to see somebody with courage speak out against these "random acts of evil."

    I'm not on Facebook or Twitter or any of that social networking stuff, probably because I'm 60 and not interested in that type of communication. Instead, what I've done is put a cross in my front yard. I also fly the American flag, respectfully, 24/7/365. I do these things to show that a Christian patriot lives at this address. Those who may want to cart me off to some camp or arrest me for being a "rightwing extremist" because I joined the Tea Party movement well over a year ago know where to find me. I'm not hiding, I'm not pretending - I'm out of the closet as a Christian and don't care who knows it

    What too many Christian Americans seem to lack is courage. We cower too easily, give in and give up too easily. Too many cry when they should be preparing for trouble. There is safety in numbers. We need to unite, work together for a common cause, and put our other differences aside. The world needs Christianity, it needs the values and strengths taught in the Bible. We have a duty to stand up and stand firm in our faith.

    The times are changing, and although there are a few signs that more people are waking up to the dangers of a secular new world, the damage has been done and will take generations to repair. This is why preparing ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally, and morally is so very important. The Bible often mentions that people (men, mostly, but I think "equality" means standing beside our men, not behind them now) had to gird their loins - IOW, they had to prepare for battle and get ready for hardships. We may face a physical battle or we may face a battle of ideas, but we must be prepared for anything so that come what may, Christianity prevails.

    Britain is our future, if we don't stand firm now.

    Anonymous Patriot

  11. You are so correct Patrice. The cult of diversity and I would add it's feminism ally has done more damage than any other movement since about 1 AD. The canaries are falling left and right.

  12. Patrice,
    As we have discussed years ago we do not share a Faith but a belei structure where just the names are different but the beleif inside follows the same path. I read this a couple days ago and was sockened. I saw it as just another crumple in the fabric of society, a big one yes. I like your analogy and way to look at it. We as a society need to get out hands on morality. I don't care what name you use. Jesus, Jahweh, Apone, Odin, all are valuable. All sacrificed of themselves for their followers.If we donot instill morality on the next generation whet happens to the generation after that? ad infinitum?

    Ottar Getting frightened

  13. I think that aside from Christians lacking courage (as unfortunately is prevalent accross the spectrum of Americans)they also lack a seriousness, or a realness about their faith. Where I grew up, it was not 'trendy' to go to church, nor was is a social expectation. So, when you went to church, it was a pretty good chance that the people you met there were there because they really believed in what was being taught and sung about there. Where I live now, is part of the Bible Belt, and all too often you meet people who are promoting a bunch of programs and making the best social club. I was very shocked to discover this, with(literaly) 3000 churches in the city we moved to 10+ years ago. We now live in the country and the numbers are smaller, but the principle is, unfortunately, the same. There are a lot of people who would stand up for gun rights and the Constitution, but our society is relative when it come to morality, and so many people don't really know God, and their faith is not something worth fighting for.

    Thanks for your article. The last paragraph made me choke and tear. I feel so hopeless at times. I long to see the America filled with courage and patriotism that we had during WWII. Those guys really paid a price for our freedom and comfort. They met the enemy out on the enemy's turf to keep them out of our back yard. They sacrificed their comfort, their health, their bodies and their sanity. Some of them never regained what they lost. Others sacrificed their lives. We have no idea anymore. People don't appreciate that our guys are fighting to keep the fight out of our back yards. They don't know what that is. I really think that the word needs to get out that we are blessed with something worth defending. It needs to be driven home. Writers like you are playing an important part in that. It comforts me to know that there are others like you as well. I think the battle on the homefront is one of the mind and heart. America has been losing it. Thank God that he saw fit to put such a frightening president in place. We may have lost it all slowly with only the "overly cautious" taking not of it all. Americans needed to get a little scared to see what it is that we stand to lose.

    Gracie Wray

  14. Tyranny is only halted when the victims of it push back. I am sorry to say that most Brits leave their protection and security to a government that has basically disarmed them in yet another form of tyranny. Britain is America's canary and it is time to take heed America. What is going on in Britain and other parts of Europe with muslims is being mirrored here in our country with the illegal invasion and the the growing threat of islam to our nation and its beliefs. Most Americans are so caught up in dancing with the stars or some foolish boob tube show that they do not realize war has come to our shores. I feel a majority of our citizens could care less and will only stir when tyranny reaches out and grabs them by throat.As in Britain, the government is too worried about political correctness to protect our people and borders. Time for preparation is upon us.
    Had Enuff

  15. Like most folks, I was appalled at the cutting down of the tree and all the act represented.
    I thank the Lord Jesus for taking my hand and pulling me up, saving me from death, and I now profess Christianity.
    But it wasn't always so. I was a wiccan, a pagan - who for a great many years turned his back on Christ.
    I have a soft spot in my heart for those people still, and try to witness to them when I am able, and testify to my fellow Christians that pagans are still loved by God, who offers salvation to them, if only they accept it.
    Some say pagans cut down the tree. Perhaps it was.
    Christians in the past cut down many a grove in Europe held sacred by pagans, and still to this day pagans resent those acts. But no 'true' pagan would destroy a tree out of hate, spite or vengeance, no more than a good Christian would.
    May the One true God have Mercy on us, pagan and Christian, sinners all.