Monday, November 8, 2010

Voices of the Great Unwashed

Oops! I forgot to post a link to this weekend's WorldNetDaily article entitled Voices of the Great Unwashed.


  1. "LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE." That's truly the bottom line. (Pardon the pun.) Great article, Patrice. You always hit homeruns with your WND pieces.

    Obama and his band of merry elitist Marxists will be undone by their arrogance and egos. As long as the people stand firm, we will prevail...even in California (some day). Good always prevails over evil.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. ya hit the nail on the head again patrice...obama and his crew are still standing on that tree stump trying to convince us knuckleheads that a tree never existed there.

  3. Patrice,

    I am a very big fan of this one:

    You really nailed it that time.

  4. Great article, Patrice!
    I can't even stomach the lefts use of the term "The American People" just grates on my nerves...because they DON'T KNOW "The American People", they DON'T LIKE "The American People", they DON'T RESPECT "The American People", they DON'T RELATE to "The American People", (though they will PRETEND that they do), they DON'T REPRESENT "The American People" and they DON'T SPEAK for "The American People"!!!!!

    Donna G.

  5. Oops is right, Patrice!!! I've been waiting for you to post this. I read your article the day it came out and loved it. You nailed it. The only other thing that bugs me is they seem to think they know everything that we are concerned about. Unemployment and healthcare..that's all I hear, over and over and over. And, yes, those are BIG concerns. But don't they think we possess enough brain cells to think about anything else? I sent this to John Boehner's the day after the elections:

    Mr. Boehner,

    We are looking forward to having you in the position of Speaker of the House. So far, we like what we've heard from you. It would be nice if you would travel to our area and speak with people like us. We have briefly read the Pledge to America and will continue to go over it but, we wanted to share with you what we want, expect and DEMAND to see:

    1. A COMPLETE overhaul of how the "earmark" process works. Servants of the states should have to publicly announce their intentions to spend the money of every taxpaying citizen of this country BEFORE anything at all is approved so that the people may challenge that spending...PERIOD!

    2. COMPLETE transparency. When "meetings" are held, we want a full update on who was there, what was said and what was agreed to. Better yet, what we'd like to hear from you is, "This is who was there, this is what was said and we didn't agree to anything because we wanted to hear what you want first"!

    3. The citizens of this country should have a say in foreign aid. We want a say in how much and where it goes.

    4. We DEMAND to be involved in decisions about the defense budget.

    5. We want a complete and thorough overhaul of the level of involvement of our country with the United Nations and, possibly, complete withdrawal. Again, we need to be consulted....IN ADVANCE....before anything is agreed to. No sole appointee should have the ability to ratify treaties, thereby obligating the citizens of this country to U.N. control and destroying the sovereignty of our soil.

    6. We want a complete and thorough overhaul of the Department of Homeland Security. We would like a say in their budget, processes and appointees.

    7. We want complete disclosure of these "czar" positions. We want to possess the ability to determine which of them should be appointees and which of them should be voted on.

    8. We want a complete and thorough overhaul of the Internal Revenue Service and possibly the tax system as a whole.

    9. We want a complete and thorough overhaul of how our borders are currently protected and the right to call on our own military for that purpose, if WE THE PEOPLE so choose.

    10. We would like the heads examined of any persons holding an office whose salary is funded by the taxpayers that thinks we should begin taxing imaginary things like “carbon credits”.

    And, yes, we are concerned about unemployment, Wall Street and the likes but, as you can see, we have a few other things on our minds. We also want you to know that we full well expect you to use the power you have been granted by us to stop the madness in its tracks. If the senate gripes or you receive vetoes, CANCEL FUNDING! We possess enough intelligence to know why you are doing it so, rest assured, we are not buying the talking points of the left. Some of us are actually proud of the title, “The Party of No”!


    Angela XXXXXX & a few million friends
    cc: Those few million friends

  6. This is one of the most insightful pieces I have read on the subject. I have forwarded the link to many.

    Thanks for saying what the rest of us feel but can't articulate as well.

    G L Linke, EA

  7. I think the Tea Partiers are "tilting at windmills". Here is the real problem:-

  8. Has anyone here seen Greta Vansustern's recent interview with Donald Trump wherein they discussed his thoughts on running for President? He spoke very candidly of many of the same things Patrice has written of in this piece, and he was very blunt about the sheer stupidity of our elected public servants and their self-serving relationships with foreign lobby financing of our trade policies and their influence on our lawmaking. It was really great to here such candor from such a knowledgeable source, and I've been rather amazed that I haven't heard another word about it since. Maybe that's a good indicator of how threatened the powers that be must be feeling about his thoughts and potential plans to run. It sure got me thinking.


  9. Hey, A.McSp, if Trump were to become president and we didn't like him after giving him a chance, could we just say to him "you're fired?" Or would he turn the presidency into a weekly reality show?

    Don't get me wrong, I think Trump is great because he didn't take any guff from that loser Rosie O'Donnell, but I do think he might write Trump Tower on the side of the Washington Monument.

    I didn't see the show you mentioned, but I heard about it on another Fox show. I guess Trump was really outspoken about his disgust with politicians-as-usual. We need more outspoken people like that.

    Anonymous Patriot

  10. Didn't Trump bankrupt more than one of his companies, only to emerge with some new way to fool people into giving him money? Where we live, he convinced the city to let him build and forced out many small businesses, only to lose funding and leave half-finished luxury condominiums to take up space where there were once small mom and pop shops that actually provided goods and services. I'm no Rosie fan, but Trump is a turd and would be just as bad as our current pres.

    Isn't this article about how the leftist elite have no idea how to run our country? Why the hell would we want a man who makes his millions through shady business practices in charge of our country? Sorry for the rant, but I heard this somewhere before about Trump for pres, and it is nonsense. We need someone who gives a crap about more than just his bottom line to be our Commander in Chief.

  11. Anon 11:59, I don't think anybody here said Trump was getting into the race, just that he had been talking about it. He's done that in the past, too. No harm in talking about it, and it's interesting to have somebody other than the usual suspects to contemplate. As for myself, he would not be conservative enough for my taste.