Saturday, November 27, 2010

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Here's this weekend's WorldNetDaily column, which I originally called "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff."  I'm not thrilled with what they re-titled it, but oh well.


  1. You're not paranoid when they really are out to get you.

    Several years ago, when I first heard about the new internment camps being built by the federal government, I was sure it was pure paranoia and the delusions of a few mentally deficient fear-mongers. Now I am not so sure. Seems we are not far away from seeing Americans boarding trains for those camps. It was a progressive democrat, afterall, who initiated that practice during WWII. Is it that far a leap to see it happen again? I don't think so, not anymore. It appears these people will stop at nothing to fulfill their agenda. Molon Labe!!!

    Anonymous Patriot


    After “Big Sis’, from DHS, called all Americans who believe in the 2nd Amendment, oppose abortion, want lower taxes, smaller Government, those who think our veterans deserve honor, Honor God and think the Bible, as well as the Constitution, means what it says as well as saying what it means, are all “Right Wing Extremist.” Well I’m proud to say that I’m a Card carrying “Right Wing Extremist” and now I can add “Domestic Extremist” to my Resume. I love reading your blob every day and check back during the day to make sure I keep up with what the fine people who post comments have to say. I’m so glad there are others who think & feel basically the way I do. This is my first post to the many articles you’ve written and just wanted to get my 2 cent’s in. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. God Bless.

  3. I agree with you completely on this one. I believe this is more about getting people used to the the idea that an unreasonable search isn't such a bad thing. They are counting on people not being willing to lose their ride and not making a scene. Contact your congressmen to protest because it can't be done without a huge personal sacrifice at the airport.

  4. "When injustice becomes law, then Rebellion becomes duty!"
    -- Thomas Jefferson--
    Our founding fathers knew there would be times like these.

    Patrice you are not paranoid only insightful and brave for pointing out the wolf in the sheep herd.

    Some days I feel like I am watching history unfold again here in the United States of America. The DHS sounds an awful lot like the SS of Nazi Germany.

    I am far from a historian or an extremist. I am simply a quiet husband who wants to keep his family safe and live life to the fullest.

    I respect every families right to privacy and freedom to choose their own path in life without intrusion by anyone or any law.

    But I am becoming more disgusted every day by the loss of freedoms and dignity in the name of safety. I am becoming transformed by the governments ludicrous expectations of submission on its citizens. I feel like a prisoner in my own country.

    I believe your statements are true in regard to the government pushing normal citizens beyond there limits and causing them to react in order to preserve their constitutional rights as well as their dignity as a human being.

    Well I'm reacting...not in a violent way but in the way I was granted under my Constitutions protection of free speech. And I will continue to react to protect those rights afforded me by the Constitution in what ever manner necessary. My reaction will be proportional to the threat.
    So I guess that makes me a domestic extremist to the DHS. But I prefer Patriot (you say pota'to I say Potato)(you get the gist)

    Anyway I have to wonder if this is by design?

    I believe so at times. It has become so easy for the DHS or Justice department to elicit a reaction from citizens and then document these people as domestic extremist or worse yet enemy combatant ( resulting in a complete loss of due process).

    As a strategy or tactic it makes sense, identify any future problems and document them. Then when necessary subdue them in order to prevent further dissent. Again, sounds like the slow progression of identifying the Jewish people in Germany.

    Five years ago I would have never seen my self thinking this way, but they (our government) have created my worry and anger by blatantly over ridding the constitution and civil rights of natural born Americans.

    Every day I see small instances where citizens, adults and children are arrested over petty things that would have been considered ridiculous ten years ago. Slowly closing the net with ridiculous legislation and overly broad powers of enforcement with out oversight or the ability to publicly object.

    There is definitely a storm brewing amongst those of us who are simply quiet citizens of the United States of America. As they say, wake up and smell the coffee people.

    Patrice thank you for keeping this platform alive so that all of us "domestic extremists" can rejoice in or freedom of speech while it lasts.

    And thank you for being the God fearing, homemaker, extremist, fluffy picture taking prepper blogger that you are.

    As the first post said Molon Labe!!

  5. Years ago a group sang at our church. I can't remember all of their songs, but they sang one about "getting used to the dark". I think that is what is happening to America now. Little by little the government is getting us used to fewer and fewer freedoms. Their rationalization in each case is homeland security, being for the "greater good", for our "protection", or because we "just don't understand what's good for us"! We have come to the point in our country where we're all becoming sheeple or right-wing extremists.
    If we read prophecy in the Bible, we understand that these things and worse will happen in the end times. I'm afraid the days of freedom and liberty are becoming more and more endangered, and it's a world wide condition. I don't know that anything can be done about it except prayer and preparation. I've been doing a lot of both lately.
    Thank you, Patrice, for this blog. It gives hope, information, and a release valve for our concerns. Keep up the good work!

    Linda in Ohio

  6. They may be "separating the wheat from the chaff".
    However, it is the wheat they are trowing away (us, the "domestic extremists") and the chaff, the waste, that they are keeping.
    I have never flown anywhere and do not plan on starting now, unless the LORD has something else in mind for me. You never tell GOD you won't do something, 'cause shore enuf, you will be doin' it.

  7. Kudo's to GG for planning in advance what she will not tolerate from the airport SS .. umm TSA minions. Having the decision already made makes it easier when they ask you to step in the booth.

  8. Patrice,
    Stationed overseas, this screening is also a worry for us, especially with our children. We'll be coming home for the holidays this year because my husband will be going downrange ‘soon’. Luckily, military bases/flights do not use this type of screening.

    Getting to the States through the Space-Available system will be fine since our only choices start in a military base. Getting back here though, might be a little different. There's a major airport that we could use since they have charter flights to the military bases. However, I'm certain that airport is big enough to already have these scanners/searches. Taking away flights from this airport will seriously limit our options. So much so, that if we have trouble getting 5 seats on a plane, we may have to send my husband first. (In Space-A, passengers are divided by categories. Soldiers on R&R and flying for emergency reasons are some of the highest categories. Soldiers on leave are Cat3 and that would be us.) Flying without the soldier will bump us down to Cat5 and make our flight home even more difficult, but I am NOT willing to subject my kids to this physical invasion.

    As for GG, I don't know how "north" of a rural north Idaho family you are, but is the train an option? While it might be very costly and time-consuming, it could be a possibility. I looked at the Amtrak routes before typing this and there is a route through northern Idaho. I will pray for GG that she is able to get home safely and with her modesty intact.

  9. "getting used to the dark"

    That's as apt a term for what's going on as any. Sent a little chill up my spine...

  10. Talk about stupidity. GG can take a train or a bus home. End of discussion. Apparently for most Americans who fly, and those that fly regularly, they have no problem with TSA and more strigent security measures. And, any comparisions between the US now and Germany in the 1930s only tells me that you know nothing about Germany in the 1930s, and either little about the US, or you just like to generate fairy tales or fosture fear. Or, both.

  11. I spoke to GG's mother yesterday about her going home, and she will probably go by train. The mother is very apologetic because sending her by train results in a great deal of inconvenience on our part. Quite literally the only train to leave our region for Portland (the closest stop to GG's home) departs at 2 am from Spokane. My husband takes this particular train to Oregon a couple times a year on business so he's well familiar with the procedure. He agrees there's no possible way we're leaving GG alone in that train station in that part of town for a 2 am train, so sending her by train means an all-nighter for me (the train station is also a 1 1/2 hour drive away from our house). It will take her twelve hours to travel to Portland where her parents will meet her, then another three hours to drive home. So not counting travel time from my house or any lost sleep, it will take GG a minimum of fifteen hours to get home instead of one (if she went by air). This is the cost of sticking to one's principles. Just sayin'.

    Jake, you might be interested in this post:

    - Patrice

  12. Geez, Patrice, are you going to ask us to pray for Jake, along with our prayers for Robert? I'm getting sore knees from praying that these ignoble men see the Light. But, I'll keep at it. It beats arguing with the little lady from Britain. hehehehe

    Anonymous Patriot

  13. Patrice, the Weather Channel said this morning that Spokane highways are clogged with snow and that's despite the fact that the snowplows have been running 24/7. Are you sure you can get GG to the train station in Spokane?

    Too bad you can't arrange a tagteam group with several of your readers. Each could drive a short leg of the route from your place to GG's home, like a relay race. It would probably save lots of time and it would be a most worthy "cause" to see a young woman get home safe and sound.

    Anonymous Patriot

  14. GG left this morning, hitching a ride back to her school with a local family who attends the same church as she does, and who travels that way every week. As for getting her to the train station, that won't be until her Christmas break (grin) so we have a few weeks to work out the details. Haven't been to Spokane for a couple weeks so I don't know the state of the roads. We're about to leave for church as I write this, so we'll find out the state of the roads to our local county seat.

    - Patrice

  15. I've been a registered right-wing terrorist for some time now. When DHS and the Missouri state police came out with that description it fit me to a tee. There was also a email address to some White house staffer that you could report to inform on any suspicious folks that the feds should investigate. I just sent in my name and told them to add me to the list. It was simpler to just get it out of the way.


  16. Ken, you're a riot!

    Anonymous Patriot

  17. After reading your column "Separating the wheat from the Chaff," I realized exactly why Janet Napolitano and the rest of Obama's liberal stooges are calling anyone who objects to bigger government and all things unconstitutional as "domestic extremists" and other such ridiculous names. THEY DON'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW THE TRUTH! This is also why they want to shut down Fox News and conservative talk radio. These criminals are taking over our lives and our country big time. And don't kid yourself, they know it is THEIR actions, attitudes and behaviors that are turning ordinary Americans into "domestic extremists." They know it's not our behavior, it's theirs that's causing decent conservative Americans to start to tip over the edge. No doubt this is what they want us to do. Then they can say, "See? Conservatives really are extremists and terrorists!" This strategy has been used by the corrupt and dishonorable since time began. It's nothing new. What can we do? We can pass word of these things along to everyone we know. We can send everyone the e-mail addresses of good conservative bloggers like Patrice, Burt Prelutsky and many others. And we should ignore those who try to upset us with their lies and hate. Answering their questions is a complete waste of time. We're only playing their game by doing that. Ignore them, or don't print what they write. It's nothing we all haven't heard already, anyway. We should do this NOW, while we're still able to, before the criminals take complete control of the Internet.

  18. Re Jake:
    I.T. (Invidious Troll) alert!

    I stopped flying in the 90's. Here's why. I was in a foreign country when the stock market crashed in '88. I learned about it on the BBC. We were unable to get back to the states for several days afterward because, due to the crash, all flights to the U.S. were temporarily canceled.
    The final straw came a few years later, when I was on a flight out of Honolulu. We had taxied onto the outbound runway when the announcement came of the first world trade center bombing, the one in the underground garage. All flights were stopped and ordered to remain where they were, which left us sitting on the tarmac for what seemed like an eternity, ordered to remain in our seats and unable to leave the plane. Not a good feeling.
    I made one final flight to the midwest after that, which was a nightmare of rudeness and incompetence. An entire shuttle bus full of us missed our connecting flight after being driven to an empty spot on the DFW tarmac where our plane was supposed to be. Duh. No plane, no credits, no apology, no help from the airline.

    Since then I've traveled by train or car, and I doubt I'll be going by train after Big Sis gets her jackboot in that door, too.

    I'm proud of GG and her friends and family for standing tall in their refusal to willingly allow the darkness to touch them.