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Friday, October 8, 2010

I am a criminal

Here's my latest WorldNetDaily column entitled "I Am a Criminal."


  1. That article should wake up a few Americans. At least I hope it does. Scary stuff, but very well explained.

    In the past 5 years or so, I've read many news stories about American citizens being charged with things like disturbing the peace and an act of TERROR. Or battery and an act of TERROR. A few years ago, a man in Davis, CA (you know Davis, Patrice - the town where commies and socialists outnumber the grains of rice grown nearby) was upset that an illegal alien was allowed to sell tamales and other items at the Farmer's Market. He apparently yelled at her and said some things that I cannot repeat here. This guy was probably the last remaining resident of Davis who didn't know whose side the police would take when they got there. So, somebody calls law enforcement and they arrest this man because he was apparently too rude to the illegal who was selling her wares without a license or a health department certificate and without legal documents proving she could even be in the country. And with what charge did they arrest this last remaining pro-American Davisite? Disturbing the peace, battery, and an act of terrorism. Terrorism! I couldn't believe it.

    I couldn't believe it until I read in my own small town newspaper that some drunk was creating a commotion by drooling on some toothless cuties at the bar. He was charged with disturbing the peace, public drunkenness and an act of terrorism.

    I guess anybody can be charged with an act of terrorism these days....except the actual terrorists.

    Yep, it's a wonderful time in America. Citizens are arrested on ridiculous charges and illegals walk free. Terrorists are tried in regular courtrooms and citizens are charged with terrorism simply because they offended somebody.

    Everything seems backwards. The things I took for granted are now becoming illegal or have been deemed unacceptable by the government. The things I would never do or want are now becoming legal and commonplace. For example, I fear marijuana will be outright legalized in this state in the election next month. If that happens, there is no way to save this once beautiful state.

    I pray we take back our country before it isn't worth having anymore.

    Anonymous Patriot

  2. Patrice,
    Man, I hear you!!! Since my husband is in the military, we're suspected of being terrorists. Since he was a veteran before he came back in, does that mean we're higher up on the list?? Plus, the fact that we enjoy historical firearms must mean that we're wanting to start our own revolution.

    At Ft. Hood (I think) recently, the Army has requested that soldiers WHO LIVE OFF-BASE report and register their owned firearms with their Chain of Command. Of course, the Army's position is that it was voluntary, but one soldier (who intelligently remained anonymous) said it was more of a "voluntold" directive.

    I guess the entire objective is to prevent those who want to save the country from tyranny from doing so!


  3. You are truly a moron. Week after week you write barely coherent little articles that truly show what a moron you are. Not only is the content ridiculous, but your grammer is horrible.

  4. perssonaly i dont reed things weak after weak that i dont like, butt hay, too eatch hiz own. Write Jake?

  5. Patrice,

    Well hopefully my jail cell will be next to yours, and I can finally meet you. :) If the above examples are any indication, I will soon be a terrorist simply by what I THINK and not as a result of my actions.

  6. In the UK, during the 13 years in power of the last Labour Government they enacted 4289 new laws. that's at the rate of nearly one a day!! This is something Governments just can't seem to resist. Perhaps they are trying to prove how useful they are.

  7. That explains it.

    My neighbor who is a good friend entered his grandfathers home in 2003 along with his mother.

    They had keys given to them by the grandparents/parents months before.

    This happened a few days after his grandmother had died and his grandfather was in a hospital psych ward for attempted suicide.

    Ultimately they were charged with Felony trespassing and sentenced to 10 years probation each.

    No common sense what so ever. How can you trespass with keys and permission.

    I am of the opinion that it is about the money.

    Each month they are on probation they have to pay supervision costs of $75. All they do is report to a probation office monthly and check in.

    In this present day, laws are about oppression, submission and revenue generation.

    I don't understand our governments reasoning any more. They are so far removed from the reality of American life.

    Some times I think the hard core criminals have more freedoms than the citizens.

    And I pity the conscientious citizens who find them selves felons because of laws created with out common sense in mind.

    The average citizen who becomes a criminal really pays a harsh price by losing their freedom to defend themselves and their family from other criminals who don't care.

    God Bless us all and give us the strength and protection to prevail as Patriots.

  8. To Jake, Are you being paid by the Idiot Obamanites to post your stupid comments on blogs or are you just brainless?

  9. maybe all us survivalists, preppers, and frugalistas will be confined to the same prison for our "terroristitudes" (attitude of terror?)...if that were the case i am all for it.i love to be with folks i have something in common with. in the meantime, back here on my little piece of southern heaven i am gonna keep on doing what i have been doing and try to ignore the likes of "jake" and those of his "ilk". see ya in the slammer patrice!

  10. Hey Jake,
    The last word in your diatribe should be spelled g-r-a-m-m-A-r, shouldn't it? You misspelled "grammar." Your second sentence has structure problems. Perhaps it's time for you to go back to hypocrisy school and learn a few things before exposing yourself (grammatically speaking).

    Anonymous Patriot

  11. I AM a criminal!!

  12. Patrice, do you think they'll let you bring Matilda to the slammer so we can have milk and cheese? I'm hoping to bring a few chickens and some goats....and my guitar.

    snrk snrk snrk

    A. McSp

  13. I've never called you names, Patrice. I've disagreed with you a few times in the past, but I actually agree more with you than my wife! Yet my most recent e-mails to you have come back "undeliverable" and a few before that were ignored. I won't be surprised if this post is denied. However, I had to comment about "I am a criminal." What our liberal leaders are doing to anyone who doesn't embrace their philosophy and their agenda is very serious! Even illegal! It's gotten way beyond "out of hand."
    I recently watched a video about a man and his wife who joined the organization called Oathkeepers. If you're not aware of it, this group simply believes the oath they took as government employees (cops, military, etc.) was one of HONOR and should be obeyed. Novel idea, eh? I, too, took the oath to uphold, obey and defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. (I guess it's the "domestic" part that has the liberals worried.)
    Because this man and woman are members of Oathkeepers, the Feds and local police raided their home and took their baby from them! Apparently, our totally out-of-control government considers Oathkeepers a militia group. It isn't, but even if it were, so what? It's not illegal or unconstitutional to join a militia. It certainly isn't unconstitutional to obey the solemn oath you take when being sworn into the military, a political position or as a peace officer!
    I have to say, quite honestly, that if they came to take OUR baby away on such ridiculous, trumped-up charges, my wife and I probably wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be writing to you, because we would resist them with all our ability! Is it wrong to feel this way? They took a couple's baby with no good reason whatsoever!
    If anyone's interested, I've attached a link to this video. It's 14 minutes long, but it's one all patriotic Americans should see and pass on. We need to wake up to what's going on in our country before we have no country to wake up to!

  14. Michael Dean MillerOctober 10, 2010 at 9:57 PM


    Survivalist, militiamen, terrorists, Oh My!!


  15. Calm down Dean...You are quite safe from the nuts that concern you. It is your trusted government that will handcuff you if you choose to be free.

  16. Isn't it funny?

    Evolutionists tell us that man gets progressively better over time, regardless of how the 2nd law of thermodynamics works.

    However, just for the sake of argument, let's assume for a munute that they are correct. That God did not hand down the Ten Commndments but they were created by historical man as a basic guideline for society that evolved from early socio-econimic experiments.

    Isn't it odd that five thousand years ago these half-step-from-the-ape group of namadic people could nail down a guideline for all of life in ten well defined bullet points, yet it takes modern man two thousand plus pages just to regulate health care?

    It's all for the common good don't you know. Well, I'm about as common as they come - and I don't think it is very good.