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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why housewives will save the world

My latest column is up on entitled "Why Housewives Will Save the World." I must admit, this is fast becoming one of my favorite columns.

Opening paragraphs:

Once in a while a reader is astonished to learn that I am, quite literally, nothing more than what I've always claimed to be: an opinionated north Idaho housewife. I am not a journalist, or a reporter, or anything loftier than a keeper of the home. I use the denigrated term "housewife" deliberately because I am proud to be a member of this elite group.

If you associate housewives with dull women too dumb to do anything but wipe noses and clean toilets, I'm here to tell you otherwise. I will even make the extraordinary declaration that it is housewives who will save the world. Or at least, our nation.

(Read the rest here.)


  1. Thank you for such an insightful article. I was born in 1947...a baby boomer. I came into adulthood as feminism was rearing it's ugly head. Talk about confusion! You felt guilty if you wanted to stay home with the kids...guilty if you didn't have a high paying job...guilty if you breathed the wrong way! Basically, all it ever did for me was load on the guilt. In spite of it, I managed to raise two children to adulthood and stay married to the same man for 43 years so far.
    My daughter, on the other hand, has never worried about what feminists think she ought to be doing. As a result, she is very happily staying at home to homeschool her daughter. She gardens and cans the produce. She knits, and she does all the other things it takes to keep her family warm, clothed, well fed, and happy. Her husband praises all she does (she also praises him). All in all she is much better off than I was at her conflict!
    Keep writing your articles. I enjoy hearing the wisdom of a "mere housewife"!


  2. I just want to know where I can get one of those bra holsters!

  3. You can email the woman who makes the bra holsters at:

    She's one super-neat lady and makes terrific holsters. I plan to order one myself!

    - Patrice

  4. I would take issue with only one statement in your superb article:

    "I am not... anything loftier than a keeper of the home."

    With the exception of a holy and faithful Priest, there is absolutely nothing on earth more lofty than women who keep the home. There would be no civilization without mothers and homemakers. There is no question about it.

    The feminists have sold a lie. The cornerstone of civilized humanity is woman as woman, not as wannabe man. As for us men, it is for us to protect, serve, lead, and sacrifice.

  5. Marvelous article! I always enjoy your articles, but this one especially!

    I haven't had a job since I became pregnant with our first child. I homeschool and pinch pennies. My husband works and supports us, and I couldn't be prouder of him! I am continually learning to do new things to be more self-sufficient and to stretch the money he brings in further. One of the next things I want to learn is how to can.

    I laugh so hard when I hear, like you said, that "our husbands make so much money that we can 'afford' to stay home with the kids", I nearly die of suffocation. And I am insulted by the insinuations of lower intelligence and educational level. I was courted by an exclusive engineering high school (I didn't go because it was so far away). I went to college, and was on track into either programming or something like it. Then, in an odd twist of circumstances, I ended up at Bible college, where I met my husband, married, worked retail for a while, and then quit and had our first child.

    Did we have money for me to quit and stay home? Um... no. We did it because it was the best thing for us to do.

    I would not trade the position of housewife for anything! I don't need extra letters after my name or some lofty corporate title to prove my worth to the world. All I need are the hugs of my children, the way the light bulb turns on in their eyes when they understand something for the first time, and the praise of my husband.

    And another thing about intelligence and education: they don't make you smart or capable of anything but making a fool out of yourself unless you also also have wisdom. Wisdom is something the most uneducated person can possess. I have heard more wisdom from isolated farmers who probably dropped out of school long ago to help on the farm, than I hear from most of our college-graduated leaders. The "uneducated masses" understand very clearly what is going on in this country.

    Okay, I didn't mean to get on my soapbox like that. I'll get off now. :)

  6. when describing my occupation on anything important like for the irs...i write down "domestic engineer" housewives and homemakers gotta stand up for ourselves and be proud while we are standing up.

  7. Just yesterday I prayed for some help in regards to this! I'm at home with our first child (6 mth)and starting to feel a little.... forgotten, I guess. I always worked before now and I'm used to providing for us with money earned. I'm still adjusting to providing for us in different ways. Its something that I want to enjoy and feel proud of - and most days I do - but lately I've been feeling worn down and not as happy about the situation as I have been. My man works hard, I try to make him yummy dinners and keep the house nice and welcoming (as you were saying, somewhere he wants to come home to) but sometimes I struggle to find the will and energy. So I prayed for some help to get my sense of worth and purpose back. Then I checked your blog! (something I do daily)
    Thanks for the boost, it helps :)

  8. Been there done that, Amanda! Keep your spirits up. It's worth every dirty diaper and messy floor. Trust me.

    - Patrice

  9. Patrice is right, Amanda! We've all been where you are, and sometimes I still feel like that.

    Jason said it well, though... we women have been sold a lie, and have traded our crowns for a continual grasping at the position of men. Women only 100 years ago would never have thought to feel like they were not doing something important. Then women started measuring their value by how high they could climb on the ladder, and by the fact that they could displace men.

    A little girl had a necklace of plastic pearls that she treasured dearly. Her father came and sat on her bed beside her one night, and asked, "Honey, could I have your little pearl necklace?"

    She was surprised, and replied, "Oh, no, Daddy, it's my favorite thing in the world. It's so pretty, and I really want to keep it." And her daddy smiled, and said that was okay, and kissed her goodnight.

    The next night he did the same thing, and she still kept the necklace. Every night, her daddy would come and ask for the necklace, and every night, she would sadly say no.

    Finally, one night, her daddy sat on her bed again, and asked her if he could have her necklace. His little girl paused and sighed, and said, "That necklace is my favorite thing in the world. But if you really want it, Daddy, you can have it." And she took the necklace and gently placed it into her daddy's hand.

    "Thank you," her daddy gently said, and then he opened his other hand and gave her what he had been waiting to give her all along -- a beautifully crafted necklace made of real pearls.

    The little girl gasped to realize that the only reason her daddy wanted her to give up her little necklace was so that he could give her something even better.

    If we are willing to give up what we think is best for us, our Father will be able to lead us into what really is best for us.

    You are doing that now, in giving up working to stay home and support your husband's work, and bringing up your little one yourself instead of allowing someone else to have that privilege (which they will not see as a privilege, but as a way to earn money).

    Be encouraged! You are in the most worthy profession a woman can have. :)

  10. Superb column.
    It was picked up by today.

  11. Nice analogy Miss M, thanks for the encouragement from you both :)

  12. :) I cannot take credit for the story... I read it somewhere, but it stuck with me.

    We all need encouragement from each other from time to time!

  13. God Bless you for this wonderful, heartwarming article. You speak of a family structure that the Left despises and has spent decades tearing down. I think the nation yearns for those values again.