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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The realities of Obamacare

Once upon a time, if you were sick you went to your doctor. He helped you. You paid him. If you didn't have the money right away, you made arrangements to pay him little by little over time. That's what we did for years when we didn't have health insurance, through the birth of both our kids and through the time my husband accidentally amputated part of his thumb on the band saw. (Cha ching!)

But no more. Thanks to the ever-diligent folks in Washington D.C., life just got a whole lot simpler.

Here's a clever little YouTube video illustrating what's in store for us, accompanied by a highly-appropriate musical selection.

And never forget Nancy Pelosi's incomparable words, shown at the end of the clip: "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it."

Americans are finding out what's in Obamacare - and we don't like it.


  1. Dude! Stand back! I think I'm gonna HURL!

    A. McSp

  2. You omitted a word in your self description. Allow me to clarify. In-your-face stuff from an opinionated rural north Idaho redneck housewife.
    You think Obamacare is bad news? Try being tossed out of work after 40 solid years and having no healthcare. Then toss a random health problem from out of the blue. That was going to mean bankruptcy for my wife and me. We tout this as the best country in the world, but a country that won't care for its own is doomed to failure.

  3. Anonymous to Anonymous:

    I think people who don't care for themselves are doomed to failure.

    Since when is it my responsibility to take care of YOU?

  4. obamacare not only mandates that i insure myself but that i insure others and if i don't, i will be forced to pay a steep fine. now, i don't mind at all to give to those deserving the help, but i feel it is my choice who deserves my help and how much help i give. anon./with forty years of work and no healthcare-is just plain irresponsible and has been for forty years..a live for today and screw tomorrow kinda person. and what is so sad about anon.w/40yrs is he has probably been getting help with his healthcare all along...paybacktime is coming dude...and if you like obamacare and what it offers then you deserve the slavery it is gonna put you in.

  5. I feel for you, Anonymous 2:19, I really do...but I don't have health insurance either. I take home $478 every TWO weeks and I live in Massachusetts (better know as the you-can't-wipe-your-ass-without-government-help state). Insurance here is mandatory and because I cannot afford it, I am getting fined by this wonderful state. Even with all of that, I think that Obamacare is not a good thing. Yes, it will help people like you who obviously deserve it--but what about the future consequences? This country is in bad enough shape as it is with people not wanting to work and just EXPECTING to have everything handed to them, let's just add health insurance to the list...and where is the money for this going to come from? The business owners of you say goodbye to your cheap prices at Wally World and your 99¢ cheeseburgers and Mickey D's because they will have no choice but to raise their prices to pay for this insurance...I know that we will lose many small businesses because they just cannot afford any more...

  6. obamacare is unconstitutional...if we wanted to live under federal mandated stuff like obamacare then we might as well have a king or queen and call ourselves a monarchy....i was under the impression that we fought for our freedom from england and we have folks who want obamacare and that is just like giving all our freedoms to someone so they can rule all our actions and our thoughts. obamacare is just another word for welfare except this time around it won't be welfare like the past..this time it is gonna be alot worse.

  7. I have not had health insurance for years. When I needed surgery, I paid for it with my savings. Since the time I developed rheumatoid arthritis (a chronic and progressive disease), I pay for my own doctors' visits and my own prescriptions. It can be done and it should be done. Nobody need pay for my health care. If I get to the point where my savings won't cover my medical expenses, I'd sell my house and move into an apartment. I would much rather pay my own way through life than become a hog eating from the public trough. What happened to personal pride? What happened to the concept of taking care of yourself (and your family)?

    Obamacare is another step towards bankrupting this country and turning the USA into a Marxist state. That is a done deal if Obamacare is not aborted soon. We are on the path to self-destruction and serfdom. I refuse to be a serf.
    We should all refuse to be serfs, if we value our independence and our freedoms.

    Anonymous Twit
    on vacation somewhere in Idaho

  8. I don't think any Christian would deny healthcare to anyone. The fact that healthcare costs have gotten so out of control is mostly because of government involvement. They want to fix it, fine I can agree to that. They want to somehow make it possible for everyone to have decent healthcare available to them... Sweet I can support that effort.

    They want to start by giving everyone healthcare by mandating employers to supply it and then making the penalty for the government insurance so small that non-workers can afford it... Thats simply wealth redistribution.

    They want to add 80 million or so suddenly covered patients to the current medical infra-structure... right. Sure its all suppose to happen in 2 years but it takes 8 years minimum to train up a doctor and 4 for a nurse.

    The US has approx. 350,000 doctors of all stripes. You do the math. Not to mention of course all the new doctors they say theya re going to recruit and finance will have to be minorities.

    No white construction workers need apply.

  9. PioneerPreppy - what would happen to the cost of health care if tort reform were enacted, so people could not sue for every little thing and win multimillion-dollar settlements? How about settlement caps? Is it really government involvement that is raising healthcare costs, or a runaway "legal" system?

  10. Both are responsible for rising health care costs...and lets not even bring up the drug companies...*grrrr*

  11. Please check out facebook page:

    "I bet we can get 1,000,000 people who dissaprove of the health care bill".

    We now have over 1.376 million people- its a great spot to learn and share with like-minded people to unite against a total scam.

  12. The good news, IMO, is that the whole health care bill was thrown together in such a sloppy manner that they forgot to include what's called a severability clause, which would in effect uphold the remainder of the bill if certain parts of it were found to be unconstitutional. This is what happens when you're so hungry for power over people that you ignore the details in passing a bill such as this. Google "severability clause" and "health care bill" and you should be in for some interesting reading.