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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Patriots vs. Loyalists plus the Snark of the Week

I have a new column up at entitled "Licking the Hands which Feed You."  I got the idea for this column from my friend Enola Gay, who wrote a blog post on the subject.

Most of the feedback I received on this piece was positive, but as usual someone had to disagree. I received the following extremely succinct email from an anonymous reader (by "anonymous," I will assume this person didn't have the courage to sign his name):

“You are nuts."

Unable to let such a brilliant and well-thought-out email go unanswered, I replied:

"Thank you. It's very kind of you to say so."

Apparently offended that I wasn’t offended, he came back with this gem:

“Well, I should have said you're ignorant. It is obvious from your writing that you really have no idea what socialism is or what it is that socialist believes. Basically you are a pseudo-intellectual with a little knowledge and you know what they say about a little knowledge. I suggest you go back to school and study economics. A very wise teacher once said that if a woman is a fool and knows that she is a fool, she is a wise woman. If a woman is a fool and knows not that she is a fool, she is an idiot and should be shunned.”

Funny, I thought I had a fairly sound grasp of socialism and its evil results. Having co-owned a business for seventeen years, I also flatter myself that I have a fair grasp of free-market economics as well.

In other words, I hit a little too close to home for this reader's comfort using Enola's distinction between Patriots and Loyalists.  Methinks he is a Loyalist. The way I see it, you know you’re winning an argument if your accuser descends into name calling, such as suggesting that women are idiots and intellectually inferior.

Therefore I will take this fellow's suggestion and shun him. However, that doesn't mean you, my beloved readers, can't open fire (hint hint). Let 'er rip!


  1. Yes, it IS easy to spot when you've hit a soft spot. "They" just can't stop the name-calling and insults. I suppose it's part of their attempt at distraction from the real issues.

    As for you being ignorant, I only wish to point out that YOU were the one who easily used a $5 word (sobriquets); his big word was "pseudo-intellectual"! LOL


  2. Gosh, you sure were easy on the guy. I am trying hard to be a Christian, but when I see something like that garbage about women (and your article, in particular), I am afraid I fail at being a GOOD Christian. Instead, I want to rip into the guy and kick him in the arse. Figuratively speaking, of course.

    I am so sick and tired of progressives/socialists/Marxists calling us names and accusing us of the most outrageous things. I say it's time to fire back. Figuratively speaking, of course.

    You're a Patriot, Patrice. So is Enola Gay. And so am I. I'm proud to be in good company. Please keep on writing the truth about socialism, there are millions of Americans who still need to wake up and face the facts.

    Anonymous Twit

  3. One shudders to think what this person thinks anyone would "learn" by going back to school that would contradict what we already KNOW about Socialist economies: They are disasters.

    The ones that appear to work -- for a while -- were all built on previous successful Capitalist economies, and it takes a while to completely drain them, and destroy them. But, that's what always happens, because you can't actually "redistrubute" wealth, because wealth is not money. Wealth is knowledge, initiative, inventiveness, creativity, organizational skill, people skill, and a hundred other things.

    Steal a factory, or a farm and you end up with rusty machinery and weeds. But first, you get factories that only produce low quality left shoes, because the brilliant central planners can't get repair parts to the right shoe machine, or seed to the farm, or parts for its machines, vets with medicine to its animals, etc., etc., etc.

    Look at North Korea, and now Chavez in Venezuala. Look at the hideous joke of socialized medicine in Europe where they fudge their statistics, and delay care until it's too late, or just outright deny care.

    Yes, school. Will they teach you THAT in most universities?

    Socialist countries have permanent unemployment that is right about at the level ours is now, and for the same reason. Their governments punish individual initiative, and creativity, and the accumulation of capital. Who in their right mind will take any risk inthat atmosphere?

    Is that what you want, idiot? Because that is what Socialism always produces. Not on a black board -- in real, actual LIFE.

    Bill Smith

    1. I know 2 years too late but fantastic reply, thanks!!

  4. As for the Snarkbot.

    He does what libs always do. He substitutes ridicule for reason. You are ignorant. You are uneducated. You are a name he calls you. You are a fool.

    Not a single point of argumentation does he offer. Not a single fact in support of an argument. Just snark and bile. Just anger.

    Is this what he learned in school?

    Bill Smith

  5. Don't you just love it when people call you names instead of actually making a concise counterargument?

  6. Your WND post was excellent. I think you'd like this one too:

  7. OMG Patrice, you've caught a troll!!!

  8. Your WND post was outstanding! And it looks like its great bait for loyalists. -- Capture their IP's and keep them for a later date. Good intel...

    fyi- found you at sipsey street.

  9. If Patrice has truely caught a troll I look forward to the posting on how to can it.

  10. John, ROFLOL. That's priceless.

    Canned troll - not good for anything except as loyalist bait. I can almost smell a new WND topic coming out of this. Maybe something like: "How to catch trolls and what to do with them when you do."

    Anonymous Twit

  11. OK, I've been reading your WND column for quite some time, and then checked out this blog. I find you spot on about where our country is headed. Please keep writing, those of who are patriots need the encouragement. Particularly those of us who are stuck in California.

  12. some folks are loyalist, many are patriots and there is at least one Torie(sp) out there...

  13. John, you beat me to the punch (line)! lol
    My next question would have been: Are trolls edible??

    If so, my first thoughts on methods of preservation would be (1) jerky and (2) a crispy trollicious tart.

    I'm open to the idea of canning, but wonder if it might not stink up the house. If you've ever canned albacore you'll know what I mean. The smell can linger for days.

    Possibly the hides are useful?

    A. McSp

  14. ....and P.S.

    Do forgive me for not saying earlier what an outstanding piece this was.

    Color me a Patriot...with a capital P.

    And if I didn't know better...giggle...I'd think that there Redundant Feller might have had just a little influence on its brilliant and oh-so-clearly presented composition....reckon? (Not that your stuff ever lacks those qualities, by any means! It's simply not so!)

    Once again I'll make so bold as to speak for at least most of us and say how much we love you two and appreciate your gift to us of this site and its contents.

    And of course names...trolls don't need 'em...who cares to disagree with me is certainly more than entitled to do so.

    I will happily read your objections and then escort you on a very long, one-way ride into the country. The walk back will do you a world of good.

    Kidding of course....of course....

    A. McSp

  15. What we patriots must accept is that there are Americans who truly believe that socialism is a good thing and believe it's "benefits" outweigh the costs. We can think they are crazy, but they truly believe it is a good system and will campaign to support their own beliefs.

    Or...his approval of socialism comes from an intrinsic belief that socialism really could be a good thing in a perfect, idealistic community. What he fails to recognize (or perhaps admit) is that socialism is executed by imperfect, selfish human beings who royally screw up any "positive" aspects of socialism.