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Monday, August 2, 2010

"Our own government has become our enemy."

The headline on Drudge says it all: “Our own government has become our enemy.”

Gee what a surprise.

The headline was referring to the Federal Government’s harassment of Arizona’s attempted crackdown on illegals. This blog post isn’t about illegal immigration, though I’ll put in a plug in support of the hardworking men and women in Arizona and other border states who are trying their best to minimize the number of illegals crossing the border. (By the way these illegals are, by definition, lawless. They are unwilling to go through the proper channels to become citizens and, if the crime rate in border states is any indication, they are bent on mayhem and destruction. It’s worth noting that many Mexican immigrants who are here legally and/or have become citizens of this country (welcome!) are just as opposed to the massive influx of illegals as the rest of us.)

But back to Drudge. The statement quoted above was made by Pinal County (Ariz) Sheriff Paul Babeu, who should know. After all, he’s among the frontline fighters trying to retain the sovereignty of this nation, and who has literally come under fire from his own government. A federal government which, no less, who made the laws Babeu is trying to uphold. Um, hello?

Naturally it’s not just the issue of illegal immigration in which our government has become the enemy. Name just about any legislation the federal government has passed in the past fifty years which can be truly supported by the Constitution. I’m sure there are a few, but the vast majority of legislation is outside the realms of legality as defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and therefore is not the government's business and should not have become law. Or, at the very least, it should not have become Federal law but should have been handled by the states (10th Amendment, anyone?).

The degree of control imposed by the Feds is reaching the point of absurdity. C’mon, folks, light bulbs? Since when does our government have the right to tell us how to light our homes? Or how about school lunches? Where can it possibly be justified that the feds can dictate what foods can be served in school (putting aside the additional issues of whether the feds should be involved in education AT ALL)? And health care? Give me a break. Cap-n-trade? Gag me with a spoon. And what about your food? Make no mistake, if the government can dictate your health care, it feels it has the right to dictate what you can and cannot eat.

Let’s face it, the government has been our enemy for decades. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been eaten away for decades. Our freedoms and liberties have been eaten away for decades. The Obama administration is merely ratcheting this trend to an in-your-face level unprecedented in American history. (Some could argue this is a good thing, since it means the average citizen is, well, waking up.) When a Congressmen can say, on tape, that “the Federal Government can do most anything in this country’,” do you really think he’s your friend?

To those who don’t believe that our government is our enemy, take this quick test: what happens to your heart rate when you receive a notice from the IRS that you’re going to be audited?

We are afraid. Have you ever stopped to think about it? The citizens of this country are afraid… of our own government. We are afraid that if our tax return isn’t precisely perfect, we’ll be slammed with astronomical fines and penalties that will ruin us financially. We’re afraid that if we purchase firearms and/or ammunition for personal defense, the government will sniff us out and forcibly confiscate our guns. We’re afraid that if we question a presidential candidate about his plans for redistributing our wealth, our privacy will be violated as our tax returns, divorce records, bank statements, and other confidential matters will be broadcast for the entire nation to examine.

After all, how many of us get warm fuzzy feelings of security when we’re approached by a government official? On the contrary, the thought that goes through our heads is, what law have I violated? And make no mistake, with the sheer number of laws on record, we are in violation of something every moment of every day (to paraphrase Jane Austen).

The solution? Short of revolution, who knows? Hunker down, folks. But meanwhile, Jerry Doyle (a radio talk show host), in a recent interview with Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente, heard Celente predict that there will be a revolution in this country by 2012. Whether this revolution is offensive or defensive remains to be seen.

Just sayin’.


  1. More and more of the emails I receive are leaning towards a 2nd American revolution. I truly pray it doesn't come to that - for two reasons: 1)those who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights might not win this time; and 2) I would not like to see the American people killing each other.

    Somehow, we have got to come together as unhyphenated American citizens, regardless of race and gender, and regain our national spirit - our desire for freedom rather than the false sense of security we've been sold.

    Come November, if things don't return to Constitutional law and a restrained government, what choice have we?

    Anonymous Twit

  2. Yes, erosion is a powerful thing.

    It appears our liberties, personal privacy and national pride have been eroded to the point that a major cave-in may well be inevitable. What form it will take remains to be seen, but it feels to me as though we're about one incident away from martial law on any given day. Meanwhile vast numbers of Americans seem either too apathetic or too ignorant to know or care.

    The unthinkable has already happened again and again: the patriot act, health care 'reform,' a thug of questionable origins and qualification sitting in our White House, NAFTA, the national debt, the financial pillage, and on and on it goes.

    I agree with A.T. and I think we must be receiving some of the same e-mail. I surely don't want to see it come to blows, because the cost would be so dear and the outcome might be too nightmarish for words. But I also believe in the American people, and I believe in an America that's worth fighting for.

    And I also know from experience that there is a large element of illegal immigrants here who, as Patrice correctly mentioned above, are in fact bent on mayhem and destruction AND the overthrow of our government. They are taking a horrendous toll on our lives and on our country, and have been for more than two decades. Amnesty for them was and is an insidious, wholesale violation of our constitutional right to lawful protection from foreign invasion. It thrust open the door to the out of control government we face today: once they'd seen how easily they could get away with that, it turned into a total free-for-all. (Anyone familiar with Operation Garden Plot?)

    I agree we need to hunker down, but I have to wonder if more won't be demanded of us.

    A. McSp

  3. You are scary. Keep up the good work.

    From a concerned and scared citizen.

  4. My niece's brother-in-law was killed by an illegal alien driving drunk. But you know, prison in the US is still better than 'freedom' in Mexico.
    Lorenzo Poe

  5. Those fighting for states rights the first time lost mostly due to being outnumbered.
    Who would the 'independents' fight this time round?
    Would you secede from the union and declare a little "divided states of America"?
    Then hunker down and wait to see if the army came to get you?