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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chuckle du jour

A friend sent this.

People in Clackamas County, Oregon have a warped sense of humor.

At a view point just outside Molalla, Oregon, a deer was struck by a vehicle. At the same area, a couch had been dumped there earlier. And thus this story unfolds…

Day two the deer was on the couch.

Day three the end table and lamp showed up.

Day four the TV and TV stand showed up.

On day five a Trooper had to call ODOT because of all the people stopping to take pictures.

The Cardboard caption in front of the couch reads:
"Sorry Hunters. Obama ruined health care. We can't afford to have injured hunters on our conscience, so I'm staying home! Sorry, the Deer."


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I have linked this to my blog.

  2. Aren't you confusing Obama with Dick Chaney???